Baldwin-Wilson Sets The Record Straight About The 360-Brake.

“Dear Cyril.

Thank you providing a great website and forum for motorcycle enthusiasts. I appreciate that you have made this available. I have attached a response for posting on the blog, on behalf of Baldwin -Wilson Development Corporation. Hopefully this will answer many questions and provide the proper information in response to Chet Burozski’s Blog Posting.

My name is Dale Needleman and I am the “new” President of Baldwin Wilson Development Corporation, home of the “360 Brake”. In the past few days an entry to your blog was made by Mr. Chet Burozski. While it is true that Chet was the Senior Salesperson at BWDC, he no longer works for the company and has not for many months. Thankfully, Chet took our call this week, and we were able to address his concerns, answer some questions and provide him with information that he previously did not have. I am writing this blog entry to help answer some of the questions and concerns posted by your readers, and provide additional information as well. The facts – free from salesmanship are this:

The “360 Brake” was designed in late 2005, and became an “instant’ success.  BWDC began taking orders and selling brakes incredibly fast during late 2006 and early 2007. The reality, however, was that the company infrastructure could not keep pace with sales and production.  The prior management was never able to structure a sustainable production and marketing method, and the foundation for future success was not included in the commercialization model of the company. While the “360 Brake” was great, there were long lead times, significant back orders, and “custom” demands from customers which took internal focus off the core product. In short the company began a difficult slide out of control.

In late July of 2007 the shareholders voted in a new Board of Directors, in hopes of redirecting the efforts of the company, and saving the product from falling victim to the apparent insolvency of BWDC.  In quick fashion, the Board found that orders for non-standard brakes were being taken, custom installations that had not been well thought out were occurring, some customer complaints that had not been investigated were filed without follow-up, and there were over 120 brakes on back order. The new management team moved to put an end to the above actions.  Members of the previous management were released and all brake sales stopped as of 7-29-07. Our focus was simply to investigate the overall condition of the brake, the existing market strategies that were in place, and the opportunities that were available to properly serve our customers and to save the company.

In September 2007, the new management sent a letter to all distributors, customers and dealers, explaining that the brake was sometimes being misused or improperly installed, especially in certain unique custom applications. Some of the blog entries on this website suggest that our letter was nothing more than a “CYA” or that we don’t care about our customers.  To the contrary, we sent our letter PRECISELY BECAUSE WE DO CARE.  We truly care about our customers, value safety over sales, and wanted to be absolutely sure that the improper use or misuse of our products did not result in harm or injury to any rider.  We are huge motorcycle fans and riders and we are part of the biking community.  You are our biking “family,” and we want everyone to be safe.  Although the “360 Brake” is an innovative and amazing product, it has limits, as does any mechanical device or braking system.  There were rumors that the “360 Brake” could stop almost any bike traveling at any speed.  We felt a responsibility to make sure that no one would rely on those rumors and misuse our product.

There is some confusion about our previous letter, and we thank Chet for explaining why it was misunderstood by some.  We do not blame any motorcycle magazine or publisher for printing representations made by third parties about the previous Baldwin-Wilson “360 Brake”.  Publishers cannot control the rumor mill any better than Baldwin-Wilson could. I apologize to anyone that has taken offense to our letter.  Our intent was not to place blame but simply counter the rumors and prevent the misuse of our product for safety reasons. The truth is that how well a brake will perform, depends on how well it will convert kinetic energy to thermal energy, i.e. weight, speed, conditions of the brake, the riders braking tendencies, riding style, etc. We became concerned that many installations were not well thought out, and were overtaxing the brake.  Different applications require different brakes, despite what the rumor mill promised about the Baldwin-Wilson brake.  Our letter to the biking community was an attempt to explain this so that our products were not misused.

The letter we sent was an attempt to educate and answer questions.   I have spoken personally to many happy customers with many different set ups. Our “700 pound.- 70 mph” numbers have built in safety factors, and were chosen carefully. We will not advertise the brake for speeds that encourage anyone to break the speed limits and we cannot know for sure if someone is a casual rider or a mountain road street racer. Since July 2007 the current management has worked hard to improve the brake for different applications.  We now have a “chopper” bike brake and are working on a larger brake for heavier bikes.  We have spent a lot of time and money over the past few weeks on this research and development.

So here we are.  After extensive R&D work with a new group of design engineers, we are planning to introduce the new “360 Brake” very soon. The new “chopper” brake is also being built to raise the weight and speed limit while fitting into the same mounting parameters as the previous brake. It is our goal to return to the market as soon as possible with improved safety margin, fill the back orders, create an exchange and/or upgrade program, and service the motorcycle industry with an outstanding product.  Our business and customer-oriented approach herald a new day for the “360 Brake”.  We appreciate all the support we’ve received from publishers, customers, distributors, etc., and we pledge excellence in all our future dealings in the motorcycle community.  We are not simply “under new management” – we are a completely “new” company that has taken a great product and made it better as well as safer for all riders.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone, past and future customers, for the opportunity to answer some of your questions, address some of your concerns, and clear up some of the confusion.  I stand proud of the “360 Brake” and look forward to an exciting future for the company and all customers who support and love our product”. Best Regards. Dale E. Needleman. President BWDC

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  1. 1 Tom WyCoff Nov 7th, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    Ok so let me get this straight. This guy works for you and sold more brakes then you can produce. I get that, but what about the tests? You have not addressed them. Will the breaks pass the test now? Did the breaks ever pass the test? Were they ever tested? Are they D.O.T approved? Or will they be?

  2. 2 Tina Paradise Nov 7th, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    Good question. I was looking over the website and all of the, what looks like, people just trying to cover their butts.
    Simply answer the question. I have received in the mail some letters from 360 brakes that follow along the covering your butt theory and would like to know if my family and friends are going to have to get all their bikes redone or die or be injured in the meantime.
    Please someone just answer
    1. Will the breaks pass the test now????
    2. Did the breakes ever pass the test???
    3. Were they ever tested???
    4. Are they D.O.T. approved???
    5. Or will they be????
    I am a concerned customer who met Chet at Sturgis and bought some brakes, helping him sell the crap out of your product only to be told that he cannot answer any more of my questions, yet do not know what to do at this point.
    I called Chet and he told me I have agreed to direcect all questions asked of me concerning the 360 brakes to Baldwin Wilson. Please feel free to contact them with any questions and gave me the number telling me could not comment further. Nice.
    Someone can comment now, please.

  3. 3 J Nov 8th, 2007 at 3:38 am

    Hmm- Well, it’s clear that your lawyers scared the bejeezas out of Mr. Burozski, that’s for certain! His initial blog raised some concerns that his retraction (or the lawyer who wrote it for him) did not cover, nor does your above note.

    The DOT has basic standards for braking capacity, typically in the magnitude of 3-5 times the forces said vehicle can generate;

    Clearly, your product falls well below this threshold.

    Do you really have an R&D department? What is this “built-in safety factor”, exactly? Despite your claim that the above note is “free from salesmanship”, I see very few facts here, and a lot of fluff.

    Look- when I first saw your product, like everyone else, I was drooling at the prospect of using it on my next project. But the FACT here is that you do not have a product- you have an idea. Perhaps, with proper R&D, you may develop your idea into a product… Or maybe you’ll determine that it’s not a viable idea and it goes the way of cold fusion- that’s how it works.

    Regardless, bullying by your lawyers amd pleas by you that we’re “family” hold very little water with me when it comes time to choose a safe brake for my bike.

    I can assure you that, regardless of any substandard caveats you may place on your product- such as the 700lb/70mph thing- they are unlikely to hold up for you in court; People expect their brakes to stop their bike- period.

    Do you have in-house council? Because if this caveat advice comes from an external legal source, it appears to me that said source is simply creating future billable hours at your expense- they WANT people to line up and sue you.

    I love the concept of your idea, and truly hope that you develop it into a viable product; But as it stands, you have a new board, new management, new engineers, and a “new” new brake, along with some fast-acting lawyers- just not a combo that makes me comfy.

    Naturally, all the above is simply my opinion…….

  4. 4 scott Nov 8th, 2007 at 10:08 am

    I don’t want to upset anyone here. I am a little confused by some of the responses. I also will be the first to admit I know very little about this product. First off the DOT has criteria to meet before placing their approval on a product. Simpley put, no DOT approval means it is illegel to run on the road. I do not get why anyone would use a safety related product that is not DOT approved.

    I also do not understand why a company would open themselves up to that liability. Secondly, if a manufacturer knowing makes an unsafe product and knowingly makes false statements about testing, They not only open themselves up to civil actions the individuals invloved in the fraudalent data also are liable to face criminal charges and face real prison time. Falsifying safety related documentation is gross neglegence and has been sucessfuly prosecuted in the past.

    Even if Mr. Neddleman’s post is an attempt to CYA, He knows if any falsifacations have been done the attempt to CYA will prove to be futile. Ultimatley we are responsible for our own safety. We as consumers/resalers, must do our own research on new products and choose the ones that will not put us into unfortunate situations.

  5. 5 Jim Nov 8th, 2007 at 11:10 am

    I am sure Mr Needleman is watching Cyril’s blog and read the comments. So, we need him to answer our questions. About the brakes sold until end of June. Are they safe? When was the brake tested? By who? What are the results? DOT approved? If not, is it safe to continue to ride with this brake? Do you intend a recall?

  6. 6 Attila Nov 8th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    Having a little ‘inside’ information helps too see through the fluff. To me the bottom line reads:

    Great concept executed poorly through a distinct lack of R&D, coupled with initial engineers that had never done anything of importance within the field which led to numerous outright brake failures. The dollar signs were too close to swallow to take the proper steps and the product was rushed to market – hence the claimed ‘instant success’.

    Has the ship been righted? Yes. Well on its way at any rate. Baldwin-Wilson will now have a verrrrrry difficult time finding success unless pairing with another big brake name to aleviate the sour taste and wash away negativity.

  7. 7 Just me Nov 8th, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    I have been reading with interest the comments made on this blog concerning the 360 brake. Mr Burozski, with all due respect, appears to me to be a disgruntled employee, suffering from selective amnesia, who is mad because he is no longer employed by the company.
    The following is my opinion:
    I believe I am correct in saying that there are many after-market products including brakes that are not DOT approved because they do not come from an OEM manufacturer. The reality is that in a DOT test the motorcycle is approved by DOT not the aftermarket part. In short – after market parts do not require DOT approval. Does that mean that diligence should be sacrificed when introducing a new product to the market? Absolutely not. What it means is that the designer has a duty to produce – in good conscience – a safe and reliable product. Has the brake been tested? Of course it has. It has been road tested repeatedly under many conditions and actually Mr. Burozski, until the last few months, was one of the main “road testers” of the brake. He had it installed on both of his motorcycles and sold them with the brake as a major sales feature. He was even featured in an article in the “Hendrick’s County Business Journal” entitled “The Diary of a Test Rider”. The reporter interviewed him on his experience with the 360 brake and quoted him personally. He had nothing but exceptional things to say – without lawyers “putting words in his mouth”. Has the 360 brake passed every test? No – not yet. That is the goal of the new management –to put a safe, effective, high-end, aesthetically pleasing brake on the market for the both hi-end builders and the general public to enjoy.

    This has not been a walk in the park for anyone.
    What I am saying is – take a deep breathe, consult with the engineers at the new company who are giving a 200% effort and before making hasty, wild accusations – call the company and get the facts – don’t just accept as gospel what is written on a blog by an ex-employee with an agenda – be it good or not. Give these guys a chance to correct whatever issues there were in the past and let them stand or fall on their own merit. Bottom line – the 360 brake is an innovative product. Let the dust settle and see who comes out a winner – I am betting on the new management who will only settle for a win-win situation for everyone and not someone like Mr Burozski who clearly is a master of manipulation and in my mind gives the word vengeance a new meaning. The company intends to honor all previous brakes that have issues once they new company is established and on sold ground,, No one will be left behind. Just give them a brake!

  8. 8 Eric Nov 8th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Mr “Just Me”.

    DOT: You are wrong. Any individual part can be submitted for DOT approval. Most after-market part manufacturers don’t submit their parts for DOT approval (time & money). Reason why their terms & conditions state that their parts are only for off-road use. Only mass producer of motorcycles are obliged to use DOT approved parts.

    I think that most bikers equipped with a 360 brake ask a legitimate question. DOT or not, are they safe on the road? Was this brake tested and declared safe or unsafe? Mr.Burozwski stated that the brake was tested and failed a lab test. DOT or not is not the point. Is it safe? It doesn’t matter if Mr.Burowsky is a disgruntled employee. Again, is it safe? Who has liability? Former or current company? Or both? Just hope that nobody gets hurt.

  9. 9 Elliot Nov 8th, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I think it does sound like Mr. Burowski is disgruntled, but, either way, what do the owners of the brake say? While at Biketoberfest I talked to a couple brothers who had the 360 brake on their bike. One of these guys was running dual 360’s. I asked him what he thought, he had positive comments about it. I asked him where he was from and he was from New Jersey. The brother made the ride all the way down, not towing the thing. So that’s a few hundred miles he trusted his like to the brake.

    I’ve seen the brake on some Granger ads, so I’m sure they are ok with it. Whats the huff? Bottom line is I’d like to hear more from the people that own it rather than all the hidden agendas. What do the brake owners think?

  10. 10 Just me Nov 8th, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    Ok – One more time – Hear are some facts as I see them:
    Fact One: Mr Burozski tested the brake himslf many times, instlled two sets of brakse on both his personal bikes and then sold them with no disclaimer on the brake – actually the brakes were a selling feature.

    Fact Two: Mr Burozski did not write articles becasue management gave him a marketing assisgnmnet to get articles out there. Mr Burozski – my opinion – wrote articles on the brake as a way of getting himself on the media bangdwagon and in an attempt to become part of the focus of the limelight that the 360 brake attracts.

    I am not against anyone doing anything to promote their own agenda and to toot their own horn – if it is done with integrity and not with the hidden purpose of bringing someone down because like a little kid – you didn’t get your candy. I am sorry that Mr B lost his job but so did almost eeryone in the company to save money while it restructures. Salesman were let go because the production on the brake was stopped and currentl brakes are not being sold. The company is continuing with R&D and with testing of their product – and all reslults will be published as soon as they have them – pro and con. Please take a breathe you all – it’s almost impossible to get to the “bottom” of anything – so instead let’s start where we are – with a great brake, a new company who is trying its best to do R&D and stand responsible, and our very very valued customers as well as the public in general that recognizes the potential and hopefully will give these guys a chance to get back with you and any of your individual concerns.

    These blog entries while fascinating serve no real purpose if the facts that are given out are skewed comments, full of half truths and inuendoes. Call the company – get the information from the source – it IS that important and then – give them a brake – for the sake of all involved – The new team would have walked away a long time ago if they didn’t believe in the brake – so for those who have it – ride respnsibly, call the company with issues and again – recognize – anything new takes time so give them a brake.

  11. 11 Just Him. Nov 8th, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    To “Just Me” a.k.a. John in Indiana. Why don’t you disclose to the readers your relation to Baldwin Wilson? Your posts have no credibility.

  12. 12 Blackfoot Nov 8th, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    Why don’t you just answer the questions where all can see? Why make everyone call the company????

    Fishy to me.

  13. 13 Patrick Schred Nov 9th, 2007 at 7:22 am

    Blackfoot is right. Why the new president Dale Needleman doesn’t answer all concerns by replying here. One more time. When was the brake tested? By who? Results? Is it safe to ride/brake with what was sold? Will the company replace all the brakes sold and installed ?

  14. 14 OK Nov 9th, 2007 at 11:17 am

    Here’s the bottom line as I see it – and I am not an engineer or a serious biker for that matter – just an interested observer – If you are now riding on a 360 brake and it is performing well just as most of them are then walk on the side of caution as you would with any brake and use it responsibly and check it often – If you fee – for whatever reason – that your brake is unsafe then call the company – each issue is an independant issue and should not be dealt with in general terms on any blog. As for the testing – the brake is new guys and girls – it hasn’t been around that long – it has been street tested and passed – it did fail a Greening test but there were some questions on the set up of the test because this is such a different design – it is scheduled to go back to Greening again – but give these guys some space – they are workng as hard as they can under difficult circumstances to right some perceived and actual wrongs and they at least deserve the patience of the public. In the meantime – when test results are available they will be published, when the “new” brake design is finalized it will be tested and the results published, the DOT approval rating is for motorcycles not aftermarket products but the intention is to get it on a bike for DOT approval on that bike only – Bottom Line guys – Know your brake – ride resposibly – call the company with any indiviual questions – a one size fits all response to satisfy a general blog question I think is demeaning – that questioner deservers more than a general blog answer – and wait for the new brake. It will be here soon and the new team that is designing it at least has some backbone and integrity and will get all information out to you when it is avaiable but they will not make it up as they go along just to please a few people who want to fan the fire.
    Take a breathe – seriously call the compnay with individual questions and issues – wait for their next roll out – these guys are geared up to do it right. Just give them a chance

  15. 15 Conflicted & Curious Nov 9th, 2007 at 11:34 am

    Below is the article that was written about Mr. Burozski. It sounds from the article like he loved the brake and claims it saved his life. Now he says he doesn’t like it. When was he telling the truth? If he has them on his own bikes I would suggest that he likes them and thinks they are perfectly safe. Why then would he bash them? Is it because he is a disgruntled ex-employee as “Just me” says. He also says he posted his blog because he didn’t want the corporate guys lining their pockets. Wouldn’t he, the salesperson for the company, have been lining his pockets selling brakes he thought were unsafe? I don’t know. I think everything he has written is suspect though. I would like to hear from other people who also have it on their bikes and who sell it. Have they had any problems?

    Diary of a test driver
    Chet Burozski is a living testament to the increased braking power of the 360 Brake. The Lizton resident was on his way home one afternoon three years ago when a car pulled out in front of him. This was on a bike that wasn’t equipped with the 360 Brake.

    He has a myriad of scars to prove how bad the accident was. His knees were wrecked, all the ligaments in one knee were snapped which had to be replaced with a cadaver’s, he fractured his wrist in two places, his hand in two places, and cracked six ribs. He suffered multiple cuts on his body, both shoulders and collarbones separated; elbows cracked, he fractured his sinuses, and had a blood clot on the brain. “When I went to stop, I used a conventional brake and went into a tank slap, an uncontrollable wobble, and got thrown off the bike,” Burozski said.
    He spent several months recovering from his injuries. He says the wreck would’ve never happened if he had been riding on 360 Brakes.

    Almost the same scenario earlier this year in Myrtle Beach, S.C., another car pulled out in front of him. This time, however, he was riding the 360 Brake. “By the time I saw him, I thought I was done,” Burozski said. “I hit the brakes, cringed and thought I was done and stopped two feet before I hit the car.” Keep in mind that Burozski who calls himself the “One-eyed Polack,” sells the 360 Brake, but it is hard not to believe him. He said it was that incident which led Baldwin and Wilson to believe that the 360 Brake actually creates a down force on the motorcycle keeping more rubber in contact with the pavement. This reduces shaking and increases stability and braking performance.

    The first cycle rider to test out the 360 Brake, Burozski originally from New Jersey, lived for several years in North Salem. Burozski, now a Pittsboro resident, has been riding motorcycles since he was 8-years-old. He sports an arm full of tattoos that each have special meaning and a glass eye; a wound he suffered as a teenager, on a motorcycle. “I was born legally blind in my right eye, and I went through four laser beam surgeries from the time I was 11 till I was 17,” Burozski recounted. “They finally corrected the vision to 20/20 and then two weeks later I was riding a dirt bike and a guy threw a stick at me. It hit me in the eye and knocked it out.” His penchant for danger is a result of his philosophy. “If it’s my time; it’s my time, no matter what I’m doing,” Burozski said. “With my luck, I’ll end up falling asleep and choking on a feather out of my pillow.”

    He hopes to finish an autobiography in the near future.
    – Gus Pearcy

  16. 16 Just Him Nov 9th, 2007 at 11:58 am

    The problem I have is that “Just Me” & “OK” are the same person called John Gilligan linked to Baldwin Wilson (bookkeeping and now spokesperson?). I would prefer the support coming from independent bikers equipped with the brake! The issue is not to refuse to give another chance to the new 360 brake supposed to be released. The issue is to know if bikers are safe or not. To state “keep it if you feel safe” is ridiculous. When you feel it’s unsafe, it’s already too late. Don’t you understand that it is the interest of the corporation to recall instead of facing multiple legal actions. Regarding Chet Burowsky it’s not important if he knew or not the potential problems at the time of his interview. If he knew,it’s morally bad. But it’s possible he didn’t know and found out later. Why Baldwin Wilson would work on another brake version if there is no mechanical and or safety issues with the actual brake? Dale Needleman acknowledges this point even if he is not directly responsible.

  17. 17 Greg Nov 9th, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    I am not a client of Baldwin Wilson but since the company acknowledges a possible problem, they better off fix it fast. By nature, motorcycles are dangerous. We need to trust our brakes. It’s not about “give another chance to the compant”! Evidently the person calling himself ok has some interest in supporting the manufacturer.

  18. 18 Custom Nov 10th, 2007 at 9:47 am

    “Bottom Line guys – Know your brake – ride resposibly”…That is the most ridiculous approach to a potentially deadly problem I have ever heard…How can you possibly know your brake when the facts are buried deep within a corporate adjenda…What would you say if General Motors had the EXACT same issue on a new braking system and they told you to “know you brake”? Give us, the consumer, a break and recall every last unit sold so there is no question that people are not riding with a faulty brake system. Until you do, your credibility has a responsible manufacturer of a critical safety product is zero.

  19. 19 Donnie Nov 10th, 2007 at 10:11 am

    I agree with the comment above. If there is an issue (why Baldwin Wilson would state that they are changing its conception if there is no problem) we must know the details. The company should be better off making an official statement with facts. There is a lab. test. So, we want the test results The letter of Dale Needleman sounds to me like damage control PR. It’s not enough. A faulty brake due to overheating is a very serious matter.

  20. 20 Scott McLeod Nov 10th, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Dear 360 folks…

    I have read all the posts and tried to answer questions about your product to my customers with what minimal knowledge I received from Chet about six-nine months ago.
    I have been asked by my customers to adapt my custom wheels to your 360 brake for over a year now. I asked Chet to send me a prototype for form, fit, and function. That never happened. Now I understand why. I believe that you have a very good product. With a bit more testing and field experience, it will be a success. I have gone through similar experiences with my products, and others, over the past 35 years. Before getting back into motorcycles parts 10 years ago, I was the Manager of Producibility and Corrective Action on Missile and Target programs at Northrop Corp. In addition to the work at Northrop, I was hired as a consultant by a consortium of aerospace companies (Rockwell, Boeing, Raytheon, TRW, Rocketdyne, etc.) in the 1990’s to author the Manufacturing Management Program Plan and develop the Producibility Risk Assessment Program Plan for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), better known as the Star Wars Ground Based Interceptor. Neat stuff…I like making motorcycle parts better. All that WMD stuff gets old after a while. I can attest to the need for good design and testing. Good Luck…Keep at it. You will succeed. Scott McLeod, InvaderWheels, LLC. 614-519-1687

  21. 21 d Nov 10th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    a few real facts for everyone to read about hands on experience.

    i received one of the first ever brakes released to the public, it went on the front of a very, very expensive show bike that had a great deal of publicity when it was released, brake fitted correctly and worked as a brake should, but minimal miles were put on this bike so i was still sceptical…

    next brake i recieved was fitted on my personal bike, everything work as it should, braking power was good, around 500 in the first week no complaints…

    third and fouth brakes fitted went on the front of a bagger, these brakes were a bitch to bleed (read: around 40 hours of fitting and re fitting, testing removing adjusting pads, trying new pads, trying additional products from BDW to increase pressure, new master cylinder from HD, various lines swaps, standard, braided, Russell nylon black line) eventually the brakes worked as a brake is supposed to. Now understand here unknowingly were were doing BWD’s R & D, i found out quote BWD: tests were completed on a motorcycle for only 1000 (one thousand) miles but the bike was ridden like it was 10,000 miles (ten thousand) read into that whatever you want, Dale was the person who told me this!!!!!! happy ending on the third and fourth brakes, i spoke with the customer yesterday and he now has over ten thousand miles on them and his only complaint is they squeal like a freight trains brakes, this we cannot seem to make go away.

    next batch of brakes…major overheating problems, brake fluid boiling to the point of locking up the wheels in less than 1/3 of a mile. these were rear mounted brakes.

    i spoke to a close friend who is in the braking industry for motorcycles, his view on this is very simple, the brake needs to have enough ventilation to work correctly, a fault in the design he saw was simply the air can enter but cannot exit at the same rate due to the design, a scope addition to the side to create more air maybe a solution but the brake needs one off individual testing for this to be found correct and to be done in a blind test by a independent testing facilty. so brakes on the rear of a bike could always have the possiblity of a problem

    i have simply written this for information purposes to let people know i have a customer with 10,000 on these brakes on the front of a bike, i feel others need to know, he had over 8000 miles before i recieved the letter from BWD about the limitation of the brake and weight of the bike/ rider

  22. 22 Joey Nov 10th, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    360 brake: a great idea but a product still in development. Should not have been sold before improvement and tests.

  23. 23 AZ Builder Nov 11th, 2007 at 10:26 am

    Well someone definately got to Chet. I just called him and after knowing him for quite sometime got the same responce as a previous writer. He is reffering all statements and questions to BWDC. The funny thing is this man was hired to do a job for BWDC. He was the front man for the company, putting his name, face and reputation on the line. He didn’t have to say a thing and could have kept his mouth closed but he didn’t. The company first blamed the media and impropper installation. Now the company wants to blame him for a faulty brake. After knowing him for quite some time I know he wouldn’t have put his name on something he didn’t believe in, I also know he wouldn’t stand for the public the be misinformed or possibly hurt or killed. The question still hasn’t been answered though. DID THE BRAKE PASS THE TEST OR NOT??? I realize they are designing a new brake, according to the statements made by the company, but will the old one or did the old one pass. I would really like to hope that the testing that was done wasn’t just the sales guy riding the bike. I would hope that the company had the responsibility to have it tested and if they did, did it pass or not? Exactly what tests have been done on it and what are the results. Seems like a simple question to me. So drop your smoke and mirrors and quit trying to throw everyone else under the bus, just answer the question.

  24. 24 Morpheus Nov 12th, 2007 at 12:38 am

    I agree with AZ Builder. I know Chet personally. I’ve done business with him and BWDC on the custom side and have sat and broke bread with the guy on a persoanl note. I’ve can honestly say he’s one of the few honest, straight-up people I have ever met. What he’s done for BWDC, they should be thanking him. They wouldn’t have sold one damn unit if it wasn’t for Chet. Yet, some call Chet a “disgruntled employee”. You’d be disgruntled too if you got screwed by someone after you give them the shirt off your back. Yet, the IMPORTANT questions go unanswered. Did the 360 brake pass or fail DOT testing and what were the results??? My fellow riders lives are at stake. At the end of the day, I just hope for the saftey of all our fellow riders.

  25. 25 elliott Nov 12th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    AZ Builder, Not sure where you get that 360 is blaming Chett. I didn’t read that anywhere.

    SO you know Chett? How did you buy the brake from him? If so is he giving you your money back?

    Geez people take this outside. I want to here from the people who bought the brake, not Chetts Bread buddy. I’m not into the soap opera, I want to hear about the brake, and no I am not installing it myself. Which leads to another question.

    Anyone from around Stafford County VA? Would like to know if someone had it installed by a dealer around here. I live off of Garrisonville Road in Parkridge.

    Thanks for an honest opinion!

  26. 26 elliott Nov 12th, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    Just had another look at the 360 Website.

    Here’s a post I read

    Farley Veer ~ Seitzco Motorsports

    ~ “…thanks for the awesome service and help on the install of these wicked brakes. When I set out to rebuild my bike I wanted a clean look. The 360 brakes fit the bill, show my wheels and work exceptionally well. I have even caught guys laying on the ground under my bike trying to figure out this brake system. I will definitely put them on my next bike. When you install these brakes you need to be prepared to have some extra time to explain; Where’s your brakes?, How do they work?, and Where can I get a set? Thanks again to Chet and the gang.”

    Thanks to Chet. You mean the guy that lied and didn’t tell you about how bad these brakes were? Wonder how he can take credit for some things and then come out and bash the company.

    Sorry, guess I am turning into a soap box

  27. 27 Morpheus Nov 12th, 2007 at 7:51 pm


    First off… out and take a step back re-read what was written.
    I don’t own a 360 brake. I used to work at a custom bike shop that did 360 brake installs. Don’t go blurtin’ out comments until you have all the facts.

    Secondly…..I’m not here to bash 360 brake. It’s not a bad design. I just want to know about the test results because I don’t want to see anybody get hurt or killed. I’m sure nobody wants that. I’ve done the install and test rode the brake so I know what it’s capable of.

    Third…..I came in here primarily to defend Chet’s character which is being downgraded by many people who don’t know the whole story. People love to assume things while they don’t know jack-squat. Anyone who knows Chet personally, knows he’s a stand-up guy.

    -END RANT !!!

  28. 28 Gary Nov 12th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    Seems that the only person who tried to put down Chet is somebody working now for Baldwin Wilson (see former comments). Reading his letter to Cyril, I understand that when Chet was selling the 360 brake, no real test was ever done. Then, when the lab. test was done and the brake failed to pass, he left the company.

  29. 29 360brake owner Nov 14th, 2007 at 12:08 pm

    I am not in the motorcycle business nor am I a builder, I do not know any of the people who currently or previously worked at BWDC. I have 360 brakes on the front and rear of my 07 custom built chopper.(300 rear tire) I rode this bike 1647 miles from my home to Sturgis this year. I have a little over 2700 total miles on the bike and I have NOT had any problems with stopping at any speed. I have had two sticky situations where emergency braking was needed.The only complaint I have is the brake pads and\or rotors seem to have rust build up (similiar to a car) which causes squeeling at times.The only reason I am interested in this blog is my concern for replacement pads or parts if the company goes under and I stumbled across this site doing a google search and I have spoke to BWDC about my concern and they have assured me that replacment parts will be available.

  30. 30 Custom Nov 14th, 2007 at 11:06 pm

    This was posted on the Chopper Forum website by Rae360 as a member of Baldwin management. This was in reply to the many questions about the 360 brake that were posted on the forum..

    Company information


    I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that BWDC has moved to a new office. We currently do not have internet, or phone service. We are unable to check email, update our website or answer any phone calls. As far as I know we will have the same phone number in the future. Please be patient, all of your questions and concerns will be addressed very soon. Please be aware that I will not be answering any questions on this forum, I just wanted to give you an update. Thank you!

  31. 31 Tree Dec 17th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Typical,Just oh so typical!Some guys get a new original idea!Braking away from the norm and makes a product that shows the world exactly how crappy the prior products that were thought to be so shit hot,and every one jumps into two main camps:the first camp wants and expects the company to fail so we can keep the status quo,and we can all laugh and point while saying “I Told You So”!
    The other side will Lawyer-up and try to get rich by sueing the company for trumped up safety issues and phoney accident claims(the pot of GOLD)
    Is it too much to ask to let Baldwin-Wilson continue so they can continue to improve this brake system,so we can all benifit from this type of brake! (interesting sidebar:I predict the auto industry and anywhere brakes are required will turn to this system)ANYWAY GIVE ‘EM A LITTLE SPACE,IT DON’T COST YOU NOTHING!Lets see what they can do with it!I think we will be better off if we get our big nose out other peoples business and mind our own,for a change!Thats it,nuff said!

  32. 32 Nicker Dec 17th, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    “…think we will be better off if we get our big nose out other peoples business …”


    However, that should also include not yammering for DOT testing.

    We who build stuff have to understand the technology and engineering we chose to apply.

    “…continue to improve this brake system,so we can all benefit from this type of brake…”

    Benefit from this type of brake…?
    Maybe after the laws of Physics have changes.
    But till then…? Not on any of my scooters, thank you.


  33. 33 ANT Jan 12th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    The overheating/venting problem can be addressed by taking a page from Tesla’s disc turbine…boundry layer airflow dynamics in particular.

    The squeal may be reduced or eliminated by chamfering the edges of the friction material and coating with a brush on anti-squeal product made for the automotive repair industry (the name of which escapes me at the moment). This stuff is pretty wild…you paint it on the friction face of the brake shoe or pad, yes, I said on the friction side. You MUST apply it CORRECTLY otherwise you’ll end up with a gooey mess on the rotors, and YOU may end up a gooey mess on the pavement.

  34. 34 one of the four horsemen Mar 3rd, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Well let me tell you what I know. I have known and ridden with Chet for the last four years. Sadly thou, he passed away in Daytona this past Friday. Not on a bike so relax. For years I saw him sell the most brakes for BWDC. Hell I even had a set for my road king. What happened with BWDC is that they sold way to may brakes way to fast. Then upper management decided to take the “order money” and spend it, thats why they couldnt produce anything, they spent the money! The brakes that were sold did have mechanical problems. Chet came to me and said Dude they found a problem with the brakes and the brakes are catchin on fire, or failing. I took mine off the next weekend. He did say he told BWDC that he would no longer sell unsafe brakes. They basically told him he had a “gag” order. Two weeks later they stopped paying him due to “payroll” problems. So he was forced to quit. NOT FIRED! He then Hooked up with Wham Bam soaps or something lie that. The brakes never were DOT approved. We all just rode like we came out of hell with 360’s on there because AT FIRST THEY DID WORK. Then customers and, high end ones too, started to complain about the failure.


  35. 35 Jesse Sep 15th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    I just want to Say that I Do own a set of 360 brakes on my 08 chopper, Ok I have Dual 360’s on a 23” wheel on High dollar Springer, and the rear a 330 tire with the 360 brake, so far I have over 2,000 mi. on them, And I just THANK GOD that nothing has happened to me, cause these brakes Are not worth the money I payed for them, they Don’t work for Shit, I have to Down shift,and Brake HARD ! and they Squeal like a freight Train, I need to have the Shop that built this bike for me take them off, and put something that Works, I love to Ride , But I love my Life too, I still try to get the bike shop to keep working on these brakes, But he want’s nothing to do with them, I say put your money on some something that you know that work’s.

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