Scorpio One-Piece Bar/Control System

 Another very nice after-market product that I admired at the V-twin Expo. Made of billet aluminum, those high quality bars have integrated master cylinders, reservoirs, switches, throttle cable, wires and lines.  Everything runs through the supplied stainless steel polished riser bolts. 11/16 bore clutch that works with any style transmission hydraulic cove.  9/16 bore brake master or 11/16 if you use dual calipers. Access to reservoir is made easy by removing the bolted through top covers.  Pistons are equipped with stock Harley Davidson new style seals. Fitting inside bars are standard 10 mm banjo bolt set-up. Scorpio bars come in different styles and customer will need to provide the total bike rake and stretch to adjust the bars set-up. Classic Steel, the company behind this new product will accept to build one-off systems for custom builders with unique style projects. The kit includes: four stainless steel push buttons, grips, roller bearing internal throttle unit, polished stainless riser bolts, cup washers, bushings, all line cables and polished fittings. Optional throttle lock and built-in LED. Very sleek. Contact Jessie on my behalf at:450.699.8050 or Classic Steel.

2 Responses to “Scorpio One-Piece Bar/Control System”

  1. 1 James Feb 10th, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Looks very clean. Prices???

  2. 2 Jes Feb 11th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    3000$ controls or 4000$ the complete Scorpio Bars set-up. Little less if ordered raw or polished. Yep! Some dollars but realy a bolt-on show quality product.
    Jesy Reno
    Classic Steel owner

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