Chick, Chick, Chick.

These sinners of O School Choppers in Vegas know how to build a chopper. They even found out a new way to do it. They hired 3 chicks to do it. How I didn’t think about this? They gave them freedom to create what they wanted, a bike lift, tools and parts. They let them argue during 2 months (do they argue more that a boys team?), and at the end a cool chopper was born. During 2 months they watched the bike in progress and the girls at work through the eye of a camera (because it’s more exciting and I agree). Enough to produce 11 episodes of a TV show running on internet TV. The 1st one was just released and, as a teaser, you can see Maegen, Rio & Kim conceiving their chopper project by going To Chopper Chicks TV.  

Cyril Huze