Pinstripe Planet

I always have been a big fan of pinstriping. Pinstriping is the signature art of Kustom Kulture. Pinstripe Planet, authored by Herb Martinez, one of the art’s most respected practitioners, is a photographic and textual celebration of this unique decorative art form, a genuine instance of motor-Americana now making its mark around the globe. An historical and visual overview of pinstriping culture, the book takes readers into all the great pinstriping shops. Are featured great artists such as Art Schilling, Jimmy C, Steve Chazyeka, and Herb Martinez in the United States; Tom Plate, John Leeson and Neil Meillard in Europe; Makoto Kobayashi in Japan; and Simon Watts in Australia. It also provides a look at the origins of pinstriping and its revival at the hands of the great Kenny "Von Dutch" Howard, Tommy the Greek and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. It’s the best pinstriping book I have ever seen & read. I got very lucky because I got one before everybody. But you can now reserve one for November 15 delivery.Remember, Christmas is not so far away. Just go to Pinstripe Planet .

Cyril Huze