Help Betsy Climb Mt Everest With Discovery Channel Team.

Genevieve Schmitt, Editor of Women Riders Now, asked if I could help fellow biker & columnist Betsy Huelskamp to fulfill her dream to summit Mount Everest the highest mountain on earth (29028 feet) located on the border on Nepal & Tibet. Betsy has been accepted as the newest member of Discovery Channel’s 2007 spring Everest Expedition team led by world-renowned expedition leader Russell Brice. Last year’s expedition was turned into an enormously popular six part series entitled, "Everest: Beyond the Limit." Betsy has been riding a motorcycle for more than 20 years and is a fixture on the Harley-Davidson scene in and around the Los Angeles area. In 1997, Betsy climbed Thorong Peak and Chulu Far East, two 20,000-foot mountains in the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas. One of her dreams has been to summit Mount Everest. Now, she’ll have her chance. To make her dream a reality, Betsy must first meet another challenge, raising $42,000 plus another $20,000 in expenses. That’s the price tag for one man or woman to reach the top of the tallest mountain on earth. Betsy has set up a Web site at Betsy Helskamp to help her raise the funds needed to be part of Discovery Channel’s Everest expedition team. "I’m reaching out to everyone I know, people they know, to help me raise this money. It’s not cheap to summit Everest, but I have no doubt I’ll raise the funds. I’m already training physically, because deep down, I believe that this will happen," shares Betsy. So, everybody gives a contribution today. You will be so proud (me too) when you watch on TV Betsy salute you from top of Mt Everest. For more information contact Genevieve Schmitt, editor of Women Riders Now at 406.333.4491, or email

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  1. 1 Brenda Hughes Feb 16th, 2007 at 9:57 am

    Everybody should postpone buying this chrome part and give to Betsy.

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