Good Bye Cincinnati. See You Next Year.

9.00 AM. Last breakfast in Cincinnati till’ next year. The 7th edition of the V-Twin Expo is going to open one more time at 10 AM and will close at 1 PM. Omygosh! Outside, perfect blue sky but with a temperature of 0 Fahrenheit! To setup and participate to a trade show is very hard work In addition to the traveling (most exhibitors drive & trail their pride), 500 exhibitors, or about 4000 people are going to be moving out together in sub freezing temperature. Tearing down expensive custom made displays full of chrome gear, moving precious custom motorcycles and loading trailers is a risky business. I have damaged quite a few parts and bike paint jobs at the game of who is going to be 1st on the road back home (very few exhibitors spend 1 more night in Cincinnati). 2006 was a transitional year for the V-Twin industry. The 2007 edition of the show demonstrates that our industry is still very strong, full of creative people with very innovative ideas that bikers are going to adopt, for sure, to make their bikes more reliable and looking better. The human factor (the friendship between manufacturers, dealers, bikers) has always been an important component of our industry. And I must say that I never felt so much friendship coming from the medias, manufacturers and dealers than during this show. Probably because last year was a challenging one and that we needed, more than ever, to show our support to each other. I had a very good time (except when walking the bitterly cold streets), met almost everybody (is it possible?) and come back home feeling professionally energized. And it is what a trade show is all about. 

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  1. 1 Pop Feb 6th, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    The photo here is the Crazy Horse mill. John White is the financial powerhouse and passionate Indian believer who has pulled together a fine braintrust of Vtwin engineers and builders to offer this engine and a complete bike. A prototype trike is in the works. Much of this effort is one mans refusal to let the “Gilroy” Indian fall to the wayside after the factory closing. White is a character study in dogged determination to keep alive something when conventional wisdom says that it’s over.
    According to John and others, the top dogs from the new Indian were present at the Expo but not displaying. Despite their low profile at the Expo, Indian has updated their website and is now taking deposits on the 2008 model Chiefs with the PowerPlus engine, which should be basically the same platform as the Crazy Horse. This will be interesting.
    I will let John know that he got mention on your blog Cyril. Expect a call. He’s nothing if not gregarious.

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