Egg Poaching Toaster For Bikers

In the category it has nothing to do with custom motorcycles, but maybe it has to do with bikers who need some help in the morning to cook a perfect breakfast, the Egg Poaching toaster may be the perfect gift for you or for him. This countertop device makes a complete breakfast sandwich in just four minutes by preparing all the ingredients at once, 60% faster than cooking everything separately. It’s a combo 2 slices of bread toaster (you can use a bagel, an English muffin or croissant) simultaneously poaching or steam-scrambling an egg. An egg-toast setting automatically schedules the eggs and toast to be ready at the same time, Now, think of the extra advantages not listed in the manual. First, it will impress her when she will wake up for the first time in your bachelor pad. Second, think about how much money you are going to save by carrying it to your next bike rally and not calling room service. It’s gift-giving time and it costs only $50, less than a nice derby cover. From Hammacher Shlemmer.

Cyril Huze