New JIMS® Cruise Drive Seal Installer

Just tinkering on your bike or being a professional, you should know that installing main seals on all 6-Speed Cruise Drive Transmissions (Harley years 2006 to present) is a delicate process. H-D’s new 6-speed transmission is a very stout piece of engineering, incorporating some of the best bearings made. These main case bearings are of such high precision that you must be very gentle when working in or around them. JIMS® has just developed a driver style seal installer (not a pushing or pulling type, which could damage these bearings) to install the main seal to the correct depth, without applying any stress to the new precision bearings or new seals. JIMS® Cruise Drive Seal Installer is manufactured from high grade steel and 6061 grade aluminum with a precision CNC machine, and then finished with JIMS® black oxide coating and JIMS® famous blue anodizing. More info at JIMS USA® or call 805-482-6913.

2 Responses to “New JIMS® Cruise Drive Seal Installer”

  1. 1 Rogue Jun 4th, 2010 at 8:08 am

    I Want One!!!
    I have numerous tools from “Jims” and I have to say the quality is great and they have all saved me time and made me money.

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