Do You Remember Durfee?

Durfee Girders are back on the road. Those who have lived long enough in the custom chopper community know Durfee Girders, the attention to detail, strength, craftsmanship and pure aesthetic appeal of these retro front ends. “You can style a front end to look just about any way you want it, but if you want something that looks good, works properly and will last, look no further than the Durfee Girder,” says Paul Durfee, the son of the founder, Earl Durfee. Founded in 1969, Durfee Girders were built to stand the test of time, and is one of the best and highest quality girders on the custom market. "The Durfee Girder’s triangular structures and state of the art materials gives it the ability to withstand 58,000 pounds of compressive strength” says Durfee.

So, if you’re looking for something better and different than the same old glide that everyone else is using, Durfee has taken their famous girder and enhanced it with modern technology to produce the highest quality and most reliable custom front end for your motorcycle. The Durfee Girders can be built to fit the needs and wants of the individual builder. The base price for a Classic Durfee Girder is $1795.00 (powdercoated narrow glide) and $1995.00 (triple chromed narrow glide). Great choice of powdercoated springs, too. Visit Durfee Girders.  

Cyril Huze