Hoover Garage Utility Vacuum. It Really Sux.

When building a bike or just tinkering with it, you are always making a mess of your garage. And it’s a pain to wheel the house upright vacuum out to the garage. You need a wall-mounted bagless vacuum made just for workshops. It packs a powerful 12-amp motor, 5-gallon tank and a 30-foot hose. The Hoover vacuum provides enough suction and small attachments to get under shelving, lift, workbenches and standing cabinets. The hose and attachments are easily stored near the vacuum. By the way, you won’t have an excuse for not cleaning the car and it may save your marriage. It costs $150 and only 15 minutes to install on your garage wall. A great vac for the money. Hoover GUV Garage Utility Vacuum

Cyril Huze