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Cyril Huze’s Story

Cyril Huze

Cyril Huze grew up in Paris, France. At the age of 18, he left home to stake his independence. He self-funded his higher education and earned a masters in marketing. At age 24, he starts gaining experience working for American advertising agencies based in Paris handling accounts for Schweppes, BP Oils, BMW cars.

By his 30s, he had already started his own ad agency and was chosen to handle the national advertising accounts for McDonald’s, Volkswagen, 3M, Hertz, among others. Cyril art directed and wrote copy for all his own campaigns and made a name for himself by winning advertising awards and having his work published in hard cover books and exhibited at the museum of advertising.

Meanwhile, his passion for everything American had grown steadily since his teenage years: “I was part of the first generation of Europeans to be deeply exposed to American culture: Rock’n’Roll, Hot Rods, and Harleys. America fueled my dreams and imitating its culture, for me, was a way of moving beyond my parent’s generation, to forge my own identity.  As a teenager I was both rebellious and romantic. I identified with James Dean and with his rebellion. He was my idol, provided the escape route that I needed so much.  My first week-long visit to the US in ’79 was professional but emotionally exhausting. I felt like I was starring in a film in cinemascope. Everything I’d read about in books, heard on radio was there. It was as if I had come back to the country I had lived in during my youth. It was love at first sight.”

By the mid-80s, a passion for America had grown so strong that Cyril willfully abandoned his successful career to make the United States his home, proclaiming “Life’s too short not to live your dreams.” As quickly as he could, he seals his new life by choosing to become a naturalized US citizen.

In the nineties, his passion for Harley-Davidson grew stronger than everything else in his life and he decided to enter the business of building motorcycles. Like most builders, Cyril started by customizing his motorcycles and his friends’; it was more as a hobby than as a profession. All his custom motorcycles went on to beat the pros several years in a row in Daytona and Sturgis with memorable custom motorcycles: “Deanager”, “Harley Davidstones”, “Glamour Girl”, “Blues Brothers”, “America”, “Graffiti” etc… His first client gives him a huge budget for the time to build him three motorcycles. Because of Cyril’s unique style and attention to detail, his motorcycles get featured all over the world. By the turn of the millennium, the industry had acknowledged him as a Master Builder.

With a looming recession in the US that would start reeling the business of custom motorcycle building, Cyril recognizes the huge influence of the internet in our daily lives. He sees a business opportunity to offer custom motorcycles news in an intimate digital format. In 2006, the daily “Cyril Huze Post” was born. Determined to continue making his passion financially viable, his online publication becomes profitable within the first year. For the next 12 years, his work took him on travels across the US and abroad, covering the industry and sharing the passion of custom motorcycles with an online community across the world.

Cyril never gave up on his dreams and published until the very end of his life. His last words to me were: “Je n’ai pas vécu ma vie, je l’ai rêvée.” “I didn’t live my life, I dreamed it.”

His son,


2-Stroke MIG Bike. No Afterburner.

pol1pol2Recently, I ran a feature called “The Way They Do It In Poland” in reference to the Poznan Motor Show. One of the custom bikes I published was intriguing enough for some of you to request its specs. Info that I got easily from Motographer Horst Roesler who was on location at the Polish event and who is the author of these new pictures of the “Polish Star” At simple at it looks, to understand the merit of this bike, a short background history about Poland seems necessary.

pol00Thanks to the Solidarity movement (Solidarność) the Central European country of Poland got its first free and demographic election in 1989, and since then went from a communist-style planned economy into a market economy. Today, after suffering slumps in social and economic standards Poland is now a free and democratic country with a somewhat high standard of living for a post communist country. It’s even now one of the safest countries in the world to live in… Polish craftsmanship and relatively cheap wages have created flourishing businesses. Opening to the West has also contributed to the birth of a custom motorcycle scene, with the new well-to-do Polish creating and/or buying bikes inspired by those built the US and the rest of Europe. But most builders are still struggling with what is available in their country: post World War II era motorcycles used as donors, old motors to be rebuilt and almost always recycled parts often from unknown origin…

pol11pol3pol4The story of of these unusual East countries’ motorcycles is always interesting. Even more when a series of events without apparent relation is linking this motorcycle creation in Poland with an air show in Florida! Last March, I was present in Daytona for Bike Week with regular photographer who doesn’t miss any opportunity to also spend some time at the Titusville-based “Tico Air Show” to shoot classic airplanes and acrobatic exhibitions. In the sky a screaming MIG-17, the fastest version of the better known MIG-15 Jet Fighter, flying in full afterburner mode to increase thrust. 4 Weeks later, 1/3 of the world away in Poland, this encounter with “Polish Star” whose design is inspired by the jet fighter LIM 5 the Polish version of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17…. Continue reading ‘2-Stroke MIG Bike. No Afterburner.’

Harley-Davidson Adds Adreline Pulsing Hillclimb To The 15th Anniversary.

Harley-Davidson Unveils More than 80 Events Across 20+ Venues, All Packed Into Five Days.The Harley-Davidson® 115th Anniversary Hillclimb, which will offer a taste of Harley-Davidson heritage while showcasing the heart-pumping excitement of today’s racing action, is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 1 at Little Switzerland, a 200-foot-high ski hill in Slinger, Wis. “It will be rider and machine against gravity on a steep-and-gnarly course up the face of the ski hill,” said Harley-Davidson Marketing Lead Eric Jensen. “Hillclimb is one of the original forms of motorcycle competition and a big part of our history that’s celebrated by The Hill Climber statue at the Harley-Davidson Museum. This event is a natural fit for our anniversary weekend as we put motorcycle culture on full display.”

Other racing action scheduled for the anniversary weekend includes: Flat Out Friday Powered by Harley-Davidson (Aug. 31) featuring bar-to-bar indoor flat-track racing on the concrete floor of Panther arena in Milwaukee on an oval circuit soaked with sticky Dr. Pepper syrup. Also, Run What You Brung Drag Racing Powered by Harley-Davidson (Aug. 31) will put participants side-by-side and head-to-head round after round at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wis. Race entry information and event details are posted at<>. Continue reading ‘Harley-Davidson Adds Adreline Pulsing Hillclimb To The 15th Anniversary.’

Giappone Vintage Racer

Even if you are not into Japanese motorcycles, you may be familiar with the Kawasaki KZ 1000. The two main reasons are that they were ridden by California Highway Patrol officers Ponch and Jon of the 1977–1984 TV show CHiPs and 14 of them were used in the 1979 Mad Max movie. With the Giappone (Italian for Japanese) Stefano Venier signs his first Japanese creation, a project commissioned by very young San Francisco-based angel investor & entrepreneur Brett Seyler.

Client’s briefing was simple. Only 7 words were given to Stefano, build from this 1984 Kawasaki KZ 1000 LTD “a street legal vintage looking race motorcycle.” For such a makeover, Venier Motorcycles’s fabricator Erik Green modified the back frame in order to fit the new hand-made fender and seat support. Under the leather seat, a small lithium battery and a digital M-Unit control device from Moto gadget.

To find the correct bike stance and to improve comfort, a set of Progressive Suspension shocks were installed. Factory gas tank was modified in order to accommodate the new bike lines and to accept knee recesses for better grip. For rear sets the shop called Italian Tarozzi offering a foot peg system allowing the adjustment of the connecting arm to the shifter linkage and brake in 42 different positions. Front end was taken from a Honda CBR 1000RR.

Handlebars are fitted with MotoGadget grips, grip end L.E.D. turn signals and mini rear view mirrors. Exhaust is a modified system from Kerker, a company that has won 3 AMA Superbike Championships. Color scheme by Lou Niziri is “racer chic”: white tank and rear fender with gold logo/lettering, matte black frame, fairing and wheels. Venier Motorcycles (photos courtesy of Nick & Alex Logaiski)

Sixth Sturgis Annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer Brings Friends Back to Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Aug. 5

Snap Fabrication’s Joe Mielke brings the custom culture charity event of the season back to the Buffalo Chip® CrossRoads to benefit LifeScape of South Dakota. The sixth annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer is a unique social opportunity to hang out and talk motorcycles with friends while admiring what some consider the best-handling Harley-Davidsons ever manufactured. Over 100 FXR and Dyna motorcycles are expected to show up to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip free-access CrossRoads, making it quite possibly the largest single show of the rally. The FXR has a long standing history in the custom world and has along with the DYNA found popularity once again with a new generation of riders and customizers inspired by legends like Don Hotop, Billy Westbrook, Donnie Smith and many others. In lieu of trophies, winners are awarded quality motorcycle parts and merchandise, thanks to the support of some of the biggest names in the indust

The sixth annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer is a unique social opportunity to hang out and talk motorcycles with friends while admiring what some consider the best-handling Harley-Davidsons ever manufactured. Over 100 FXR and Dyna motorcycles are expected to show up to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip free-access CrossRoads, making it quite possibly the largest single show of the rally. The FXR has a long standing history in the custom world and has along with the DYNA found popularity once again with a new generation of riders and customizers inspired by legends like Don Hotop, Billy Westbrook, Donnie Smith and many others. In lieu of trophies, winners are awarded quality motorcycle parts and merchandise, thanks to the support of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Entrants are encouraged to ride in their FXR or DYNA and enter for free. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m., the show opens at 11 a.m. and awards are presented at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018. “To many FXR riders, the FXR never went away, however, FXR fans both new and old are riding a new wave of popularity that continues to swell,” said Joe Mielke, show organizer. “The Buffalo Chip provides a great place for this event with all of their resources. We draw a lot of people who are there just to hang out and talk motorcycles. Come early and stay late for all the entertainment the Buffalo Chip has to offer. It’s a great fit.” Continue reading ‘Sixth Sturgis Annual FXR Show & Dyna Mixer Brings Friends Back to Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Aug. 5’

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“From reading and asking questions, you broaden your knowledge, your thinking, every aspect of your life.”

Bernard Marcus, Cofounder of The Home Depot

Motorcycle Parts Website

Large Touring Double Diamond Stitch That Accepts Frame Mounted Backrests

Very versatile seat with a few customization options. Accepts driver backrest assembly (sold separately). Also works with H-D OEM frame-mounted backrest mechanism and backrest pad. Solar-reflective leather in the seating area and automotive-grade vinyl on the sides. Solar-reflective leather is made using a patented process and it reduces surface temperature by as much as 25° F for a cooler seat, Continue reading ‘Large Touring Double Diamond Stitch That Accepts Frame Mounted Backrests’

Sportster For Her

1ada2ada3adaThe nimble Sportster® remains one of the favorite for ladies looking for an easy and fun ride. A good rear suspension travel, a low comfortable seat and easy-reach handlebars in a small package give them the confidence they need. And when men gift a bike to their significant other, chances are that one of the Sportster models will be at the top of the list. His name is Max Brun. Her name is Verde Visconti di Modrone, And the builder in charge of gift personalizing is Roberto Rossi from Harley-Davidson® Mantova, Italy.
Continue reading ‘Sportster For Her’

Why Old Men Don’t Get Hired

cyril-huze-joke44 - CopyA retired gentleman saw an ad for a job that he thought would interest him. The hours fit hit schedule and the company appealed to him. He made an appointment for a job interview and at the appointed time arrived. The interview proceeded …

Human Resources Manager: “What is you biggest weakness?” Retiree: “Honesty” Human Resources Manager: “I don’t think honesty is a weakness.”

Retiree: “I don’t give a shit what you think.”

Flashback. 1911 Racycle.

Started in 1895, the Miami Cycle Manufacturing Company was building bicycles and Motorcycles using names Racycle, and Miami. In 1911, it purchased Merkel wth all production moved to Middletown Ohio. This acquisition gave Miami Cycle Manufacturing the high-end motorcycle model that it needed to be regarded as a premiere manufacturer. The Racycle was the lower priced alternative to the very successful Flying Merkels dominating on the street and track thanks to engineering innovation and high manufacturing quality. (The onset of war, a contracting market, and increased competition caused production of the Flying Merkel to falter. The final Merkel motorcycles were produced in 1917. (photography @ Doug Mitchel

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Harley-Davidson Confirms LiveWire on Schedule for 2019 Release. An aging primary demographic is forcing the American manufacturer to shift its current marketing and branding strategies in an effort to stay relevant, and profitable. No model better encompasses this change in direction than the upcoming, fully-electric Livewire—which Harley just confirmed is still poised for a debut sometime around the Summer of 2019.

Las Vegas BikeFest changed Its Dates To One Week Later, October 11-14, to be a part of a “Powersports Industry Week” in Las Vegas, with AIMExpo at Mandalay Bay (October 11-14) and the Monster Energy Cup at the Sam Boyd Stadium.. “Las Vegas BikeFest is like no other rally,” says Mindi Cherry, Event Manager. “Taking place in the heart of Las Vegas, it provides the action of the “Vegas Vibe” that no other rally has to offer.”

In 2020 Ducati Motorcycles To Get Front And Radar Systems. Blind spot warnings, collision warnings and adaptive cruise control(. The Ducati Radar System Is Called ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance System) In addition to this, Ducati is also planning to implement ABS Cornering as a standard fitment. How these features will fit in with the motorcycling experience?

Legacy Collection For Indian SCOUTS.

Throughout its history, the Indian Scout has been one of the most versatile V-twin platforms. The new
Kuryakyn Legacy collection celebrates its rich heritage bycombining bold lines, dimensional depth, and traditional fit and finish for a classically balanced look.

Designed with the Scout’s timeless styling in mind, the Legacy collection features a full line of coordinating chrome engine and frame covers, body accents, and select hand and foot control components. Stylistic elements include stepped borders along with centralized speedlines that capture and reflect light to provide depth for a clean, understated custom appearance.

To view the full Legacy collectIon  visit  Kuryakyn or watch this video..

A variety of Legacy covers are available as direct replacements for the stock pulley cover, stator and clutch covers, as well as to clean up and conceal triple tree wiring, and front or rear swingarm bolts. Additionally, the Legacy Horn Cover includes a relocation bracket that eliminates the hassle of removing the horn to access the oil filter for servicing.

To view the full Legacy collectIon  visit  Kuryakyn or watch this video..

Zipper’s High Performance Headwork

Looking for a trusted source for your performance cylinder head work? For 37 years , Zipper’s Performance has been known for reliable, high quality performance components, and its headwork has always been considered top notch. Over the last several years, “we have made investments in technology and equipment that has allowed us to lower cost and improve turnaround time on our best selling ported heads. Our average turn time on CNC heads using your castings is 1-2 weeks; this is even faster if your cores qualify for our exchange program. All heads are sold complete with top quality valves, guides, springs and seals installed.

Most Popular – Stage 2 & 3 Twin Cam®. Stage 2 porting promotes the strongest low and mid-range torque through its high velocity design and is recommended for bikes using torque-emphasis cams
MSRP $799.95 a set. ​​​​​​​Stage 3 includes more extensive porting and CNC combustion chamber machining to un-shroud the valves for a wider power range with more high RPM power.

Wrecking Crew Rider Brad Baker On The FTR1200 Custom

fA fun video of Wrecking Crew Rider Brad Baker spinning some laps on the FTR1200 Custom, the one-off build that was unveiled last fall at EICMA.

New Harley-Davidson Helmets: ew School Technology, Old School Style
ide with Unmistakable Harley-Davidson Style  

Enjoy the latest comfort and performance features in new helmets for men and women from the Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear & Apparel line. 

Ideal for the avid rider, the new Mason’s Yard Sun Shield S05 3/4 Helmet $300*) offers a combination of coverage and freedom. Giving this 3/4 helmet a sporty look, a matte colorblock design is the featured style.

Designed to fit Harley-Davidson helmet headsets, it also includes a retractable, anti-scratch sun shield to help block the sun’s rays. The inner liner and cheek pads are removable, washable and antimicrobial to keep the feel as fresh as the look.

The new Cherohala B01 3/4 Helmet
 (P/N 98184-18VX, $199*) features a classic retro silhouette to hit the road. Each helmet displays all new custom distressed graphics that are unique to each and every helmet. The finishing touches are a distressed cowhide leather trim, snaps for shields and visors and a back goggle strap.

The Vintage Stripe B06 Full-Face Helmet(P/N 98145-18VX, $395*) offers full protection with a low profile design and vintage look. The classic race-inspired stripes in bold team colors draw the eye for added visibility.

The helmet is filled with features like magnetic, UV-protected, anti-scratch shield closure and contoured cheek pads with built-in speaker pockets for a comfortable fit. Five metal mesh intake vents and one rear vent are integrated for a streamlined look and maximum air-flow delivery. All helmets are DOT-approved, feature a fiberglass shell with a double D-ring chin strap and come with a helmet bag.


Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear & Apparel is available at more than 750 authorized retail locations in the United States and online.

*Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes and shipping. Prices at local dealerships may vary.

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“Education is the bedrock from which to build one’s American dream.”

Alejandra Castillo,
CEO of the YWCA

Born For The Street

The small Indian Scout cruiser has enjoyed the largest media coverage of any new factory motorcycle launched during these last years. Inevitably, to personalize their new ride, many buyers were tempted to go to the “preppy route” of a theme bike that most of the time has nothing to do with…Indian legacy or even with motorcycling… Fortunately, a few builders like Bill Dodge are more interested to reveal the character of a bike than by its theme.

Yes, the project you see here could be considered by some only as a sinister twist. stripped-down, blacked-out Scout. But I it’s much more than this. It’s all about Dodge telling you how an Indian Scout should look. A bike expressing the uninhibited spirit of motorcycle culture found in the dirty streets of any neglected neighborhood, or furiously spinning on an abandoned racing track. Dodge’s in-house fabrication is not only about visual ,frills but about conveying a raw, powerful aggressive you the feeling that horsepower is barely tamed under the new bodywork.

One thing’s for sure, this Scout would win all Street Beauty
contests. The authentic and gorgeous

“Cafe” look tailend in aluminum and leather, revised ergonomics to show the Street what you are made for… .

A GSRX sportier triple tree and front end supporting a Hella headlight. Wheels Model: Blings cycles R9 Size. 18×5.5. 21×3.250, Pirelli tires size: 150/70/18 120/70/21.)

And yes, most unusual pieces all over this Scout are “stamped” Blings Cycles or custom fabricated by Dodge himself for this specific project. A leg over this Dirty one is an another adventure…

Blings Cycles (photos @ H. Roesler for Cyril Huze)

Cyril Huze. I Will Retire May 15.

Due to a health issue discovered in 2017 requiring all my attention, I can no longer focus 100% on writing the Cyril Huze Post and traveling intensively in the US and abroad.

Consequently, I plan to retire and turn a new corner in my life to see what it has in store for me. The future of this site has yet to be finalized. In any case, I will silence my keyboard on May 15th and hope for a possible transition. The Cyril Huze Post is doing very well and to this day remains the leading “Daily Custom Motorcycle News” in the digital category. All content and comments, published since its creation in 2006, will stay online indefinitely.

My strongest emotion right now is deep gratitude to everybody who, during all my life, supported me to make my personal and professional dreams come true across two continents. Thank you so much and I wish many years of success to all of you.

– Cyril Huze

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. 1913 Flying Merkel Twin Named “Best Of Show”.

Attended by more than 3,000 people from around the world, the annual event included appearances by icons of motorcycle racing and design, a stunning display of the rarest, fastest and most beautiful motorcycles in history, an array of artisanal local cuisine.

More than 350 bikes on display
Four featured classes
Arlen Ness Private Collection (not judged)
Electric Motorcycles
Café Racers
25th Anniversary of the Ducati Monster
Traditional classes
Antique (1916-1935)
American (1936-1979)
British (1936-1979)
Competition On Road
Competition Off Road
Italian (1936-1979)
Japanese (1936-1979)
Other European (1936-1979)
Extraordinary Bicycles/Scooters

Award Winners
Best of Show
1913 Flying Merkel Twin
Douglas & Marian McKenzie – California
Antique Class

Spirit of The Quail Award
1920 Indian Streamliner
Clyde Crouch – Texas
Competition On Road Class Continue reading ‘The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. 1913 Flying Merkel Twin Named “Best Of Show”.’

Fresno Riding Shoe By RSD

The Fresno Riding Shoe by Roland Sands DesignSD blends the classic look and feel of an old-school skateboard shoe with modern motorcycle functionality and protection. Only the finest quality top grain cowhide is used to construct the upper and the reinforced ankle, toe box and heel cup will keep you protected. A fully waterproof membrane keeps you dry from the elements and a reinforced, textured shift pad and CE approved sole ensures durability.

• Top Grain Cowhide Upper
• Reinforced heel cup, ankle and toe box • Reinforced shank
• Abrasion resistant shift pads
• CE approved cup sole
• Hipora ® waterproof membrane
• RSD multi density “Cheater” Insole
• Reflective lightning bolt
• Waxed laces
• Colors: Black/Black, Whiskey/Black, Black/Gum • Sizes: (US) Mens 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12, 13

NEW –  Grand National and Slash Cut Slip-ons for 05-17 Dyna Models

The Dyna platform may have ceased production, but they remain an important part of the custom scene and companies like S&S Cycle continue to make cool parts for them! Their latest includes slip on mufflers in two different formats designed to look good and make big power. The Grand National version is styled after their flat track race mufflers and Slash Cut is a clean interpretation of a classic shape. Both include their removable dB Reducers that allow riders to fine tune the sound for the perfect exhaust note. Both are also available in ceramic black or chrome and both promise a 17% gain in Hp. Fitment from 1995 to 2017, on most Dyna models. For more info check out at S&S Cycle.

Flash Back.1902 Harry R. Geer. Blue Bird.

The Harry Geer company from St Louis, Missouri specialized in motors and castings for air ships, then diversified into motorcycles in 1902. Only about 150 units of this 4 hp, 140 lbs Blue Bird model advertised at the time with a speed of 5 to 50 mph. With more than 250 firms assembling these dangerous machines,, only a handful would last beyond their first offerings. Currently exhibited at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa (photography Doug Mitchel 630-605-6276)

Nexo 4.00 Inverted Adjustable Front Fork

Rebuffini has designed and developed the new innovative Nexo 4.0 inverted front end to offer supreme performance to Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles. With 46 mm diameter inner tube and 58 mm clamps. Adjustable with almost innumerable settings in order to personalize any need such as spring preload (on the cap), compression (on the leg) and extension (on the cap). Fitting all Harley-Davidson™ models including 2018 new Softal line.

The Nexo forks are designed with the built-in brake-tee lines for a clean look and a faster installation, or with the external brake line splitter with banjo for Dyna with ABS system. Black anodized finish with the “black forever” color technique. At Rebuffini.

Technical features:
Lenght 810 mm
. Radial caliper bracket 108 mm. Stroke 120 mm
. Compression adjustment: 40 positions
. Rebound adjustment: 40 positions
 Spring preload adjustment: 10 mm.
Works also with the ABS sensor.

Easy To Fit Solid Brass Exhaust Tips

Manufactured by Paughco as precision fit into 1 ¾” and 2” straight cut drag pipes, the tips are easily installed in minutes.

Simply slip the tip into your pipe, drill a hole for the retaining screw and secure in place. That’s it!

With 2 styles to choose from, the tips give a classy Old School look to any drag pipes equipped bike. Models for 1 ¾” pipes are P/N 640 Short Curve, 640A Long Curve and 640B Tapered. For 2” pipes you have P/N 641 Short Curve, 641A Long Curve and 641B Tapered. All of the tips are sold in pairs and retail for just $89.95. Call 775-246-5738 or visit Paughco

Jared Mees Takes Victory, Chad Cose & Indian Motorcycle of OKC Finish Third.

Indian Motorcycle Racing and reigning 2017 American Flat Track (AFT) Champion Jared Mees secured the top leaderboard position with a win at the Texas Half-Mile.

Indian Motorcycle of Oklahoma City Privateer Chad Cose secured his first career AFT Twins podium with a strong third-place finish after setting the top qualifying time. Meanwhile, fellow Scout FTR750 privateers Henry Wiles and Johnny Lewis placed inside the top 10 with a fifth and eighth place finish, respectively.

Mees and Cose each won their semi-final race and earned the top-two starting positions in the Main. After trailing initially, Mees was able to pass several riders and capture the lead. Cose ran the majority of the race from the third position and was able to hold off the fourth-place finisher, who was challenging for that final podium spot for the majority of the race.
(Please credit all photographs to Scott Hunter/AFT)

Indian Motorcycle Debuts its Spring/Summer 2018 Apparel Collection

The collection includes all new products and categories, each designed and developed by a dedicated in-house team of professionals. The line includes the launch of Indian Motorcycle’s most comprehensive range of motorcycle helmets to date, new riding jackets for men and women, gloves, footwear, and a wide range of casual-wear items such as graphic tees, tanks, and zip-ups.
You can download the catalog HERE.

Cyril Huze