Cincinnati V-Twin Expo Best Tattoo And Haircut.

On Saturday evening, after the show closed for the day, Easyriders Magazine gave away his 2008 V-Twin Expo Awards.  Me, I have to give 2 non-official awards. One to Randy Connell from "Four Rivers Harley-Davidson", Kentucky who found me in the crowd to show me his new tattoo, my company logo. Thank you so much Randy. Very touching. Also, during the show, I had a very young waitress caring about my food needs and preparing my burgers the way I like them (well done, swiss cheese, mustard, no tomato, no ketchup, no pickles). I was amazed by her "custom haircut" and the work involved (around 14 hours).  Don’t worry, I will give you very soon the complete list of the Easyriders winners in each category. It’s 11 PM Sunday evening. The Super Bowl is over. The NY Giants won. Time to party again…


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