Renegade Magazine Biketoberfest Party

“Cyril, Where are the parties?”. It’s the question I get all day long while I am in Daytona. And I am not even a party guy! But I know…So, here another one organized by local based Renegade Biker Magazine. It will happen Friday October 17 at 163 Carswell Avenue, Daytona Beach. You know the drill: ride your bike, enjoy the Tattoo Contest, the bands (The Kings Of Hell & Harsh), free beer & BBQ till’ it lasts and admire the customs of “Wide Open Cycles” one of the sponsors. Renegade Biker Magazine.

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  1. 1 Rodent Oct 17th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    Never heard of that magazine, must be another dumpster food edition

  2. 2 MJ Oct 17th, 2008 at 9:33 am

    You have to go see the Lucky Daredevil Thrill Show in the early evening every day at Broken Spoke up in Ormond on US 1 (by Iron Horse, etc.) Thrill Kill Jill and Tyre Fire! They are funny as hell and the show is great (and free) – swords, snakes, fire and more! The weather is wonderful this year and no rain in the forecast until Tuesday so Come On Down!

  3. 3 Karend Oct 17th, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Have a great time Cyril. Stay safe..

  4. 4 Nitrous Phil Oct 17th, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Renegade Biker? Rodent I give them three months.
    Hell, I’m gonna get a fancy printer and print my own mag and send blurbs out about it.

  5. 5 scharf Oct 19th, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Hey Rodent

    Don’t diss my mag! It is by far one of the best bike mags out there period! It’s no mullet wrapper! I’ve been publishing Renegade Biker for over four years now. The only reason you may not have seen it is because you must not be cool enough to know where to get it! I have been publishing two issues a year, a spring and a fall issue, mostly distributed at Daytona Bike week and Biketoberfest, Myrtle Beach bike rallies, Sturgis and other events. In 09 we are going to six issues, so look for it!

    Renegade Biker is the first of its kind, it is an “Art & Culture Biker Magazine” we focus on the art and culture of the biker scene, with first class photography, fictional stories, the hottest pin up girls, kick ass bikes and rat rods that you won’t see in any of the big corporate biker mags that your mommy buys for you!

    I’m a one man show, the real deal starving artists living the life chasing my dreams and riding my chop. I have sacrificed a lot and worked dam hard to bring a real quality biker magazine to the biker and custom culture community! There is nothing like it anywhere! So check it out before you cut me down! I don’t mean to use this opportunity to make a commercial for my mag, but you should check it out before you cut it down! Check out our website.

    Dream on Nitrous Phil, you couldn’t come close to producing a quality mag like mine!

    Publisher, Creator, Photographer,
    Graphic Designer etc., etc.
    Renegade Biker Magazine

  6. 6 a 1 cycles Oct 20th, 2008 at 8:51 am

    nice magazine, super guy, great friends, awesome party every year in conjuction with wide open cycles,hope he goes nationwide, quality of photos is outstanding.

  7. 7 steveb Oct 20th, 2008 at 10:49 am

    Scharf, right off the bat – I wish you luck chasing your dreams. Publishing is a bitch to make pay as you get started, but keep in mind: Subscriptions can put money in your pocket, Advertising revenue can put money in your pocket, Single issue sales (newsstand) can put money in your pocket and the licensing/syndication of content can also add to the coffers. If you can massage all of these revenue streams – you can make a go of it. You also need to have a strong digital component too , to compliment the print…and not some lame self-serve forums, as others have done.

    I’ve got 2 things that I’d like to present for your consideration:

    1) Biker lifestyle and Culture – just what the hell is this? There is no central NA biker culture – at least not since EZRiders of the 70’s – when they “defined” what being an American HD biker was. I have a feeling that no lifestyle book has succeeded in recent years because the demographic landscape is just so damn broad these days and there are just so many flavors to choose from – that there is no central unifying theme…or culture….we revel in our individuality, we don’t want to be clumped together. Pretty soon we will be breaking our “culture” down into the smallest marketable chunks…and will have publications for the : “Denim wearing, soy-latte drinking, BMW driving, no-facial hair” crowd. ..and make no mistake, the web allows folks to be that targeted and specific

    2) Focus: you’ve got girls, rat rods, fiction, first class photography, etc etc. Do you have these things because you want them or the readership you’ve identified wants them? Are you producing this book for yourself or a specific, clearly defined target group. If your doing it for yourself, rock out…if your doing it to satisfy a specific group…I’d challenge your “kitchen sink” strategy. Methinks you might want to consider focusing a bit.. Better to do one thing exceedingly well, than do lots halfass.

    My last bit of thinking is…dont compete with the mags already out there: Cycle Source, The Horse, Barnetts, IronWorks…fill a niche that they cant/wont / don’t – and own that bit of turf.

    And don’t piss off Rodent

  8. 8 Bobfather Oct 20th, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Looks like a cool mag to me. Even if it does look like they focus on the “other” coast. I gotta say I’d like to take Miss Renegade for a ride too. I think there’s room for lots of different types of mags for this lifestyle.

  9. 9 willie Mar 17th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Rodent for press. I think Carl invented magazines .i met carl in the 70s he was riding a BMW all over the country and has more miles on his feet and two wheels then most can only dream of. run into him in the keys one week then two weeks later hes in california thats Carl… maybe after OBAMA FINISHS FLUSHING THE CONSTITUTION DOWN THE DRAIN.RODENT COULD RUN FOR PRESS. .HES ALSO HAD MORE PRINT THAN ANY ONE I KNOW.I do wonder how old CARL IS LOL.

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