Kustom Kulture Art

Rare to find a site where you can buy in one place tee-shirts, patches, books, stickers of a selection of the best names of the American Kustom Kulture.

Ok, the interface of the site Poster Pop is quite poor (Hey, I am a designer and don’r expect me to not mention this) but forget about the look of the welcome page. First read the artists’s bios, then browse the pages dedicated to artists like Von Franco, Coop, Kruse (my top 3 list), Forbas, Shag, Dirty Donny, and many others, and pick a tee, a sticker, a keychain of your favorite one.

Also, don’t miss the Limited Edition Vince Ray Tattoo Flash Sets press printed on Archival card stock..   .    

Cyril Huze