Archive for June 10th, 2011

Hamsters USA Raffling Roland Sands Customized Harley-Davidson Sportster To Benefit Kids Hospital

In Sturgis every year, the international motorcycle group Hamsters USA sponsors an event to benefit the non-profit organization Children’s Care Hospital in Rapid City. This year, the group organizes a raffle with a custom  Roland Sands Design Harley- Davidson Nightster as the grand prize. Justyn Amstutz and Eagle Rider San Diego donated the bike to the […]

New Deville Hourglass Pegs To Match Their Grips

For evident reason of style coherence thee vast majority of bikers buy both their grips and pegs (including shifter and brake pegs) together. So, Deville Cycles rushed to add these hourglass pegs to their existing hourglass grips. Same choice, in solid brass or aluminum with a contoured shape and fine satin machined finish. 3 rows […]

‪All Out At 1921 Board Track‬ Racing In California

Rare Video Of Motorcycle Hall of Famer “Shrimp” Burns at 1921 Board Track Racing In Beverly Hills, Calif. A tribute to his racing skills and also to the Indian Powerplus engine, first stock motor to do more than 100 mph in competition…


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