For You Ladies. Eco Friendly Chopper Couture

This post was transmitted to me for publication and was written by Erin Kobayashi, Fashion & Beauty Writer.

"Eco-fashion can be edgy. Although we associate earth-friendly fashion with yoga-inspired cuts and graphics that reflect nature, Chopper Couture is the sustainable alternative. Made from organic cotton, lyocell and bamboo fabrics, the line’s tops and leggings come in refreshing blacks and gun metal greys. Couture Designer Irene Zingenberg who lived in California brings L.A. inspiration to her Toronto studio. She uses phthalate-free ink for screen printing and her prints are inspired by and named after rock and roll goddesses Stevie, Aril and Bjork to name a few. And instead of promoting blatant environmental messages, the shirts simply state "love", perhaps the greatest environmental message" Chopper Couture runs from $100 to $150. Online at Chopper Couture.

Cyril Huze