Swedish Custom Handlebar Controls System Kit






From Sweden, the country of the very long winters and chopper bikes I bring you this new amazing  and gorgeous stainless steel handlebar/control system kit conceived by Martin xxxxx (you would never be able to pronounce correctly his last name) from a small company called ICM. Yes, there is in the US a company called CCCS offering very nice concealed handlebar/control systems. I like them a lot and used them on several of my bikes. But this Swedish setup is not only beautiful in its own right (the design works well for both radical & retro bikes), but is offering a few more options regarding functions and the way they work. On the right side, of course it’s an internal throttle system with master cylinder inside the stainless steel bars. On the left side you choose between an internal cable clutch or internal hydraulic master cylinder that you both activate with the left lever. Your left turn signal (if you have one), activates when twisting the left grip backward. The right turn signal activates when twisting the left forward. High & low beams are controlled by pulling the left grip. You can have optional micro switches (maximum of 2 on each side) for start/shut/horn. And of course the bars are delivered with everything already assembled including wiring, cables and stainless steel clutch/brake lines. The bars are made one at a time, in 2 widths 33” or 40” with a rise of 3 ½” or 8”.  Ok, it’s not cheap because Sweden is not in China, because the US dollar is very low again the Sweden Kronor and because UPS International is not a free service. But we all know that what we want the best of the best on our customs we don’t hesitate one second. If you want a set, my company can help you and handle all the red tape for you. Email info@cyrilhuze.com.              


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  1. 1 Tore Nystad Feb 24th, 2009 at 4:07 am

    Can you tell me where I can by or order this handelbar from Sweden.

    Best regards Tore Nystad

  2. 2 sw Jun 6th, 2010 at 12:08 pm
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