Rat’s Hole Bike Show Boss Hoss Build-Off

Difficult to believe that Daytona Bike Week is only 11 weeks away (March 2/11).  Hundreds of pro and garage builders, here and abroad, have already started fabricating their new custom sleds hoping to get one of the 1st place trophies awarded during the mother of all bike shows, the Rat’s Hole Bike Show (Saturday March 10th). By the way, I heard that a 1st place trophy adds an average of $25,000 to the value of a winner bike….. But in 2007, Ted Smith, organizer of the show, tells me that spectators will get extra entertainment (in addition of the 600 hundred bikes competing, of the half naked girls posing on them, and of a few master builders and myself riding by on our show pieces). Ted got the idea of having the 3 best Boss Hoss builders compete in a biker build-off. At the difference of the famous Discovery channel TV show, builders don’t have 10 days, but all the time they need as long as the bike is completed and on display during the show. Time being a critical aspect of the quality of a custom construction, you can expect to see on stage the 3 most outrageous V8 bikes ever built. Ok, Boss Hoss bikes are not my cup of tea (I prefer to employ my skills on light & skinny bikes), but I respect and admire any custom work on any bike, especially when it is produced by the 3 best in their category. They are Bruce Vetti of Boss Hoss-Stamford, Tom Shaffer of Mountain Boss Hoss, and Alan Lee for Boss Hoss of Virginia, These guys are right now working very hard while you do your Christmas shopping. So, March 10th   stop by the show located at the beautiful Daytona Lagoon Complex. (Located at 601 Earl Street). Regular show competitors and public can get more info from the Rat’s Bike Show Website.


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