Cyril Huze Blog On Your Apple iPhone.

Even if you are not an Apple fan boy (Personally I work on both Mac & PC), you already know that at 6 PM tomorrow  June 29 there will be much chaos front of all AT&T and Apple stores to get the new Apple wonder called iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is the most anticipated phone since Alexander Graham Bell’s. It’s not difficult to guess that the iPhone is poised to become the poster child for the new breed of touch screen phone technology. So, grab a video cam, campout front of the store, try not to punch the guys & gals around you, and get 2, one for you & one for me. I will pay you in tee-shirts ($600 worth of it)…Good deal!!!. Then send me a picture of yourself browsing my Blog on your new toy. I will publish. I really want to see how it looks and works (my older son should grab one…for professional reasons, of course). But, please, don’t get injured in the melee. Apple iPhone

Cyril Huze