To Post Or Not To Post. That Is The Question.

I receive a lot of press releases from many motorcycle companies. From time to time the stories received require a lot of time spent in facts checking. It is a story that doesn’t exactly say what it is saying? Or only say part of what a company wants me and my readers to believe? Does it seem to be saying something it is not? No doubt, some press releases landing in my e-mailbox are very well written and edited. But I swear that you can read them 3 or 4 times and still not entirely be sure what is really going on inside these companies. Especially when the press release is about the health of a company, like a reorganization, a merger, a bankruptcy filing or anything having to do with corporate image versus medias, vendors and customers. So, I rarely publish these stories the way they are sent to me and sometimes prefer not to publish them at all. I don’t want to add CliffsNotes to my posts. Too boring. So please, give me the facts and only the facts. It’s only what my readers want. Thanks.

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  1. 1 PC May 5th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Well said. I read a lot of press releases in the magazines and wonder if they really think the general consumer is buying into all their hype. Let the facts of the product bring the customer to your door and let your customer service make the sale.

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