Graphic Artist For Your Paint Job

As most of you already know, before devoting my life (meaning long days and most nights) to custom motorcycles, I was in advertising. I had a lot of graphic artists working under my supervision and loved this aspect of my job . So, when I can spot one with talent, I have this urge to promote him to the world. His name is Bernard Oliver and worked for a list of blue chips clients like Disney, Town & Country, Maui & Sons, Brewer, etc. :I love his illustrations, and if you are like me, you sketch and scale all artwork on paper before you rush to your favorite painter. But if you don’t know how to sketch, illustrate, draw, this guy can help you conceive your next paint job. Now your painter execute it exactly the way you want it. Maybe you need a logo, too. Bernard Oliver loves to conceive them. You can contact him at  949-637-1885 or
Cyril Huze