The Hardest Working Man In Daytona.

His name is Matthew Willoughby. He is one of the best artist painters in the country. And yes, his work is featured on some of my customs (picture from my bike Silverado). Although Matt doesn’t really need to be in Daytona to find new clients, during the 10 days of Bike Week, 10 hours a day, he is working hard at improving the looks of your ride. Working under a tent with the public watching each pinstripe you draw is no easy exercise. Only masters can do this. And I understand the crowd standing by for the free show. I met with Matt this morning at breakfast. He told me that he can still take a few jobs to be done before Sunday. If you are in Daytona, stop by his booth at Destination Daytona (Exit 273 on I95) to setup an appointment. If you need a full paint job at his studio after Bike Week, it’s also a great opportunity to meet with him and discuss your ideas. Matt Willoughby. Tel: 330-542-1320 or email:         

Cyril Huze