Skintite Pro-Builders Fenders

How did you do these fenders? With some imagination and working from blanks to be able to cut our own wild ideas into metal. A company called B’COOL  Products manufactures cut or uncut fenders for all popular large tire applications up to and including the 330 mm Avon as well the new 280/40-20 and also front fenders available for all 21" and 23" diameter front wheels. All B’COOL Products fenders are built to exacting specifications and are designed to fit the tire manufacturer’s cross-sectional tread profile (different from one brand to the other). Custom CNC Plasma cutting is also available saving valuable time and money to shop owners and do-it-yourselfer’s alike. B’COOL Products..

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  1. 1 Gerald Hanson Feb 24th, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Eaxtly the address i was looking for! Thanks.

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