Steve McQueen’s Crocker Motorcycle Sold For $276,500

Cars, trucks, motorcycles and memorabilia from McQueen’s widow Barbara and other collectors were put up for sale last Saturday at the Petersen Automotive Museum. A 1937 Crocker brought in $276,500, the biggest price of the day and a world record for a Crocker motorcycle. A 1934 Indian Sport Scout went for $177,500, and a 1920 Indian Power Plus Daytona brought in $150,000. Steve McQueen was into motorcycles and race cars long before it became hip in Hollywood to do so. He also raced professionally. At one point he considered doing car racing full time,. His passion for racing and fast machines was more than a publicity move, as it seems to have become for today’s actors. His most famous movie moments include a mad motorcycle dash in "The Great Escape," (but it was not him jumping the fences with his motorcycle) and a car chase through the streets of San Francisco in film "Bullitt."

Cyril Huze