The 360 Brake Company Answers All Your Questions

“Dear Cyril, My name is Mike Wilson, and I am the managing partner of the 360 Brake Company.  I wanted to take the opportunity to clear up some confusion regarding our company, answer questions we have received, and give you some updates on where the 360 Brake company stands.

What happened to the Baldwin Wilson Development Company (BWDC)? 
As you know the 360 Brake came to the market with much fanfare in March of 2006.  Through mismanagement and poor business practices the company and its shareholders found themselves in debt and near bankruptcy.  In July of 2007 the shareholders took control of the company away from its President, Tim Wilson (no relation to me).  They hired an independent consultant, Dale Needleman, to run the companies affairs and try to initiate a turn around.  We came up with the only solution available that we believed could help.  We would purchase the patent pending rights to the brakes design, and in turn pay BWDC a royalty out of brake sales.  Through this royalty the shareholders, customers and creditors of BWDC would have the ability to be paid off over time based on the success of our new company. 

Are the 360 Brake Company and BWDC the same company? 
No.  Many people in the industry are confused about the relationship between 360 Brake Company and BWDC.  We are not the same company.  Our company, Providence Ventures, LLC was formed in October 2007 after purchasing the rights to the brake and did a name change to adopt the name 360 Brake Company, LLC.  It is not much different then the story with Indian Motorcycle.  Different people choosing to keep the same product name for marketing reasons. As part of the formation of our company we made the decision to retain Dale Needleman, as our interim President during the transition because of his in-depth knowledge of the company, the brake, its history, issues, etc.  We also retained BWDC’s former Receptionist/Office Manager, Rae Soots because of her relationship with the previous customers, dealers and distributors.  Nobody from senior management was hired including Fred Baldwin or Tim Wilson, the inventors of the original product.  As well, none of the previous sales people were brought on.  There were too many claims being made by too many people and we wanted little if anything to do with the previous company or their staff.  This caused obvious frustration and anger by some of them who chose to vent in various ways. 

Where is BWDC now? 
The board of directors of BWDC is made up of investors who made the decision to invest some money in a really cool, revolutionary product.  They are in the process of hiring a trustee to pay bills, deal with correspondence and handle customer and creditor claims. 

Does the Original version of the 360 Brake work? 
Yes.  We have received many testimonials from riders and dealers who have been using the original version of the brake and love it.
A handful of these riders have 15,000 to 20,000 miles on their brakes.  We also have dealers who chosen to keep the original version on their personal bikes because they haven’t had any issues with it. We do not discount the fact that many people have had issues with the BWDC version of the brake.  Some people purchased brakes and never installed them, and others removed brakes that had no issues when they received the disclaimer letter from BWDC’s attorney.

In our opinion, BWDC never did enough testing to learn the brakes full potential or braking capacity.  The letter sent out recommended not to exceed a gross vehicle weight of 700 lbs while the tests that they did perform were done closer to 800 lbs with some unknown safety margin.  If customers were sold that the brake could do more than it does, they should file a claim with BWDC’s trustee and get their money back. 

What is the upgrade program with the new company?
As a new company, we made  several business decisions. First there were several customers and dealers who had paid for brakes but never received them.  We set aside a portion of money out of the profits from new brake sales to fill these back orders. Nearly all of these customers have been taken care of and received their new brakes.  Next we created a program whereby customers could upgrade their old brake, whether it was installed or not, to the new re-engineered version for $395 in polished (Retail $995) and $495 in chrome (Retail $1,095). This program has met with mixed reviews.  Some people have been extremely appreciative that we as a new company would help them, while at the other extreme we have been told if they don’t get free brakes they will never do business with us.  While we have no obligation to sell brakes at cost, we chose to do so to help build good will and try to preserve as many of the dealer relationships as we could.  What we have found out is that so many people felt lied to or misled by BWDC that we may not be able to salvage those relationships.  If giving away free brakes is the only thing they want, then unfortunately we probably won’t be able to keep their business.  The BWDC brake was sold with a six month warranty and the company hasn’t sold brakes now for over a year.
Will BWDC do a recall on the original version of the brake? To our knowledge, no.  BWDC has no plans on recalling its brake.  We have not heard of anyone being injured using it, and in fact many people are still using it today with much success.  From what we have seen if the brake is free from defect (chrome flaking, no chrome around piston area, rotor spins freely prior to install, etc) and is installed properly according to their recommendations the brake seems to works fine.  It is not a high performance brake but it will stop the bike.  For people who have problems or defects with their brake, they should contact the BWDC trustee to file a claim.     

Is the 360 Brake DOT approved?
No.  DOT as many people know is not for products but for vehicles with certain equipment.  We put our brake through the rigorous FMV SS 122 DOT simulation test to determine if it would pass DOT so we can pass that information on to the companies looking to use the brake in an OEM setting.  Our brake met and exceeded the stopping distances set forth in the DOT in some cases by over 100%.  We are in the process of instrumenting the brake on a bike to send it out to an independent testing facility that does DOT approvals to obtain more testing data for people requesting it. 

Why is installation so difficult?
The majority of the issues that surround this brake are that it is difficult to install.  It is not a bolt on application…yet.  It does not work exactly how people might expect which causes it to be prone to mis-installation.  People need to be able to make precision measurements, machine crush tube spacers, and machine correct size hub spacers to use this brake.  We are in the process of putting together some video showing typical problems people encounter to help the installation go smoother.  We are also seeking a manufacturing partner who can help us create a spacer kit needed to allow people to bolt these brakes on out of the box.  In addition we would like a wire wheel manufacturer to work with so we can offer our brakes to customers wanting the wire look. 

What is new with the 360 Brake Company? 
We are currently wrapping up the prototyping and testing of our 6” Big Brake.  Although it is only 1” larger than the current 5” version it appears to have about 30% more stopping capacity.   This new product will be for the larger bikes/payloads and/or people who want more brake feel than the 5” brake provides. Also, we are hoping it is a suitable replacement as a single brake for applications currently using duals.  Our current brake is rated for 1,000 lbs at 80 mph, (plus a significant safety margin). 
We believe the 360 Brake is the most unique and coolest looking product on the market that cleans up the look of your custom bike and wheels. That being said, it is not for everyone.  If you are looking for a high performance / competition brake system, this product is not for you.  The 360 brake provides an aesthetic advantage while achieving DOT required stopping distances. The best combination of Form and Function. This product will continue to get better and better as we progress as a company.  At the end of the day, we feel it is the coolest looking brake on the market that absolutely will stop your bike.  We appreciate the opportunity to answer these questions and look forward to the future of the company and this revolutionary braking product” Mike Wilson 360 Brake.

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  1. 1 Gerald May 22nd, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Thank you for telling us all this.

  2. 2 Greg May 23rd, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    It’s always better when a company talks directly to its clients and say the truth. But we waited for answers during at least one year! Thanks, anyway.

  3. 3 Doug McGoon May 23rd, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    I sell / use the new version of this brake on a regular basis. I find that the statements above are entirely true. If you want an awesome looking brake that lets you show off an expensive wheel, this is it! If you want to hit the track or canyon at 100 mph, stick with the 2pc. 13″ floating rotor set-up you probably already have. I have ridden a Street Glide with both single and dual application, while the dual brake has almost overkill stopping power, the single works just fine at any speed, and looks incredible doing it!

  4. 4 Rob May 27th, 2008 at 11:17 am

    I disagree with some of the above and offer that some statements here are utter crap. I purchased 2 sets of 360 brakes through my Drag Rep. and was told without question they would work on my application. They did not! And not only that – all the chrome flaked off immediately and when we contacted the company thy stated they were “prototypes” and that they would not stop behind these pieces. This is the “New Company” we spoke to not “Oh those other guys”.

    That said – we bought them because we liked the look and loved the concept. It’s a shame.

  5. 5 Mike Wilson May 27th, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Rob. Thanks for your note. A couple points of clarification. The brakes you purchased through your Drag rep had to be the original BWDC brake, not the new version. Also Drag Specialities has never been a dealer or distributor of either the 360 Brake Company or BWDC so I am not sure exactly who you purchased your brake from or what promises they made to you. We have heard numerous reports of flaking chrome with the BWDC brakes. We have had zero reports of chrome issues with the new version of our brake. If you called us you would have been informed about the upgrade program that is in place since you have a BWDC brake. From the sounds of your note you should contact BWDC to submit a claim when the get their trustee in place. If you would like to talk further about this feel free to contact me directly at the company at 317-875-0360 or my direct email is

  6. 6 Tom Kapp May 28th, 2008 at 9:11 am

    I was a dealer for BWDC and now am a dealer for the 360 Brake Company. I also had many problems dealing with BWDC getting my parts and getting a replacement for a brake that I sent back due to bad chrome. When the BWDC was totaly ignoring me I decided to go to the company personally to find out what was going on. When I arrived at their door last August I was greeted by one of the original investors, Gary, who had just taken over the company for the investor group and had just finished getting rid of the BWDC management He was trying to figure out what was there to salvage. I was glad to see what was happening at the time, He showed me the operation that was then BWDC. He told me that they had decided that they would have to stop production and take steps to get new investors to save the product. I was assured that they were going to do all they could to save the product, but it would take some time before they would be selling brakes again. When I was there I also met Rae Soots, who I had been dealing with at BWDC, she is a pleasure to deal with and I am glad that they kept her on. While waiting for the new company to start providing brakes again I was running a set of the old brakes on a bagger with no problems. What Mike wrote about the new company in this blog is the truth, they have bent over backwards to help any of the BWDC dealers and customers with the problems they had with BWDC, You cannot please everyone but I think that the programs that they set up are fair for a company that did not take on any of the liability of BWDC. I have now aquired new brakes using the replacement program and installed them on the same bagger with great results, the performance of the new brakes is superior to the old ones. I am very pleased that they were able to save and improve the product so that people can install them on their bikes to provide the unobstucted veiw of the wheels on the bikes. I would like to thank Dale. Mike, Gary and Rae for sticking with it to provide the new product so it is still available to install on the coolest bikes to provide a clean looking front wheel. If you would like any more information please fell free to call me, Tom Kapp @ Art In Motion, LLC 407 383-3264

  7. 7 sul May 28th, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    “If customers were sold that the brake could do more than it does, they should file a claim with BWDC’s trustee and get their money back.”

    how do we get in touch with the trustee to file a claim?

  8. 8 Mike Wilson May 29th, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Based on my conversations with the Chairman of the BWDC board, he informs me that the Trustee for Baldwin Wilson is not currently set up. They are working on putting that in place over the next 60-90 days. They will be contacting people when it is setup but in the meantime you can email them at The board is made up of businessman who have full time jobs and never intended to deal with the clean up of BWDC. They will not be responding to these claim emails from my understanding, but rather sending them directly to the Trustee to work with when it is in place.

  9. 9 Travis French Apr 20th, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Great writing and suggestions. Thank you!

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