Hydrogen Fuel Powered Motorcycles?

What a Scooter is doing in this Blog? Read on. I stumbled on this info from Yamaha about a new 125 cc fuel cell powered scooter shown for the 1st time this week at the Fuel Cell Battery, Hybrid, and Electric Symposium & Exposition in Yokohama Japan.  The Scooter has a secondary Lithium Ion battery that charges from the main Hydrogen fuel cell.  If Yamaha puts this scooter into production, it would be the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle on the planet. Currently, Fuel Cell technology is not efficient enough for full-size motorcycles or automobiles.  But by proving the technology can work at a smaller scale, that could change.  But not before many, many years.  Relief: EPA will have to wait before imposing this to us. Yamaha Fuel Cell Scooter.

Cyril Huze