350 MPH On 2 Wheels. How Does It Feel?

How does it feel to be on your own riding on 2 wheels at more than 350 miles per hour? It is about 512 feet per second, so basically you’re looking at almost two football fields per second. I am talking about the new land speed record established by the Bub Enterprises two wheeled Streamliner owned by Denis Manning and ridden by Chris Carr. The Speed Meet event was held on the Bonneville Utah Salt Flats Sept. 3/7. The exact record (average of 2 passes) is a mind blowing 350.884 MPH. I met Chris Carr before and would really like to sit with him to ask more questions about being to the fastest man in the world, about speed sensation, about piloting such a machine. But here what he had to say: “The flags are going by, and you can tell the mile markers, but you have to focus hard on them to catch a wind direction because the flags float. You don’t have time to appreciate the speed because you have so much going on. I never thought about going 350, I thought about going as fast as I could, and getting it stopped, and having the thing still rolling when it got to the stop. You don’t have time to appreciate the speed”. Learn more by going to Bub Enterprises. 

Cyril Huze