Street Walker Bagger Pipes

Looking for an aggressive, in your face styling exhaust for your bagger? Here a “Bag Pipes” 2 in 1 system by Street Walker with 1 7/8” headers funneling into a high performance merge. The 3-inch collector flows seamlessly into a muffler coming standard with a 2 1/4″ x 11 inch perforated baffle wrapped with a glass packing to help reduce excessive noise levels. Because of success using the ceramic finishes in other models exhaust systems Street Walker offers the one piece header collector in ceramic finish only but the customer can choose from jet black, titanium which goes beautifully with a natural motor, or polished silver as a replacement for chrome. The “Bag Pipes” have a three piece heat shield system that can be ordered in show chrome, satin finish, or gloss black. It can be ordered in with old school, hot rod cut holes or in a solid finish with no holes. Street Walker Exhaust Systems.

Cyril Huze