Tough Ride For Cuban Bikers

There are about 100 Harley-Davidson motorcycles still running on the communist island of Cuba. Mainly Knuckelheads & Panheads, the most recent being a 1962 Duo Glide. Since the 1962 embargo (el bloqueo) on Cuba it is impossible for Cubans to import American products. Without American spare part, but with sweat, improvisation and imagination, they give us lessons of creativity. Especially to those in the US always complaining because they would like a custom part to fit right away and all the times on their custom applications. Aside from politics, since more than 50 years Cubans struggle to keep alive the spirit of Harley-Davidson, and I think it’s beautiful and inspiring. CNN just did a report and I recommend that you watch their video shot in Havana. Cubans Ride On.   

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  1. 1 John2fast Jan 18th, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    The video is very interesting.

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