Platinum Bleed Feed Motorcycle Air Suspension

Platinum Air Suspension was started in 2003 to bring quality, value and innovative technology to custom motorcycle riders. The company developed a “Bleed Feed Technology” to improve the air suspension riding system. To ride the way you want, with or without a passenger and depending of your own comfort level, Platinum borrowed from the technology that was used in the trucking & aircraft industry & applied it to the motorcycle air suspension market. With their system you can pressure (lift) & back pressure (ride height adjustment/rebound control). So that you can have a lowered look & comfortable ride at any desired ride height. Platinum is dedicated to manufacture a reliable & quality product that has been tested for the past 5yrs in the motorcycle industry. The system is available in many different versions for HD, V-Twins, Metric and street Bikes applications. Platinum Air Suspension.

Cyril Huze