American Iron Magazine Goes Cyber

From what I hear from them it seems that all motorcycle magazines here and abroad want to increase their online presence. And it’s a logical marketing approach in a fast pace world where we need up to the minute news and where medias and readers want more interaction for the benefit of both. I strongly believe in citizen journalism, reason of this Custom Motorcycles Blog (in case you wonder the term Blog is actually a blending of the words web and log. Over time the two words combined to become weblog and eventually simply Blog). Each print magazine will pursue a different approach (I hope). One of the print magazines trying to make it in the cyber world (I will report about the others, too) is the Harley oriented magazine American Iron (AIM for short). It offers a message board to post messages, ask questions and get answers on a variety of topics, defined by the online readers. You can even upload pictures of your ride and download PDF files of past technical articles published in the print version. American Iron Magazine Online.            

Cyril Huze