Daytona Bike Week Flash News 2

ultimateseatsIt can surprise you, but this year Daytona Bike Week features new just opened permanent shops all over the Volusia County. Among them, at Destination Daytona, Des Hockley a Canadian from Toronto opened “The Ultimate Seats Co” and there is also a new shop called “Dino’s Motorcycle Detailing”. In the area, a shop called  “Roar Motorcycles” that caters to women bikers. On US 1, a new building is in construction to house Custom Cruisers USA a company originally based in the UK. I hear that the Daytona Economic Development Board would like the area to become a hub for plants that mass produce motorcycles or related paraphernalia. Those types of operations are supposed to create more jobs and pay higher wages than custom shops.

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  1. 1 J Mar 3rd, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    Of course- because that GM/Ford/Chrysler/AMC thing worked out so well for Detroit…..

    Promoting big business at the expense of small business has historically been a mixed bag for communities. The early Walmart effect, for example, breathed life into a lot of small towns, and herded existing small competitors into lines of specialization that ultimately made them more productive;

    However, the hope that a large employer is going to come into the community and pay above-average wages is, at best, a delusion suffered by city planners, who get easily sold on the flash promoted by aggressive employers;

    Longer term, the influx of big business at the expense of small business results in what Walmart and communities suffer from now- workers earning lower wages, and limited in their ability to change jobs within the community.

    Let’s hope that Daytona city planners have the vision and wisdom to realize that there is no magic panacea out there, and Daytona was largely built and is still defined by its wealth of small business owners.

    Oh wait- Bruce Rossmeyer wants what? Oh gosh- better give it to him then, or else he’ll get mad………(!)

  2. 2 DONNIE Mar 4th, 2009 at 10:34 am

    ..Check out the ROAR people , This is a name that you will definitely be hearing more about .They have focused on the the female rider and the shop is one big pleasure to walk thru . Their Format is extensive ,From conversion bikes set up for various size riders , Designer clothing , WindBlown cosmetics , up-grades to your existing bike , safety riders training , in-house custom paint , custom seats,and the list goes on .With over 30 bikes in the showroom , from United Motors product line ranging from 50cc up to 650 cc, to full blown converted customs, there is a bike to fit most riders.
    They are also showcasing their Signature series Production bike the WILDKAT , the first production maufactured bike designed exclusivley just for the female rider. Check them out at,

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