Holy Moly. Custom Honda CB450.

MolyHoly1MolyHoly2In his small shop in Owensboro, Kentucky, Mike McFadden of M&M Customs has built a few notable customs and cafe racers that have captured my attention. I always admire custom bikes made to be ridden, especially when they look like rolling art pieces. Something uniquely beautiful making you proud wherever you ride it. “Holy Moly” is Mike’s second creation I am featuring and having it headline my weekly news is well deserved. Recently unveiled at the 2014 Mid-Ohio Vintage Days judges agreed with me and gave this custom both the Best of Show and People’s Choice awards.

MolyHoly2bisMolyHoly2terThe story of this custom Honda CB450 starts when in 2013 McFadden was given the chance to take a couple of his builds to the 110th Harley Davidson Celebration AMD Invitational bike show. During a couple of days he incessantly walked the Harley museum looking for inspiration for a new project. His brain rich of visual and mechanical inspiration, he returned home decided to create a board tracker style bike the way the Japanese could have done it in the early days of racing…

MolyHoly3MolyHoly4McFadden knew right away that building a Japanese flavored board racker would require something to make it stand out and separate it from the already created multiple Harley and Indian versions. To free his creativity, only the neck and motor mounts were kept from the original factory frame. A twin tank set up with an exposed backbone and a mono shock suspension inspired the final frame geometry. The battery and electrics are housed in the one-off tail section along with the brake lights.  Swingarm was sourced from an old bike he had cut up previously and extended by 2″. Bars where made from the cut up originals. Interestingly, the custom made seat is held in place thanks to a magnet against a metal brace. Continue reading ‘Holy Moly. Custom Honda CB450.’

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Progressive 944-Series Ultra And Ultra-Low Shocks For Harley Touring Models 1980-2014

944seriesultratouring1944seriesultratouring2944seriesultratouring3Progressive Suspension is offering bagger riders shocks that sit up to 2” lower than a stock Harley-Davidson touring model (1” lower on Street Glide)

The 944 ULTRA TOURING: Specifically designed to deliver a comfortable ride at a 1″ lowered stance. Built around Progressive latest FST technology (Frequency Sensing Technology), The Ultra Touring shocks utilize all the suspension travel provided by the full length units, but in a 1″ lowered ride height. The unique Ultra Touring spring combination not only delivers a lowered ride height while its being ridden, but also while it’s on the side stand.

The 944 ULTRA LOW: Just like the name implies, this is the lowest version of the 944 Series shocks. Designed to sit 2” lower than a stock HD Touring model and provide the best ride a short shock can. Want your bike in the weeds or struggling to reach the ground? The 944 Ultra Low is the shock for the job. At Progressive Suspension.

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Next Big Event. 14th Annual Las Vegas BikeFest October 2-5, 2014

BIKEFEST2Las Vegas, the party town, will get another crazy long weekend of hard core rockin’ good times for bikers from October 2 to 5. The Las Vegas BikeFest Rally features a lot of entertainment, cool bikes everywhere,over $30,000 in cash and prizes to be won, the best aftermarket part vendors in the V-Twin industry, a terrific “Aristry In Iron” bike show, the election of the new Miss Las Vegas BikeFest, a Bikini Bike Wash, a $10,000 poker run, factory demo rides, contests, and much more. Just announced, you will have autograph and picture opportunities with “Pawn Stars” TV show Rick and Corey Harrison and with “Sons of Anarchy” stars Bobby and Chibs on Saturday. Jasmine Cain on Thursday night, Craig Morgan on Friday night and KANSAS on Saturday night will rock the rally. Continue reading ‘Next Big Event. 14th Annual Las Vegas BikeFest October 2-5, 2014′

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Keanu Reeves And Gard Hollinger Unveil The Custom Production KRGT-1. Now Taking Reservations.

arch1arch2arch3arch4On october 3, 2012 I reported on actor Keanu Reeves and Custom Builder Gard Hollinger partnering to create the Arch Motorcycle Company . “We started with the idea of a performance-based modern machine. Once the prototype bike was complete, it looked like a production motorcycle but unlike anything we had ever seen” said Gard at that time.

arch21bisToday, Hollinger and Reeves are proud to introduce the custom-production KRGT-1, ARCH Motorcycle Company’s versatile, performance-oriented, American V-twin with good balance of performance and design. Manufactured exclusively in ARCH’s Los Angeles area factory, the KRGT-1 will be built to order with an initial offering price of $78,000. Production will be limited, making ownership a coveted experience for some custom motorcycle lovers. Continue reading ‘Keanu Reeves And Gard Hollinger Unveil The Custom Production KRGT-1. Now Taking Reservations.’

Celebrating 100 Years Of Speed In Bonneville

Harley-Davidson And The “Fattening The Tails” Strategy

SOFTAILFamilyRecently, John Olin, Harley-Davidson’s Chief  Financial Officer talked about the company “Fattening The Tails”strategy. What does it mean? Simply, to increase the number of customers at both ends of its core clientele. According to the Social Security Administration more than 70 million Baby Boomers will retire before 2030. Many have already put the kickstand down, forever… If, from 1986 to 2006 Harley’s motorcycle shipments went from 36,000 to 349,000 units (an amazing compounded growth rate of 11.9% per year), and although in 2013 Harley has rebounded somewhat, the number of units sold is still lower than in 2002. For 2014 the company recently reduced its full-year production forecast to 270,000-275,000 motorcycles, down from its original shipment guidance of 279,000-284,000 bikes.

HD-ProductionThe remedy to these alarming statistics is for Harley to succeed an aggressive outreach program attracting the young, women, hispanics and African-Americans and getting a larger international market share. Easier to say than to accomplish. Yes, in the US more women are riding and the hispanic population is growing very fast, but the younger and middle-aged adults are looking for different motorcycles than the one their parents are or were riding. In addition, it is predicted that the overall US heavyweight motorcycle market will grow at a tepid 1%+ during the next few years. And Polaris, with its Indian and Victory motorcycles, is slowly but surely taking a highest percentage of Harley-Davidson’s US market share. Continue reading ‘Harley-Davidson And The “Fattening The Tails” Strategy’

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Cannonball Vintage Motorcycles Endurance Run Update. Rules And Ranking.

1CannonballToday September 12, is Rest Day in Junction City, Kansas for all riders and supporting crew members of the 3rd Cannonball Coast to Coast Endurance Run. Since they left Daytona Beach on September 5, those who completed the first 7 stages have ridden 1585 miles on their pre-1937 antique motorcycles. Still 2353 miles to go (3938 total miles-1585 ridden miles) before arriving in Tacoma, Washington.

cannonball1After the jump you will find the ranking after 7 riding days. But let me remind you how each participant is ranked. Each rider is given 1 point of each mile. As of today many of them have a perfect score and it may be the case at the end of the endurance run. So, in this case, riders are ranked depending of their motorcycle class. There are 3 classes: Class I for bikes from 500cc to 700cc, Class II for bikes from 701cc to 1,000cc and Class III for bikes over 1,000cc. Because it’s more difficult to ride coast to coast on a Class ! motorcycle than on a Class II and Class III antique motorcycle, the rider of Class I with a perfect score ranks higher than the rider of Class II or III with also a perfect score . If 2 riders of the same Class have a perfect score, the rider of the oldest year motorcycle will rank first. And if 2 riders of the same Class have a perfect score, ride a machine of the same production year, the oldest rider will rank above. Tie Breaks are ranked in the following order: class, motorcycle age, rider age. Continue reading ‘Cannonball Vintage Motorcycles Endurance Run Update. Rules And Ranking.’

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

cyril-Huze-fast-newsHarley-Davidson Inc. Declares Dividend. Debt Gets BBB Rating. Harley-Davidson announced that its Board of Directors approved a cash dividend of $0.275 per share for the third quarter of 2014. The dividend is payable September 26, 2014 to the holders of record of the Company’s common stock on September 16, 2014. Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) has earned a “BBB” credit rating from Morningstar. The firm’s “BBB” rating suggests that the company is a moderate default risk. They also issued a neutral credit outlook for the company and gave their stock a three star rating. Harley-Davidson has a one year low of $60.51 and a one year high of $74.13. The stock has a 50-day moving average of $63.16 and a 200-day moving average of $67.5. The company has a market cap of $13.995 billion and a P/E ratio of 16.70.

11th Annual Indian Larry Grease Monkey Block Party. It will be held Saturday, September 20 from 11 a.m.to 9 p.m.at the shop located 400 Union Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Tel. 718-609-9184. Festivities include live bands, vendors, craftsmen, a raffle to win a West Coast Chopper (1000 tickets sold for $75 each) and to benefit ALD Research and of course a custom bike show voted by people on Facebook and Instagram (send pictures of your bike to info@indianlarry.com. $100 VIP packages include a tee-shirt, a VIP Laminate, bandana, patch, pin food and beer.

Triumph 250 cc Motorcycle On Hold. Without explanation, Paul Stroud, Triumph’s director of sales and marketing, announced that they have kept the developments of the Triumph 250cc bikes on hold which means the bike wouldn’t be launched in 2015 as expected. The Triumph 250cc bikes were specifically developed for emerging markets like Brazil and India.

The Return Of British Brand Matchless Motorcycles. Model X Reloaded To Be Unveiled November 6, 2014.

1MatchlessXThe British brand Matchless is back in business and released a couple of sketches of the new model to be unveiled at the EICMA  Milan show, November 6 to 9. Matchless is one of the oldest brands of British motorcycles, manufactured near London between 1899 and 1966. A wide range of models were produced under the Matchless name, ranging from small two-strokes to 750 cc four-stroke twins. Matchless had a long history of racing success. A Matchless ridden by Charlie Collier won the first single-cylinder race in the first Isle of Man TT in 1907.

2MatchlessXThe Matchless Model X will feature an oil in frame, is equipped with dual foot controls (forward and rear sets) for two completely different riding positions, cruising and sport riding. Seat can be set at different heights, from 29.1 to 31.5” and bars tilt can be adjusted to fit the rider size and riding position. Front brake is a 12-piston single-disc system, rear a 6-piston unit.  Continue reading ‘The Return Of British Brand Matchless Motorcycles. Model X Reloaded To Be Unveiled November 6, 2014.’

Just A Bike Trip To Yellowstone

Sounds like the end of Summer… Did you shoot a video of your vacation bike trip? Here is one. Seven guys on six Harleys and one Indian Chieftain motorcycle rip Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Caribou Loop, and the Chief Joseph Highway over 3 days in the sun, rain and snow. 4 minutes 21 seconds of riding through gorgeous landscapes…

Custom Seat For The Harley-Davidson Street 750 And 500 Models

Street1If the buyers of the new 2015 Harley Street models don’t like the shape and feel of the factory seat, they already have another choice. Corbin released the Street Gunfighter & Lady Saddle featuring a “neutralized seating platform” curbing the tendency to slide towards the tank under braking which also helps reduce fatigue. Corbin’s patented molding and manufacturing process provides a precision fit to the tank and tail section while the whole saddle rides on rubber bumpers to protect the bike’s paint. Continue reading ‘Custom Seat For The Harley-Davidson Street 750 And 500 Models’

Spectro Performance Oils Answer Your Questions

What does the API rating mean and how do you tell what is needed for your application, i.e.; Harley motorcycles, Truck etc.?

Answer By Spectro Performance Oils.
To ensure quality levels and compatibility oils have a “rating” system to help consumers decide what oil is right for their vehicle. There are several organizations that rate oil for specific types of applications, with the key one being JASO (Japanese standards for metric bikes), the SAE and API for everywhere else. The rating system makes sure that particular oil meets certain lubrication criteria (an example would be zddp and phosphorus levels). Having a higher rating such as SM vs SG doesn’t necessarily make that oil better, just a different formula and additive package. The easiest way to decide what oil rating is right for your vehicle is to check the owners manual or with the vehicle manufacturer. Since the 1960’s, they will spec a specific rating for the vehicle such as SG, SL or SM for American vehicles, and JASO MA or MA-2 for metric vehicles.

Give Some Love To Your Front Suspension. Fork Spring Preload Adjusters By Burly

1BurlyPreloadadjuster2BurlyPreloadadjuster3BurlyPreloadadjusterOften neglected, front suspension rarely sees any love when it comes to rider setup. Too soft or too firm? There wasn’t much you could do without gutting the forks and replacing many of the internals.

Burly Brand took notice of the Harley factory oversight and created a simple to install and set up preload adjuster.

Designed to replace the OEM fork caps, the machined aluminum adjusters can be installed in well under an hour with basic tools and are available for 39mm and 49mm Sportster and Dyna forks.

The adjusters sit tight against the triple tree to avoid handlebar interference and are available in clear or black anodized finish. MSRP $139.95 for the set. Check out the Burly website or contact your local dealer.

Eva Hakansson. World’s Fastest Woman On An Electric Motorcycle.

Eva Hakansson set a new record at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials 2014. She is now the world’s fastest woman on an electric motorcycle with a top speed of 241.901 mph (241.802 mph average on 2-way run) In this category for this type of vehicle, it is the first time in over a century that an electric vehicle beats an internal combustion machine. Congratulations to Eva and her team Killa Cycle Racing.

Joke Of The Week. English Lesson.

cyril-huze-joke44On his 70th birthday, a man was given a gift certificate from his wife. The certificate was for a consultation with an Indian medicine man living on a nearby reservation who was rumored to have a simple cure for erectile dysfunction! The husband went to the reservation and saw the medicine man.
The old Indian gave him a potion and with a grip on his shoulder warned, ‘This is a powerful medicine. You take only a teaspoonful, and then say ’1-2-3.’ When you do, you will become more manly than you have ever been in your life, and you can perform for as long as you want.”

The man thanked the old Indian and as he walked away, he turned and asked, “How do I stop the medicine from working?” “Your partner must say ’1-2-3-4,’ he responded, “but when she does, the medicine will not work again until the next full moon.”

He was very eager to see if it worked so he went home, showered, shaved, took a spoonful of the medicine, and then invited his wife to join him in the bedroom. When she came in, he took off his clothes and said, “1-2-3!” Immediately, he was the manliest of men. His wife was excited and began throwing off her clothes, and then she asked, “What was the 1-2-3 for?”

And that, boys and girls, is why we should never end our sentences with a preposition, because we could end up with a dangling participle.

In Bonneville Jason DiSalvo Will Try This Week To Break The Motorcycle Land Speed Record Of 376.363 mph.

TriumphLSRWeather and quality of the salt permitting, pilot Jason DiSalvo will try this week during the Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout to break the motorcycle land speed record of 376.363 mph aboard his T twin turbo-charged Triumph Rocket III-powered streamliner. Developed by Matt Markstaller (Hot Rod Conspiracy) and Bob Carpenter (Carpenter Racing), the Triumph Castrol Rocket is the newest streamliner of the group seeking to break the FIM world land speed record in the motorcycle class.

CastrolRocket2014BonnevilleTest“There are teams that have been out here attempting to break records for years. It’s very hard because there are so many variables to contend against, but we have an amazing team,” said Matt Markstaller, “We have confidence in the progress we’ve made in this project’s development since we were on the Salt a year ago.” “While our streamliner produces enough power from the two Rocket III engines to generate record setting speeds, our endeavor also becomes a battle with the elements,” said Bob Carpenter. “The Salt Flats are an ever-changing environment that can be quite forgiving or absolutely inhospitable, you never know what to expect.”
TriumphLSRbisPiloted by AMA Pro Road Racer Jason DiSalvo, this will be an attempt to break the current 376.363 mph land speed record held by fellow Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout entry Ack Attack and piloted by Rocky Robinson. Operating the 1000-horsepower, twin turbocharged Rocket III engine streamliner requires adaptation, which DiSalvo is capable of accomplishing due to his seasoned racing background. Continue reading ‘In Bonneville Jason DiSalvo Will Try This Week To Break The Motorcycle Land Speed Record Of 376.363 mph.’

Paul Teutul Sr. Selling Biker Jeans

PaulSr1The design team of Diamond Gusset Jean Co., the American-made denim label known for its gusseted apparel construction, has partnered with Paul Teutul Sr. to create an exclusive jean collection for motorcycle riders.

The Defender V2 Motorcycle Jean is primarily made from 100 percent cotton ring spun denim fabric, which is tinted with a special wash that stays darker for a long time, along with the cut resistant, cool and lightweight DuPont Woven Kevlar aramid fibers infused in the knee, hip and seat areas. Replete with ankle buttons to prevent wind flapping and reinforced pockets to keep phones and wallets, the pants are stitched with a triple needle back yoke which enhances durability and are incorporated with a uniquely shaped larger gusset to provide extra comfort of movement to bikers.

diamondgussetIn addition to the Defender V2, the Denimwear expert has also created a more casual, off-duty look titled OCC Roadster Jean for motorcycle riders who still want to look the part even when they’re not on the road. Based on modern slim-fit and bootleg silhouettes, the medium-dark stone washed, potassium sprayed front and rear and stretchable fabric crafted Roadster jeans gives a worn-in rider look with Diamond Gusset’s signature gusset sewn in.

Both designs are available for purchase at American Gusset, the official Orange County Choppers showroom and retail store in Newburgh, New York as well as online at Orange County Choppers.

Wrenches. Did You Know?

humanwrenchWrenches have existed for many centuries, but saw a great blossoming in development starting in the 19th century.

The first patent for a wrench was granted in 1835 to Solymon Merrick.

Today, size is usually determined by dimensions such as across-flats distance (inscribed-hexagon size).

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was common to define the nominal size of the wrench according to the nominal size of the screw thread that it was meant to be used on. This is seldom, if ever, done any more.

2014 European Bike Week. Faak See, Austria.

Heavy rain perturbed most of the Austrian event, the Harley parade around Lake Faak and Custom Chrome Europe bike show. Scott Sjovall of S&S Cycles (last picture after the jump) checked out for the 1st time the European Bike Week. Based on the Custom Chrome Europe booth, he visited the area around and judged the CCE Ride-In Bikeshow and rode around on the S&S equipped “Custom Crawler” Sportster by Benno’s Custom Road. A few postcards. (photography @H.Roesler for Cyril Huze) Continue reading ’2014 European Bike Week. Faak See, Austria.’

The Midual Type 1. Custom Luxury For Only 35 Owners.

Midual1The story of Oliver Midy, designer and engineer of the Midual Type 1, is the one of a child acquainted very young with motorcycles, who become obsessed with them, who at the age of 14 succeeds in accomplishing the restoration of a gorgeous Monet-Goyon and who spent all his adult life until now dreaming then creating a luxury motorcycle featuring nothing less than a proprietary engine inside a very unique all-aluminum unibody chassis.

Midual2The Midual Type 1 world premiered at the recent California Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it surprised both connoisseurs and the international motorcycle media community for its originality and the amount of work – we are talking about many years of research and development, of trials and errors and of testing – involved in its creation.

Midual3The first big surprise is of course the motor unique architecture, an in-house developed liquid cooled, electronic injection Flat-Twin of 1036 cc (63.2 cubic inch) pumping out 106 hp at maximum engine 8000 rpm. Compression ration 12:1, maximum torque of 74lbs/ft at 5300 rpm. The second one is is the unseen before double-wall aluminum alloy monocoque that acts as the body and fuel tank, a work of art that required more than 1000 hours of development, says Oliver Midy.

And originality doesn’t stop there. Under all angles you can look at it, the Midual Type 1 features very unique parts and details, the most visible being the dash with a very original layout of the analog gauges inspired by the 30’s to 50’s european classic cars, and all the leather details and inserts. Continue reading ‘The Midual Type 1. Custom Luxury For Only 35 Owners.’

Inflated. AirHawk Seats By Danny Gray

dannygrayseat1dannygrayseat2The technology, already used medically for over 35 years, to distribute your weight equally over an entire seating area, is integrated in Danny Gray’s AiHawk seat series. The comfort seat system reduces tissue pressure and noticeably improve comfort by minimizing those hot spots during long rides.

A pump and bleeder valve are integrated to each seat, letting you easily adjust the amount of pressure while seated, allowing you to adapt your seating position to changes in the road surface, temperature, and overall time in the saddle. 

With all Danny Gray seats you can also choose your stitch design, thread color, and even add inlay materials to compliment your bike, style, and personality. Danny Gray Seats.

Facebook Scam. Win A Harley Davidson Campaign Is A Hoax.

FBThe newest Facebook scam claims that buyers can win a free Harley Davidson, just by liking and commenting on a page that features a picture of a Road King. The campaign is being run by the Facebook page HarleySweepstakes, a page that is not associated with Harley Davidson or any of its subsidiaries. The contest is likely part of a “Like Farming” campaign. These campaigns are setup to gather a large number of fans quickly. After thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans are gathers, the page owner then targets fans with other spam and scam campaigns.

An example of the scam reads:

“We are giving away a FREE Harley Davidson Road King On October 31 2014
Hurry, entry closes September 30th! Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On October 31 2014
Step 1) Like this Page
Step 2) Comment which color you want. (Black OR Red)
Step 3) Share on your wall
Winners will be Chosen & Announced On October 31 2014.
Good Luck!” Continue reading ‘Facebook Scam. Win A Harley Davidson Campaign Is A Hoax.’

New Elegant Auxiliary Lightning For Harley Street Glide Models

1H-D-Custom-Auxiliary-Light-Kit-blackThis Auxiliary Lightning Kit (P/N 67800367 Chrome, P/N 67800366 Gloss Black; $429.95) provides extra lighting output and includes new mounting brackets that flow with Batwing-Shaped fairings.

Designed for the 2014-later Harley-Davidson Street Glide® and Street Glide® Special models. The elegant cantilever brackets serve as stylized mounting points for the lamp and turn signal housings, and eliminate the cross brace and flat side supports of traditional auxiliary lamps.

Available in brilliant chrome or gloss black finish, the kit includes passing lamp housings, retaining rings, mounting brackets, bullet turn signals, an auxiliary lamp switch and hardware. Four-inch halogen or Daymaker™ LED auxiliary lamp bulbs are sold separately

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“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.” Andrew Carnegie.

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