High Tech Hog Piggy Bank. Not From Harley.

Nothing against the Hog Piggy Bank from Harley, but I prefer this one to teach a child, or myself, how to save money. First, The Pig Electronic Bank looks great all in chrome. It doesn’t wear the Milwaukee logo but it features an LCD screen to teach the value of money. Deposit coins (pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters) and listen to the Pig E Bank tell you the total (in many funny voices). The Pig E Bank s very hungry, always want to swallow more, but don’t be surprised when you empty it (coin release is on the back side) if you are still short of $50.00 for what you saved for. I have one in my office and I don’t know why, everybody passing by feel obliged to drop a few quarters in it. Order one for you and all the kids you know. Pig E Bank


Cyril Huze