LePera Seats New Catalog

lepera-catalog1Leather, vinyl, metal flake vinyl and many other exotic custom styles are since 1972 the specialy of LePera Seats. Hot off the press, Le Pera’s latest catalog is every bit as stylish and well thought out as the company’s legendary seats. The table top quality directory to premium custom seating opens with a tribute to industry icon, Bob Le Pera Sr. who left us last November. You can read an extremely interesting history that follows the amazingly successful, family owned and operated business, from its opening 37 years ago present. Thumbing through the beautiful and informative directory, you’re treated to page after colorful page of some of the finest in custom, contemporary and traditional seating. Fine leathers, hides, carbon fiber design, Gator, Serpernt Stingray, Ostrich and even Old School Metalflake adorn each page. Inlays bordered with intricate pinstrip stitching, nostalgic ribbed and Tribal embossed set the Le Pera line of in a league of their own. You can get your hands this catalog by calling on my behalf 818-767-5110 or visiting them on the Web at LePera Seats.

Cyril Huze