New Daytona Police Strategy. GPS Bait Bikes

We all know that theft rings are working hard during an event like Bike Week. First stealing bikes, then disassembling them as fast as possible to resell the parts on the black market. But the Daytona Beach Police Department is getting very high tech. For the 1st time during Bike Week GPS devices were attached to high end bait motorcycles. The system is internet based and by going online police officers are able to track the precise location of the stolen bikes. GPS devices have been installed on Harleys, custom choppers and Japanese sport bikes. During Bike Week 46 bikes disappeared in Volusia County instead of 70 last year. 16 of them were recovered during the week. But no word from the DBPD if some of these stolen bikes  were recovered because of GPS tracking.. 

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  1. 1 sandie Mar 15th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    That will be interesting to hear. The DBPD can trump their own ace every year. They were also pulling bikers over and measuring ape handlebars. Bad enough, the police already check our pipes for loudness. I am glad they are working on a way to deter crooks from stealing bikes. Every year someone has a bike stole. Shame when you go to a event like that and feel you must keep your eye constantly on your bike and stay in a motel where you can bring it inside at night. Criminals are always one step ahead of honest people and most always ahead of the police.

  2. 2 Stefan Mar 15th, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    Y’know , we’ve been attending rallies for a lot of years, and as they go , Daytona cops are ok. We have gotten (deserved) speeding tix. But, all in all they tolerate a lot.

    Now , take Laconia ( please take the Laconia cops ) .

    We were there several years ago and saw this: Lots of bikes coming both ways on a huge hill leading to the center of vendor row. People darting out trying to miss the bikes and get across the street. Cops standing around talking, not assisting. Same cops hassling us about “blue lights under the bike”. Same cops being interviewed by the news , puffing up like they were the mayor of the rally. We asked same cops why they were not assisting people get across the street. Answer, ” we don’t get paid overtime for that” .

    Just assholes. So much for Laconia cops.

  3. 3 bear Mar 15th, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    I would just have to say that until you walk a mile in the cops shoes maybe you just OBEY the law and enjoy the rallies

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