Youngsters Prefer Under 1000 CC Retro Styled Custom Motorcycles

merlin0merlin1merlin2 merlin3Are urban motorcycles, factory or custom, with a number of cc’s under 1000 the new rage among youngsters, both male and female? Waiting for the Harley Street 750 to debut in the US before this second quarter of 2014 ends, many young builders around the world have no difficulty in finding clients going the bespoke route with used low cc machines, usually Japanese or British, not destined to be tarmac rippers but to become their basic way of transportation while at the same time having fun on 2 wheels.

merlin4merlin5In his website at Old Empire Motorcycles, Raphael Pugh claims British pride, but this doesn’t prevent him to work on all types of machines of different nationalities. The reason being that he is among the very few builders I know who is continuously proposing an online series of drawings of bikes he likes and would like to build. The visitor to his website picks one of the sketches, answers a few questions, and if the donor bike is compatible with the chosen design, Pugh will customize it, whatever the factory brand. See this web page at Old Empire Concepts

merlin6merlin7The “Merlin” is Old empire Motorcycles first attempt at a custom parallel Twin and the first Kawasaki W650 They have worked on. The shop was approached by a customer based in Amsterdam after he saw a few of their previous builds. After a few back and forth by phone (Skype) and email Pugh had a good idea on where he wanted to go with this new creation. Although much of the project stance and basic components were listed in the web concepts page, complete freedom was left to the shop to turn this Kawasaki W650 in a very unique retro custom. Continue reading ‘Youngsters Prefer Under 1000 CC Retro Styled Custom Motorcycles’

Barnett Harley-Davidson

Bringing Back To Life Antique Motorcycles. The Keating Wheel Company.

Spectro Oils

18TH Annual Florida Leesburg Bikefest. 100,000 Bikers Expected April 25-27.

Leesburg1The 18th Annual Leesburg Bikefest, a fast growing and already a very large 3-Day motorcycle rally and music event, will be held April 25th-April 27th, 2014 in the city of Leesburg in Lake County, Florida. Touted as “Lake County’s Crown Jewel of Entertainment,” Leesburg is once again prepared to welcome over 300,000 bikers and music fans to this free event. This year, Bikefest will feature more than 80 concert performances across 13 venues. The festival will also feature unique special events and shows, including a Custom Bike Show competition,  “Hot Body” Contests, an Extreme Stunt Show, “Ride Like A Pro” safety demonstrations, and Poker Runs. Over 250 vendors will offer a wide variety of food, jewelry, apparel and accessories, along with the largest selection of motorcycle merchandise in the South. Additionally, the Disc-Connected K9s “World Famous Frisbee Dogs” will perform a Frisbee and dog tricks exhibition.

Leesburg3For the first time in the 18-year history of Leesburg Bikefest, promoters will be looking to set a Guinness Book of World Records® title for ‘The Longest Chain of Bandanas,’ with the net proceeds from bandana sales going toward the “Folds of Honor Foundation.” The organization gives back to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service to the United States through scholarships and other forms of assistance. Continue reading ’18TH Annual Florida Leesburg Bikefest. 100,000 Bikers Expected April 25-27.’

Progressive Suspension

Happy Easter Weekend To All Bikers

Cyril-Huze-Happy-EasterAnd if you are more interested by the bike than by the Bunny, know that this Bagger is part of the “Bolt-On And Ride” motorcycle series built with custom parts out of the catalog of Custom Chrome Europe. It was built by Harley Factory Frankfurt dealership. (yes, the front wheel is a reasonable size 26”) Photo @ Horst Roesler For Cyril Huze

Burt Munro. Did You Know?

BurtMunroFollowing the misspelling of his name in an American motorcycling magazine in 1957, Bert Munro (born Herbert James Munro in 1899) decided to change his name to Burt.

Munro traveled to Bonneville 10 times, the first time for “sightseeing” purposes.

Munro’s Indian Scout was very early off the production line, being only the 627th Scout to leave the American factory. The bike had an original top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h). In its final stages, the Indian’s displacement was 950 cc (as built it was 600 cc) and was driven by a triple chain drive system.

In the nine times he raced at Bonneville, Munro set 3 world records: first in 1962, again in 1966, and once more in 1967 at the speed of 295.453 km/h (183.586 mph) (still standing today). To qualify he made a one-way run of 305.89 km/h (190.07 mph), the fastest-ever officially-recorded speed on an Indian.

Burt Munro would have been 115 years old.

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

New 32” El Loco Steel Front Fender By Fat Katz

EL-LOCOWheel manufacturers ask tire vendors to create new rubber for their ever taller donuts. And logically, builders creating big wheel Baggers ask vendors to provide them with the matching size enders.

So, Fat Katz. rushed to create the El Loco 32” front fender in 2 different designs, the El Loco wrap fender and the El Loco Classic FL style fender. As with all Fat Katz fenders these are made of 13 gauge cold rolled steel and fabricated right here in the US. They are offered with or without billet spacers.

And of course, the company continues to provide its fenders in all other more “traditional” size options 16”,18”,21”,23”,26” 30”. Fat Kat Inc 530-268-2232

Motorcycle Parts Website

Viking Concept V-Twin By Fisker Unveiled

Viking1Viking2Viking3Yesterday, at the “Top Marques Brands” show in Monaco, a Danish custom motorcycle manufacturing company that I didn’t know and called Lauge Jensen, unveiled the Viking Concept bike featured here. It is a collaboration between industrialist  Anders Kirk Johansen (whose family invented LEGO™)  and designer Henrik Fisker who has been a chief designer both at BMW and Aston Martin. What is so special about the Viking? Nothing that I found out, except that this model powered by an S&S engine to reach a maximum speed of 130 mph+ is  the first motorcycle of its type to comply with new, much more stringent Euro IV emissions regulations that come into effect in 2016, and this without losing performance nor the sexy V-Twin sound. So, a great advertising banner in the European Union for S&S Cycle. The display of the Viking at the Monaco show is to evaluate interest and demand, contemplating the possibility of going into mass production. Lauge Jensen.

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

cyril-Huze-fast-newsUS military To Develop Hybrid-Electric Stealth Motorcycle. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently given a small business innovation research grant to Virginia-based Logos Technologies to develop the bikes. Logos has developed an hybrid-electric power system, that can be run in a near-silent electric mode. The plan is to put that system into an off-road platform made by project partner BRD, a San Francisco company that manufactures electric motorcycles. Besides helping to keep the bikes from being heard by enemy forces, the electric drive system will allow them to go farther than they could on fuel alone, while the option of running on fuel will in turn give them more range than would be offered by a pure-electric setup. Moreover, the hybrid drive system could be used to produce electricity for powering other devices while in the field. “Quieted, all-wheel-drive capability at extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle could support the successful operations of US expeditionary and special forces in extreme terrain conditions and contested environments,” said Wade Pulliam, manager of advanced concepts at Logos.

Harley-Davidson And MillerCoors Team Up On High Life Limited-Edition Can Designs. Seeking to boost sales for Miller High Life, MillerCoors is joining with Milwaukee motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc. to roll out a national television, print advertising and digital and social media engagement ad campaign called “I Am Rich” to introduce the limited-edition packaging that targets legal-age millennial beer drinkers. The cans, which will hit the shelves on May 1, have been designed by Brandon Rike. Miller High Life drinkers will also have the chance to win a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and MillerCoors will donate a customized Harley-Davidson bike to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in 2014. Continue reading ‘Fast Motorcycle Industry News’

Fall TV

Parker Brothers Move Shop To Port Canaveral, Florida. Hope To Become A Tourists Attraction…

parkerbrothers1The Parker Brothers who specialize in movie and television cars and motorcycles are moving their operations from Melbourne, Florida to Port Canaveral, FL hoping their shop will become a new attraction to locals and cruise passengers. Local residents and tourists will be able to come into the shop to see a display of 10 to 15 of the Parker Brothers’ finished creations, and watch the Parkers and their staff build new vehicles. The Parker brothers say they do not plan to charge admission to the public to view the displays… Continue reading ‘Parker Brothers Move Shop To Port Canaveral, Florida. Hope To Become A Tourists Attraction…’

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New Quiet Harley-Davidson Bagger Power By Thundermax. Install. Ride. Smile

BaggerZipKitZippers Performance released a new Quiet Power Bagger Zip Kit powered by Thundermax. It includes a trifecta of electronic improvements to make your Harley-Davidson Bagger more powerful while running cooler and smoother, and all this without drowning out your sound system… (see the video after the jump)

A propriatery high flow air filter let your Bagger breathe deeply, and the ThunderMax® with Wave Tune assures a perfect tune. Add the Khrome Werks Power Headers with 4” HP-Plus® mufflers and you get great power with perfect Bagger tone.

The Bagger Zip Kits by Thundermax are delivered pre-mapped and ready for installation with no Dyno tuning required. Install. Ride. Smile. (not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles) Zipper’s Performance Products Tel: 410-579-2828

Auto Parts Warehouse

Wrench Bracelet

blitz1blitz2Even if you think you can take one of your wrenches and do it – I doubt if you are not a professional – it will not be as valuable as this one out of Sterling silver. If you want one, Blitz Motorcycles did the job for you. Hand hammered, it weighs a little over 2 ounces and one size fits all. Limited edition of 100 pieces with serial number. Comes with a 100% leather pouch. Blitz Motorcycles.

Brass Balls Cycles Job Opportunity. Rush To Apply.

accepting-applicationsBrass Balls Cycles (a.k.a. Darwin Motorcycles) is currently accepting applications for a Fabricator / Bike Builder / Welder position.

The person needs to be proficient in welding & fabrication. He needs to know how to run a mil & lathe and have knowledge and experience in bike building. Pay is relative to quality of experience.

If you are not a team player. If you are a “glass half empty” person. If you are not willing to work hard. If you are not open to learning more and stretching yourself, then do not apply. If however, you are a leader, a positive person, are self motivated, have the skills listed above and want to be part of something special, then email your resume to:

Johammer Electric Motorcycle. Going Green In Pastel Colors.

eJohammer1eJohammer2eJohammer3eJohammer4I felt the urge to publish the Johammer Electric Motorcycle because of its very unusual aesthetics and setup, more than for its performance somewhat in the range of many of e-competitors.

It may appear weird to many – looking like (irony?) a snail on wheels – or visually appealing to those with an open mind who reward those builders who dare to be different.

My personal opinion, better, not worse that many other bikes I have seen in bike shows… Continue reading ‘Johammer Electric Motorcycle. Going Green In Pastel Colors.’

The Rain Scarf May Be A Good Idea

scarf1scarf2scarf3A very simple concept. One side of the scarf is wool or cashmere, soft to the skin. The other side is padded with a water repellent material tp prevent rain to run on your chest, neck, back, a not so pleasant feeling. A magnet keep the scarf closed at all times, whatever your speed…It’s sold in 2 different lengths and you can wear it many different ways, before, during and after the ride. No cheap. You can order online at Scarf Industry.

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-joke44Apple does it again!

Apple announced today that the company has developed a breast implant that can store and play music.

The iTit will cost from $499 to $699, depending on cup and speaker size.

This is considered a major social breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

On May 1st 2014 Indian Motorcycle Will Have Again A Dealership In Sturgis.

indiansturgis1Bruce Eide, who is already selling Indian motorcycles in Sioux Falls, is about to open an Indian dealership downtown Sturgis at 2106 Lazelle Street. Indian Motorcycle considers Sturgis its “home” away from home. The reason? The first Sturgis rally was held on August 14, 1938, by the “Jackpine Gypsies” motorcycle club who still own and operate the tracks, hillclimb, and field areas where the rally is centered.

The first event was called the “Black Hills Classic” and consisted of a single race with nine participants and a small audience. The founder is generally considered to be Clarence “Pappy” Hoel. He purchased an Indian Motorcycle franchise in Sturgis in 1936 and formed the “Jackpine Gypsies” that same year. All reasons why last Aug. 3,  Indian Motorcycle unveiled the newest Indian Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain Motorcycles to the public in downtown Sturgis. The dealership will be open year round offering both sales, service and retail apparel. It will employee eight people, Kurtenbach said (photo @ Indian Motorcycle)

Paul Junior Building Cystom Motorcycles In A New Web Series

azerothI am pretty certain that you wonder what Paul Junior Teutul is up to… Right? He has been building motorcycles for World of Warcraft, the famous game launched in 2004. More precisely 2 custom bikes inspired by the 2 game warring faction, the “Horde” and the “Alliance.” The building will be documented in several episodes of a reality show called “Azeroth Choppers, not on television but on the web. The winner bike built by Paul Jr. will be decided by a fan vote. First episode airs April 17. I let you comment on the 2 bikes in the image above.

April Is Helmet Month

HDHelmet1 HDHelmet2If you use one, when was the last time you evaluated the condition of your helmet? Helmet industry guidelines for helmet life are: 1- Replacing your helmet every 3 to 5 years, depending on use, to ensure optimal helmet performance 2- Over time, UV rays, internal adhesive and component aging can deteriorate a helmet’s protective qualities 3- Exposure to gasoline, insect repellent, cleaning fluids, exhaust fumes and excessive heat can degrade helmet materials 4- If a helmet has been dropped or suffered an impact, it should be replaced immediately 5-A helmet is designed for only one impact, even a small one. An impact may fracture its outer shell as well as compress the inner liner, neither of which may be visible.
And of course, Harley-Davidson didn’t forget to remind me that they have a great selection of helmets that meet DOT requirements, protect your valuable assets and maintain your bad-ass moto persona, whether it’s a minimalist look or a full-face performance version.

Wedding Cake Toppers For Bikers!

Calling all groom and bride bikers. They are made by a father and son to clients’ specifications. Of course, they will also create these biker figurines even if you are not getting hitched. Birthdays, anniversaries, or any event pretext for eating a cake. At Magic Mud.

La Chica Bonita

Bobber1Bobber2Bobber3Bobber4Maybe one day I will launch a discussion on the reason(s) why so many builders of custom motorcycles and cars name their creations with Spanish names. “”La chica es bonita” means “The girl is pretty” and nobody knows if builder Fabian Muller is talking about “her”, his bike, or “her” at his side on the top picture, his daughter working with him at his shop, or “her”, but who?

5bobberBobber6Another example of Chopper and Bobber fusion style, “La Chica Bonita” is a display of custom parts created or distributed by Müller Motorcycle AG, a shop located in Bavaria, Germany with a great reputation in its own country and surrounded by beautiful scenery to stimulate imagination. Continue reading ‘La Chica Bonita’

New Velocity Stack From Bare Knuckle Choppers

bareknucklevelocitystack1Since almost a decade now, retro is the favorite theme of most factory and custom bikes. One more way to look classic or vintage is offered by Bare Knuckle Choppers with this new very nice looking velocity stack conceived to fit the very popular S&S Cycle E & G and also Linkert 4-bolt carburetors (no adaptor plate necessary.) The outer body features an organic shape matching the look of the respective carburetor’s profile. Continue reading ‘New Velocity Stack From Bare Knuckle Choppers’

Fine Artist Scott Jacobs Introduces New Paintings. Opens Studio Art Gallery.

scottjacbos1scottjacbos2Internationally known motorcycle artist, Scott Jacobs unveiled his most recent paintings at an opening reception of the first Scott Jacobs Studio Art Gallery in San Marcos, California. His latest creations included an ongoing lifestyle series with wine and spirits along with classic automobiles and new Harley-Davidson works, including a vintage champion hill climber.  For over 20 years, as the world’s first official artist for Harley-Davidson, Scott has honed his craft and today his artworks grace the walls of prestigious collectors and avid enthusiasts all over the world.

scottjacbos3scottjacbos4Known for his photo-realistic style of painting, Scott does not limit himself to one subject or medium.  Whether the subject of a painting is a motorcycle scene or a wine still life, he will utilize acrylic paint or watercolor to achieve the desired result.  Scott’s time consuming techniques, requiring a tiny brush to canvas, create a finely detailed composition that welcomes viewers into a world of hyper-photographic reality.  Jacobs has raised the bar for all artists by showcasing uncanny reflections in chrome and “depth defining” cast shadows throughout his depictions. Continue reading ‘Fine Artist Scott Jacobs Introduces New Paintings. Opens Studio Art Gallery.’

Harley-Davidson Road Zeppelin® Seat Pads

The Road Zeppelin® Seat Pads (P/N 52000084 Rider, P/N 52400060 Passenger Pillion; $119.95 each) are equipped with a patented air bladder system that distributes weight evenly across the entire seating surface, removing pressure points while also providing shock absorption which reduces vibration.

The mesh cover allows air circulation, reducing the air temperature between the rider and seat. The easy-to-reach integrated hand pump and air release valve permits convenient adjustment.

Shaped to conform to most Harley-Davidson seats, the pads feature an adjustable mounting strap and a non-skid surface to keep them in place. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson’s Website 

Vintage Custom Motorcycle Of The Month

VintageTriumph1VintageTriumph2Vintage Custom Triumph, copyright Owen Howells Photography UK.

Indian Motorcycle



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