Kaoko Throttle Control

For you, long distance riders, a new throttle control a little bit different from the ones you may know. This one is supposed to be extremely simple to install, 15 minutes on stock grips (different models for Harley-Davidson & Metrics) and a little bit longer when using after-market grips. You know the objective: reduce your fatigue and strain on hand and wrist.  While cruising, the rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set. The friction nut has a left-hand thread. It must be adjusted so that it makes light contact with the rubber throttle sleeve. To Engage: While rolling on the throttle, the friction nut can be gripped between the small finger and palm of hand. This action tightens the nut and provides sufficient friction to set throttle to the desired opening. The friction is such that the rider may still open and close the throttle. It simply has a slight stiffness to it. To Disengage: While rolling off the throttle, grip friction nut between small finger and palm of hand. The throttle should open and snap closed freely when correctly disengaged. Note: The Grub Screw is set to provide the necessary resistance on thread of friction nut. This may be adjusted periodically to take up wear. Several designs in chrome & black. Kaoko Cruise control.

2 Responses to “Kaoko Throttle Control”

  1. 1 rodent Nov 18th, 2007 at 9:50 am

    What’s the matter with the FREE throttle screw from HD?

  2. 2 chesshirecat Nov 19th, 2007 at 4:37 am

    “what’s the matter with the FREE throttle screw from HD?”… On my bike it is UNDER the throttle. I have also had the “TECHS” in an HD shop over tighten it… thinking they were “loosening it”… damaging the friction plate…causing the throttle to be ruined. Seems they didn’t like where I had it set at…and tried to loosen it…in reality tightening it…then giving the bike to me damaged…and refusing to take responcibilty for the damage. Want to get pissed off? Had that happen twice at the same dealer. Never had the problem when I went to an INDIE!

    Don’t like how large that unit is though…looks funky.

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