Rock N’ Roll Toilet Lids

In your bathroom, like in mine, I am pretty sure your toilet lid is always up and I know it drives your wife/girlfriend crazy. Art on your lid will make you keep it down and will stop her whining. Since I am certain you have not much money left (after ordering a bunch a parts from me) to invest in a custom decorative toilet seat, here is the solution. Toilet Tattoos (but they are not doing tattoos –why?-) come in different styles, are hygienic (I hope you are not using the old fashioned germ harboring rug), removable (no adhesive, they cling) and reusable. Each design is available in both the elongated (12" x 15") and round shape (12" x 13.5") and designed to fit most standard toilet lids. At $9.95 I am getting a couple and may extend the theme on the bathroom walls. I think they rock. Toilet Tattoos.

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  1. 1 CJ "Warden" Hanlon May 10th, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Cyril, here is a urinal that even talks to you…now that’s a scary thought isn’t it?
    Love this piece…

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Cyril Huze