What Happen In Cincinnati Stays In Cincinnati

If you are an individual who heard about our V-Twin Dealers Expo who cannot visit it, or a professional of the motorcycle industry from the US or abroad who never attended it, you really wonder how this show can be. During the day, just like all trade shows of any industry: showing, demonstrating and explaining your new ware and, of course, meeting with the medias (very important). But the motorcycle industry is not like any other industries in the sense that we entered it by passion and for the pure love we have for motorcycles. Not with financial gain being our primary motivation. And it shows, especially after hours when we all meet for parties (at least 3 every evening organized by manufacturers and magazines), improvise dinners with tables for 15 or more, (driving crazy the managers of the best restaurants of Cincinnati). And when the booths are closed, it’s all about friendship, camaraderie and an almost all night contest for the best jokes of the year. Yes, we care about each other (health, family & kids). We never forget to congratulate who deserve it for his last year successes (a part, a bike…or a blog). Yes, the show is about business, but it could not exist without the bond we have with each other. Just simple people very passionate about what they do. Talented craftsmen pushing the limits of design and technology. So, how can I illustrate such a post? Maybe with this "family" picture taken last night. From left to right. Hilarious Tammy (Easyriders Advertising) who is trying to make it in the frame, Ted Sands (Marketing Director of Performance Machine), an another funny Easyriders staff girl (after 3 glasses of wine, I forget names), a custom builder and internet publisher called Cyril Huze, a fellow technician from Charlotte Harley-Davidson, Arlen Ness and many more around the table. What was unveiled during the show is in this Blog. What happened after hours will stay in Cincinnati.

5 Responses to “What Happen In Cincinnati Stays In Cincinnati”

  1. 1 Ryan Feb 4th, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Wow, I would have liked to been there and picked your guys brains. Two just be in the same room with two of the best bike builders in the world would be amazing. Can’t wait to break bread with you in a couple of weeks Cyril. I look forward to discussing the motorcycle industry with you. See you in Indy.

  2. 2 Donnie Feb 4th, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    After hours, seems like a lot of fun.

  3. 3 A 1 CYCLES Feb 5th, 2008 at 9:43 am

    after hours parties???? wow i guess i missed that i was in bed by 9 p.m.maybe next year

  4. 4 Cj Hanlon Feb 5th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    A-1 mike, your nose is growing with that last statement!…:).
    Cyril, you hit on a very good observation that some just don’t get about this crazy industry. Having spent time each night with a different set of friends, and making new ones (those crazy hawaiians!), i look forward to each opportunity to get with and spend time with my padre’s in the business.
    There is a small contingent of people even IN the industry that just don’t get the fact that “it’s family”… regardless of how successful or rich or big you are, how much publicity you get or who you hang with….”family” stays’ together.

  5. 5 Kiwi Mike Tomas Feb 11th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Well said CJ. That sums it all up

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