So-Cal. So-Cool.

Why would I talk about Hot Rod clothing in a Blog devoted to all things custom motorcycles? For several good reasons. First you could have seen me and many of my fellow builders wearing their threads (sometimes we can get tired of ours).  Second, Hot Rod guys, like us, are beating steel and burning rubber (sometimes in the same shop and on the same strips). Third, this clothing comes from one of the world’s leading Hot Rod shops and we like to pay respect to the best of the custom scene. Fourth, So-Cal clothing is both traditional in style and authentic to the core. If you cannot visit the headquarters in Pomona, California, you can still order online their very cool shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, caps & beanies. If you want to know, my preference goes to the Jimmy Shine line. At the same time, don’t forget to pick up for your garage a So-Cal Cam Vintage Tin Sign and for your long winter nights front of the fire place, order the great Speed Shop Book compiled from founder Alex Xydias own archives. So-Cal Speed Shop.   



Cyril Huze