Flexible Spoon

For years, Russ Austin, owner of Precious Metal Customs has been rigid about only building hardtail frames. But for those wishing to spend a lot of time in the solo seat, Russ has decided to offer the Softail version of his already successful Spoon Rigid style frames. Logically, it called it the Spoon Flex. The Spoon Rigid accepts up to a 300 series tire with a 530 Chain and the Spoon Flex is offered up to the massive 360 series Vee Rubber tire. Both frames are constructed of DOM mild steel tubing. These frames are designed right hand drive transmission (Dyna tranny mounting optional). Offered in a variety of frame dimensions, Single or dual, straight or curved and just about any neck angle can be done. As a Pro, what I appreciate is the quality of the welds: a lot of time & money saved at molding time. Russ also offers full rolling chassis. Precious Metal Customs. .

Cyril Huze