Keith “Bandit” Ball To Autograph His Books At V-Twin Expo

assaltweapan1During the V-Twin Expo, Keith “Bandit” Ball, an icon of the publishing industry (Easyrider then Bikernet) will be signing his 2 latest books, “How to build a Bonneville Salt Flats Motorcycle” and “Orwell” a popular fiction novel depicting the true biker lifestyle. “How To Build A Bonneville Salt Flats Motorcycle” was written while Keith was building the racing bike “Assalt Weapan” (no, there is no typo in this bike name. It’s a Pan racing on the Salt) that ended up obtaining a world record in 2008. The signing will happen at the booth of W8less Technologies (forged brake rotors) whose sales manager is Ray Wheeler, a long time friend of Keith. So, this weekend, all motorcycle dealers in Cincinnati rush to booth 870 to pick up a very special souvenir relating an epic Bonneville event.

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  1. 1 raycwheeler Feb 4th, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Open Invitation to all Cincy Attendees .

    Keith will be signing books Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 .

    Please take a minute and stop by , booth #870 .

    Thanks a million ,

    Ray c wheeler


  2. 2 Gina Woods Feb 4th, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Congratulations Keith!
    I can’t wait to read the book! Having been asked to be a Buell Sister Team Member last year I was friggin amazed at the people, the Salt Flats, the cameraderie, the other racers, the bikes – Drew’s guitar and how much Old Style Santa Claus brings! (that he drinks!) Once bitten twice shy – what a great time…can’t wait to go back this year!
    I am interviewing Leslie Porterfield (& others) on the show LIVE from the IMS-Chicago this weekend, so unfortunately I won’t be coming to Cincy – Keith let’s catch up somewhere /sometime to discuss some of those things we started to talk about the other day!
    Hope you have a great turn out and a great weekend!

  3. 3 Nitrous Phil Feb 5th, 2009 at 12:43 am

    So heres a guy who has never ridden a bike at bonneville himself – in fact had a girl ride it for him – so why is a book from him interesting?
    And who the hell would run to a booth for an autograph on a “popular fiction book?”
    Must only be popular in a “special world”.

    Wrenching vs reading fiction gets my vote.

  4. 4 Cyril Huze Feb 5th, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Nitrous Phil.

    Keith Ball wrenched this Bonneville bike. Accurate Engineering (Berry Wardlaw) prepared the Pan engine. And the book is called “How to build a Bonneville Salt Flats Motorcycles”. So, his book is no fiction and Keith knows what he is writing about”.

  5. 5 Rogue Feb 5th, 2009 at 7:24 am

    I have a copy of the book and found it very interesting and do recommend it to others.

  6. 6 Wacko Feb 5th, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Nitro Phil,

    Other than this blog, I have never heard of you. Please come by the book signing with your books, motors or just your award-winning personality so we can have you sign our booth-babes boobs. Also, if you have a website, please pass it on.

    As far as why it is a big deal to have Mr. Ball as a booth attraction is below. It is Keith’s resume from four years ago. Many folks out there don’t know who Keith is and that is a shame. When I was building my first bike, 15 years ago, Keith’s builds, tech articles and builds influenced me very much. Take a look at his accomplishments below. It really impressed me.

    Keith’s Resume–
    I grew up on Naples Island, Long Beach, Calif.
    At 18 I joined the Navy. I spent three tours in Vietnam, 1967, ’68,
    ’69, as an electronics technician on the USS Saint Paul, CA 73, a
    heavy cruiser and the first fleet flag ship.

    I went to college on the G.I. Bill in Long Beach and Ventura.
    During the summer of ’71, I was hired, part-time, to run a national
    motorcycle rights organization, ABATE, which at the time had a few
    hundred members throughout the United States.

    After a couple months I was named associate editor of Easyriders, the
    magazine’s first full-time employee. I was also manager of ABATE.
    Over the next few years we built ABATE into the largest grassroots
    motorcycle organization in the world, with 28 chapters and some
    50,000 members, by empowering individuals in each state to build and
    run their own local organizations. I was ultimately appointed
    national director of the group.

    In the late ’70s I became editor of Easyriders, the largest newsstand
    motorcycle magazine in the world (550,000 monthly paid circulation). I
    was also the editor of numerous specials and our sister publication,
    In The Wind.

    I left the magazine in 1981 to start my own publishing company. I
    published Ventura County Magazine and the Ventura County Business
    Journal. During those seven years, I joined the board of the Ventura
    County American Red Cross, the Ventura County Economic Development
    Association and was active in community affairs.

    In 1987, Joe Teresi, the new publisher of Easyriders, asked me to
    return to Paisano Publications. I became the editor of Easyriders
    magazine and ultimately the editorial director of 14 titles,
    including In The Wind, Biker, Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Savage,
    Metal Hammer, VQ, Eagle’s Eye, Air Brush Art and Action. I was
    publisher of American Rodder and Quick Throttle. When I resigned from
    Easyriders in 1999 to follow my dream of writing motorcycle
    adventures and building Bikernet, I was the Executive Vice President.

    During this period I took two trips to the Bonneville Salt Flats. On
    the second attempt, the Easyriders streamliner, supported through
    $25-donations from 10,000 readers, captured the world land speed
    record at 321 mph.

    Over the last eight years I have written three motorcycle adventure
    novels: “Prize Possession,” about a guy who goes after his stolen
    motorcycle; “Outlaw Justice,” about a young man who is sucked into
    the underworld of motorcycle gangs and fights to understand himself
    and his future, and “Sam ‘Chopper’ Orwell”. It is a futuristic tale
    about a man, who, after motorcycles are outlawed, finds a group of
    struggling bikers in the desert desperately trying to find a way to
    survive. He joins the group at great peril. I am currently working on
    a coffee table book profiling 30 notorious veteran club members. In
    addition, I’m writing the second in a pulp fiction series of biker books revolving around a single character, Chance Hogan.

    I also own and operate a biker-oriented website; was
    one of the first H-D motorcycle sites on the Internet (est. 1996). The
    site has expanded to include tech material, classifieds, riding tales,
    information on motorcycling laws, event coverage and much more.

    At this time in my life, 57 yrs, I run the website, write books and
    restore two motorcycles a year. Recently I came out of retirement
    at the request of Primedia to oversee their three American motorcycle magazines.
    I was the editor in chief for Hot Bike, and editorial director of Hot Rod Bikes and Street Choppers.
    In the past I contributed to several other motorcycle magazines as a freelance writer and consultant.
    This year I was inducted in to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame.

    Sam “Chopper” Orwell (novel)–author
    Outlaw Justice (novel)–author
    Prize Possession (novel)–author
    Maxim magazine–Featured
    Easyriders magazine–Editor/Editorial Director
    VQ magazine–Editorial Director
    American Rodder magazine–Publisher
    Asphalt Angels magazine–Featured
    Biker magazine–Editorial Director
    In The Wind magazine–Editorial Director
    Tattoo magazine–Editorial Director
    Tattoo-Flash magazine–Editorial Director
    Tattoo-Savage magazine–Editorial Director
    Inked magazine–Editorial Director
    Metal Hammer magazine–Editorial Director
    “Easyriders Best Customs” coffee table book–Author
    “David Mann-The Best of David Mann” art book–Author
    “David Mann-The Collector’s Edition” art book–Author
    Eagles Eye magazine–Editorial Director
    Harley-Davidson, The Legends coffee table pictorial–Featured
    Hot Rod Bikes magazine–Contributor
    Iron Horse Magazine–Consultant
    Cruising Rider magazine–Contributor
    Iron Stallion coffee table pictorial–Featured/Contributor
    Thunder In The Hills coffee table pictorial–Featured
    Quick Throttle magazine–Publisher
    American Rider–Consultant/editor/contributor
    Cruising Rider–Contributor
    American Iron–Contributor
    Motorcycles In Retrospect–Contributor
    Iron Horse—Contributor

    Hard Core Choppers—Contributor
    Hot Bike—Editor in Chief
    Hot Rod Bikes—Editorial Director
    Street Chopper—Editorial Director

    Rod Stewart music video–extra on a motorcycle
    Discovery Channel–Interviewed
    Movies for Guys–Interviewed
    Easyriders Video–Director and Executive Producer. Quarterly video
    for 10 years.
    Downtown news program–interviewed
    Monster Garage 50th Episode — successful team member

    Past Charity work:
    Child sponsor of Children’s International
    Board of Directors American Red Cross, Ventura Chapter
    Board of Directors Human Services Network (group homes for young boys)
    Exception Children’s Foundation–Beach Ride Committee Member

  7. 7 tbear Feb 5th, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Keith Ball is one of the gentlemen that help hold this industry together.
    His resume above is only a small part of his many accomplishments.
    “Bandit” is one of the reasons that I have achieved the small amount of success as an international motorcycle photojournalist.
    He mentored me from my start. He has published my writings and photography for years and helped introduce my work to the public enabling me to gain the reconigition to be published in many magazines here in the U.S.A. and abroad.
    He has also supported us in our work raising funds for International Childrens Charities.
    In my most humble opinion, Mr. Ball, who I still call “Chief” is one of the guys that keeps the wheels spinning for all of us riders and builders.

  8. 8 Nitrous Phil Feb 5th, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Cyril – this post says two books

    One bonneville – the other “Orwell a popular fiction novel”
    My reference was to the “popular fiction novel” – you know anyone who read that?

    As for Berry – he knows what he’s doing.
    However I do doubt Carl Morrow will be asking for an autograph.

  9. 9 Scooter Feb 7th, 2009 at 10:37 am

    I have read both books more than once and I was at Bonneville in 08 and documented, photographically, not only the event but the runs that elevated Keith, Barry and Valerie Thompson to world record status. Being there is an extraordinary experience and Keith’s book is the next best thing to the actually experiencing the Salt. It should be mentioned that the Assalt Weapon was also voted the “Best Engineered Bike” at the BUB event in 08, and the book details the trials and tribulations of building a bike that will achieve world standing.

  10. 10 Nyla Feb 8th, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Hey Phil, as a matter of fact, Carl Morrow did want an autographed copy of the Bonne book as he and Keith go way back to the Monster Garage build they did together.

  11. 11 Nitrous Phil Feb 8th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Scooter – YOUR book is outstanding.
    Many of us have talked about your stand up contribution to donating proceeds to save the salt – Unlike this guy.
    As for reaching “World class status” – Was there even an exisiting record in the class?
    You are the only one that we know that has actually read the so called “Popular fiction novel” or at least admits to it. So if one person make this popular for this guy then so be it.

    Nylon – Dont get in a tizzy. Friends do thing to be nice and what a nice jester for Mr. Morrow to be kind.

  12. 12 Nyla Feb 8th, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    OK, Phil? Far be it for me to have a ‘tizzy’.

    I remember you, though. You tried this banter with us a while back, verbatim. At least you’re consistent.

    So, I take it you’re not gonna buy the book?

  13. 13 Ray c wheeler Feb 9th, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Hey Phil,

    How many records have you set? How many books have you written? Do you even have a motorcycle? See you in Bonneville.

  14. 14 Brenda Fox Feb 11th, 2009 at 12:01 pm


    I was there when Keith & his team ran at the salt and they were a first class operation.
    If people want to read about his trials and tribulations of his experience building a bike, then it’s awesome he has book to talk about it.

    As for having a “girl ride the bike” come one, get with the decade.
    Women motorcyclists are coming more and more to the forefront and this is a perfect example
    The capabilities and talent of female riders. When the transition of is done – prepare to see more “girls” on bikes, watch out!

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