Kustomwerks Wants To Dress Up Your Bike








Kustomwerks is a national distributor of after-market motorcycle parts and among other goodies they carry a full line of “Wild Cards” fenders and gas tanks.  Theirheavy-duty front fenders are made from 0.080" (14 gauge) steel and are formed in one piece for added strength. The company states that they won’t crack or split like 2-piece welded fenders. They come with a phosphate etched finish to prevent corrosion, and provide a good surface for primers to adhere. They are supplied non-drilled so that you can position it to look right for your bike. To complete installation, they also offer these very cool and unusual "Royal Crown" spacers. They don’t sell direct retail but you can call on my behalf 800/498-4711 for a Kustomwerks motorcycle dealer referral in your area.

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  1. 1 Greg Dec 29th, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    Hi I am looking for a strutless fender to fit a 07 fatboy with a 250 tire and a strutless fender to fit a 07 fatboy with a 200 tire

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