Rare Tikki Rigid Frame

Warning: shameless plug ahead. There are only 2 frames in existence with this configuration and a twisted curved downtube (look closer to see it). And you can only get this one because I keep the other one to build a custom bike for a (repeat) client. I know what to do with mine. A lot of different looks can be achieved with yours, from retro to high tech. It’s a 3" out, a minus 2" in the curved down tube (yes, I repeat, twisted like a Tikki pole, and don’t try to do this at home with your torch), 200 mm rear tire with a chain or 180 mm with a belt, left side drive, conical steering head with internal fork stops, , CNC machined transmission plate welded to the frame (no guessing), stainless steel rear axle, wiring loom in the backbone and post to run your electricity internally. The best of everything. Call 561-392-5557 or info@cyrilhuze.com.  


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