Smart Exhaust Flanges

The best ideas are found while you build a bike from the ground up. Joe Mc Glynn at Crime Scene Choppers was wondering how to make his new project exhaust system as clean as possible. Instead of a flat flange and a lump of weld, how about a smooth, flared transition from the engine to the pipe? Flared exhaust flanges do the trick and let you get a nice smooth radial transition from the port face into the tube. They are machined out of a solid block of steel, and have a really nice finish. If you’re into building your own stuff they can help you fab a spectacular set of pipes—especially when coupled with their exhaust tube step adapters CNC machined out of a 1” x 3” x 4” solid block of steel. You weld the tube to the flange from the back side and silver braze the outside to blend the two parts together. Sold each at Crime Scene Choppers.

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