Motorcycle Advertising Job Opportunities

Terry O’Brien sent me the following email: “We’re growing over here at TAM Communications and I’m looking to find and hire 2 more solid individuals for the advertising sales department to make sure we’re in contact with, and doing all we can to help, each and every business that makes up our great industry. I’m looking for independent sales reps, so it’s not important where they live, but I am looking for riders, folks that know the motorcycle industry, and above all, folks that will live up to the high standards of our magazines and the high standards of our advertisers. Our titles: American Iron Magazine, American Iron Retailer, Road Bike Magazine, If someone you know is interested in representing the strongest motorcycle publications available today, please pass along my contact info. Thanks and see you all again soon” Terry O’Brien, Vice President of Sales – TAM Communications. Tel. 203-425-8777 x 112 or Fax 203-325-2254 fax

Cyril Huze