Hoka Hey Update August 17, 2010. Skepticism To The End. Is It The End?

On Wednesday August 11th, 2010 in a ceremony at the Sturgis Broken Spoke Campground front of a small group of Hoka Hey participants present in Sturgis and a few curious, organizers Jim & Beth Durham confirmed that Will Barclay is the winner and “the toughest motorcycle rider on the planet at the moment” and handed him out a cardboard check of $500,000. Jim Durham promised a second Hoka Hey next year, from San Diego to Nova Scotia, this time with a $1 million prize for the winner.

As a matter of fact in a press release dated July 29th, John White of Crazy Horse Motorcycles – who has previously stated  that he is the owner of the Hoka Hey 2011- had already sent a press release stating that “During a polygraph test where Mr. Barclay was subjected to a drug test for sedatives and then was questioned about the safe operation of his motorcycle, the prescribed route, navigation and drug use during the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.  After 3 hours of questions – he had passed” and that “The winner of the Hoka Hey Challenge William Barclay has declared that the prize money has been wired to his account.” Is it the end of the controversy surrounding the Hoka Hey cross country challenge, about its legality, its disorganization, its rules changed at the start and while the event was progressing, the way the winner was decided, the charities supposed to benefit from it, etc?

Some seem to think that having a winner stating that he received the grand prize may be enough to stop the controversy. Others continue to challenge the legality of the event in its principle (an illegal race on public roads?) and in its organization (was there an escrow account set aside containing $500,000 created before the Challenge was announced in 2009, as required by law, or did Jim Durham get some last minute help?), the way the winner was decided (no official photo finish? were the organizers in Homer at arrival of first finishers? no polygraph test was ever mentioned in the event’s rules, etc). They mention the lack of transparency and of supervision, the 2 deaths and several accidents, the refusal of Jim Durham to answer their legitimate questions and explain his contradictory statements that he denies while on a radio interview tape (I previously summarized some of the questions asked by observers in this POST).

Not surprisingly, at the ceremony, Jim Durham made another blank statement saying not to believe any internet BS and acted as there are no issues, legal or otherwise, if the grand prize is given away. Others tell me that the fact that Will Barclay declared that he received money is not convincing enough. The matter of whether any proceeds went to the charities mentioned at the start of the race is another concern. On Facebook John White declared that there is no money left to give to charities. At the ceremony at the Broken Spoke Jim Durham added “we did everything we said we would do.” Really?

As a matter of fact, the only contribution to the Pine Ridge Reservation known to this day went to Jim Durham’s Cousin named Vanessa (Oliver Red Cloud’s niece?) whose house sit in his own backyard, and who got running water in her house after APE (American Piledriving Equipment) – John White’s main business – hired  A-1 Ditching & Sewer in Rapid City on July 15, 2010 to do the work. In his contract order letter to this company John White writes on APE letterhead stating that he is the President & owner of this company, and that the work has to be done urgently. Many have questioned the nature of the relation and possible agreement between Jim Durham & John White  since before the start of the Challenge. John White has always stated that he has nothing to do with Hoka Hey 2010 and that he will be the owner of  the Challenge only after August 11th. At the same time, since the Challege arrival in Homer, AK John has spent a lot of time every day on Facebook defending Jim Durham and trying to answer all the criticism. All this look to me like damage control. Again, many think that nothing else will ever be done beyond connecting Durham’s cousin and that it’s just a way to give some appearance and substance to the “we did everything we said we would do” repeated by Jim Durham.

Whatever the organizers are saying, including accusing the medias of unfairness, it is my opinion that they can only blame themselves for the  skepticism and criticism that they still have to face. The organization should be transparent, should return calls, answer legitimate questions, and think twice before making numerous statements contradicting each other. I am told that some insurance claims by those injured and one family of a rider killed would have been already denied under the reason that the event was an illegal race and that some are contemplating legal actions.

I have reported as factually as possible and will continue to do so if a major development happens. I disclose that I have declined an offer made to me by John White to become a member of the Board of Hoka Hey 2011. And to all those who asked me by email or phone why I didn’t publish on Hoka Hey since August 11th ceremony, it’s because I guessed that the ceremony in Sturgis would not be the end of the controversy and that the situation would probably evolve in the next following days…

Last minute: I learn that following the statements made in Sturgis by Jim Durham, John White would have decided to stop any involvement with him & Beth Durham and the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge organization. If it’s the case, I hope John White will confirm and explain his reasons in my Blog. To follow…

Added 08/21/2010: To those who have asked how to find an easy way to read all posts published by Cyril about Hoka Hey, just follow this link, then click on each headline of interest. http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com/?s=hoka+hey

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  1. 1 Hark Aug 16th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    A rubber check was given to Barclay. I really wonder if Barclay knew Durham before the RACE? Brarkley sure got ot Homer in a hurry…seems no one has really questioned that? And the fact that there was a second person who tied who seems to have been left out….Makes you wonder? It has also been anounced that next year 1 million bucks will be up for grabs….ride will go from San Diego Cal to Nova Scotia Canada, I bet the California Highway Patrol would love to hear about this ride. Florida had a law against this kind of ride from day ONE…if Florida had a law against it…I bet California law is 3 times as strict. Is there anything honest about Durham? Where did the money really come from to pay Barclay? Did Barclay actually get the money or is this just another lie? How did Durham get around the Florida Highway Patrol knowing this ride was illigal in Florida? Could the Key West Police Officers who were off duty be held liable for
    insidents that occured on this ride because of thier involvement? I have a whole slew of questions to ask as you can see. As long as we..The Riders…Stand by and say nothing!!!! Ask Nothing!!!! Nothing will be done.


  2. 2 Carla Aug 16th, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Breaking news day.
    1) Nows that it’s been announced on the HHC 2011 Riders Forum that John White set up, i guess i can write it here. John White has announced he will not be involved in the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge. I wondered about that when i listened to the recording of Durham’s award speech in Sturgis. he announced the ride ofr 2011, saying “we will pay the winner ONE MILLION DOLLARS” and went on to say it would be a 3-country, 14-day event, and only VTwin HARLEY DAVIDSONS allowed. What, no Hoka Hey Motorcycles? I figured either JD had mis-spoke once again, or JW was out. Seems it was the latter. After speaking with a friend of JW, seems he ‘saw the light’ so to speak; beyond that no details given, and we have to wait for John to return from a business trip overseas for him to tell his story.

    But there’s more…

    2) Some of us are checking out the charities from 2010, as we think they got a really bad deal not receiving any donations. Gold Star Mothers claimed they were never contacted, and disavowed any knowledge of HHC on the home page of their website and said a formal request was given to HHC to remove their name from the charity list. HHC complied; it’s gone.

    I received an email from SteveU at Warrior Weekend this morning. Yes, they were contacted, by HHC and gave permission for HHC to list them on their website. They were promised a donation from proceeds of the event, and should expect about $2500. They never heard anything from HHC since, and no money has been received.

    And Beth, in a reply on their own official blog back in March 2010, said the following:

    “Your point is well made but — lest we forget –the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is first and foremost a fundraising event and there are huge numbers of people who want to participate simply because of the charities we support and not because of the hardships we will impose.” and,
    “Your mission is to push yourself physically and mentally for 7,000+ miles. Mine is to bring awareness and support to 8 worthy causes.” [end quote]

    Disgraceful, imo, that these 8 charities were completely ignored, and essentially written off in Key West as non-important and even non-existent in terms of being a reason for the ride, contrary to Beth’s earlier statements… “I lied to get you here. It’s all about getting help for ‘my people’.” said Jim at the Key West rider’s meeting (that help ended up being fixing a broken pipe to one home of a member of Chief Oliver Red Cloud’s family, performed by donated time and equipment).

    Yet, supposedly, Will Barclay (the winner based on a yet-to-be-seen finish line photo that showed his tire 4″ ahead of 2nd place finisher Frank Kellly’s, who has since contradicted Jim Durham’s statements and said he never DQ’d himself and was never told he was DQ’d by Durham) was paid the full $500,000, from an escrow account set up AFTER the challenge was completed, thru Durham’s reservation-based Medican Show Land and Trust.

    And now…
    The previous Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge website is under construction. This would seem to go along with Jim’s address in Sturgis that the new 2011 website would be up in a few days.

    I have just a couple of questions, should that happen:
    1) Will this event learn anything from this past year, and be run openly, with full disclosure?
    2) Will records be kept, and published, of the starting numbers, checkpoint logs, and finishers?
    3) Will a note be set up, outside reservation property, that will be publicly disclosed, undisputedly proving the assets are in place to cover the prize money, x’s 2, per SD law– PRIOR to accepting monies for registrations, again, per SD law?
    4) Will liability insurance be obtained, prior to running this event, and who is it thru?
    5) Will this be a fundraiser for charities as 2010 was purported to be?

    And a couple of more subjective questions:

    5) Should charities trust you will donate to them when you when you ask them for permission to list them on your website?
    6) Should sponsors trust you will follow thru on all publicity promises you make (tv shows, docudramas, professional film crews) you when you ask them to join with you in putting on this event?
    7) Should riders expect their questions to be answered with the same sincerity and and directness that they were asked?
    8- Can a 3-country, 14-day rally be fully arranged, promoted, staffed and managed in a year’s time (Aug 20, 2011 was the announced date of Hoka Hey 2011), and come off with fewer contradictions, communication issues, controversy and disorganization than happened in 2010?

  3. 3 Hoka What Aug 16th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    By the way, to appease rumors, it would be a good idea that William Barclay send to Cyril a copy of his bank statement showing the $500,000 transfer and the date. I am sure, in all fairness Cyril will publish it.

    After all this it’s the image of motorcycling that is damaged.

  4. 4 X Aug 16th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    I have enjoyed following this deal from a distance – Cyril, thanks for the update.

  5. 5 James Garrick Aug 16th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Powerful report, Cyril. Not surprised!

  6. 6 Bob G Aug 16th, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    just because money was allegedly paid to this “Will Barclay” does not make this any less illegal. In fact it makes it more illegal as it confirms the Hoka Hey was an illegal tace for money on public roads. I second Hoka What’s suggestion that Will send Cyril proof he received a $500,000 transfer from BJ’s escrow account.

    By the way, does anyone know this Will Barclay or if he is another crony of BJ, Beth or John White? Is there any proof (besides BJ’s ridiculous polygraph test) that Will actually rode the entire route and was not a phony plant?

    Cyril – please continue to investigate this fraud that has harmed the reputation of motorcycling and all riders.

  7. 7 OMG Aug 16th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    I read this “funny” statement in FB by the organizers (John White, I think): Will Barclay finished his polygraph test at 8pm (in New York) and the morning after at 9am the money was in his account (escrow account in South Dakota, 2 hours behind NY time, so it was 6pm)

    I challenge anyone to make a wire transfer at 6 pm South Dakota time to a third party receving it at 9am the morning after. Except if the accounts are setup in advance together for online transfer. It can’t be the case since Jim Durham didn’t know if Will Barclay will pass the joke test. Right?

  8. 8 bigitch Aug 16th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    somebody got a check… so they say.
    well come april 15 someone will be looking for the tax return and wondering if it will show a 500k income?
    and why the quarterlies were not paid!

  9. 9 pax Aug 16th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    It stinks to high heaven as they say, further, if it walks like a duck, etc. etc. Its a “racket.”

  10. 10 Bob G Aug 16th, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    I am pretty sure BJ was supposed to withhold taxes the way the lottery or casinos do with big winners. This is an IRS requirement and not optional. Of course when you don’t really transfer the money no taxes are due. The tax returns I’d really love to see is for BJ and his sham entities including the “Medicine Show Land Trust.” I bet those are a real work of fiction.

  11. 11 Woody Aug 16th, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Cyril-thanks for staying with this and keeping us informed. Much appreciated!

  12. 12 Brett Aug 16th, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    I never believed one word coming from Jim & Beth Durham. Did you notice, Will Barclay doesn’t act like a winner, seems very uncomfortable.

  13. 13 Carla Simons Aug 16th, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Looks like i need to correct something in my post. I alluded to SD state regulations that required prize money be secured, by proving assets, x’s 2, is available for payment, prior to the start of accepting registrations. This had been said online in a couple of places, and i thought had been confirmed as a fact.

    Also, Jim Durham said this had been done at the rider’s meeting; in fact, during that rider’s meeting in Key West (i have a recording of it, start to finish) he made quite an issue of saying that despite what internet critics thought, he had proven he had assets in hand worth twice the amount of the prize money before he started signing registrants, just like SD requires by law.

    Turns out, as best i can tell so far, and based on an attorney’s comments that got me searching, that there is no such SD statute. I’m still trying to find if there is any safeguard to protect consumers from promoters running a contest with a large $ prize without some sort of guarantee that the money is available to be paid as promised.

    In that case, what Jim said at the rider’s meeting is another “mis-speak” he’s been caught in. Why? to give an air of authenticity or legitimacy? Only JD knows why he’d say that.

    And it becomes a case of “buyer beware” … ask questions, demand proof, and as the SD attorney general’s website says,
    “A legitimate contest promoter will be able to respond to questions with ease. Others may have difficulty in answering, or may vary their answers. Often “shady” businesses will make the inquirer feel dumb for having asked questions. Do not be intimidated. Once you receive answers to all of your questions, then use your own judgment to decide whether you want to enter yourself’

  14. 14 J Aug 16th, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Well, I can’t see the SD AG too excited to jump into this mess- Durham appears to be counting on the confusion of a multi-jurisdictional clusterfreak and this deal sliding between the cracks- not a bad bet, given the sloth in the Federal agencies regarding these crimes.

    This whole deal doesn’t really give bikers any sort of image problem; Everyone see this for what it is- a couple of con artists who sucked in some dupes in the name of “charity”- same old story.

  15. 15 Dave Aug 17th, 2010 at 5:45 am

    One can not reaqlly believe anything about the 2010 Hoka Hey run can they? Did John white really use APE’s money to pay for water to jim’s neice and if he did did he get the Ok from Pat Hughs to use APE’s money for the project. Was it a way to secure a Bond for Jim Durhams Hoka Hey project ?
    JW is not a dummy and if he suspects that Law Suits may be coming APE’s way he disavow any
    participation anything to do with Hoka Hey 2010. What ever happened to Hoka Hey Motorcycle Co?
    cyril huze has done us all a great favor in keeping abreast of what is happening in the Hoka Hey matter. He should be thanked by all of us that ride and commended for his work.
    All whot participate on this forum or blog should be commended also. Without questions there can be no answers can there be? Questions have been ask but as yet no truths have been received as answers and we can only hope that those who have suffered under this farce can receive support and help from all who care about the M/C Sport. It seems that the Vets will never see any money from this charity so if you see one of our servicemen or women offer a thanx and maybe buy them a coke or sandwich as they are the ones that protect us and our freedom to challange people like those involved in this scam.

  16. 16 Captain Bob Aug 17th, 2010 at 9:15 am

    “On his contract order to this company John White writes on APE letterhead stating that he is the President and owner if this company……”

    John White IS the President of APE (American Piledriving Equipment), but he is NOT “the owner”.
    Mr. White is only a small minority shareholder in APE. I would doubt that the members of the APE board of directors are aware that Mr. White expended corporate funds on Jim Durham’s Cousin’s plumbing.

  17. 17 Buck Private Aug 17th, 2010 at 9:31 am

    Why does everyone say this makes Motorcyclists look bad? The only one that this makes look bad is INDIANS with their DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY (casinos, tax free status etc.) These are people who don’t even pay taxes. They should be exiled to a reservation with no running water. Jim and Beth screwed the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Did anyone see Barclay in Key West?

  18. 18 Hark Aug 17th, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Buck….It makes bikers look bad when Highway Laws are being broken. In Florida the law was broken. It is illigal in Florida to set up a Challenge for money. 2 bikers died….how many were hurt? I heard there were as many as four incidents before they got out of Key West…..How would you like bikers speeding through your state going after Alaska Gold. Remember….in Alaska innocent people riding their bicycles were hurt by a Hoke Hey rider…..I am sure the rider was pushing himself to the limits. We do not look good as bikers when we support such an event….that is the main reason we look bad.


  19. 19 Bigal Aug 17th, 2010 at 10:22 am

    This Entire “Hoka Hey” words should be added as to the indentification of expresion in the Vocabulary of Performers, Illusionists, and Magicians. The words were previously known as “Hocus Pokus”,and easily shall be surrendered to the illustrious words; Aient that a bunch of Hoka Hey?

  20. 20 Patrick Rogers Aug 17th, 2010 at 10:27 am

    I suggest that Jim Durham change again his name from Jim “Red Cloud” Durham to Jim “Smoke Screen” Durham.

  21. 21 Hoka Shame Aug 17th, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Wish there is a deep investigation of these organizers. I don’t believe they could walk away without sanctions. It seems to me that they know how to use the word charities to abuse bikers. Old trick used over and over, just with a new twist and fatalities.

  22. 22 just my opinion Aug 17th, 2010 at 10:46 am

    I am not sure why anyone is shocked by any of this.
    Promoters lie
    charities collect in the name of good will and keep the proceeds all the time.
    none of this is new.
    I would bet that next year there will be even more people doing this hokey run for the cash and after it is over there will be another debate as to whether it is legal and legit. The money will be awarded again and the following year suckers will line up at the starting line once again. Looks to me like Cheif RUNS WITH DOE has found an EASY way to make cash. The American dream lives. The answer is simple if you think it is a scam don’t support it.

  23. 23 carla Aug 17th, 2010 at 11:46 am

    to “JMO” … you’re right. he probably will get away with this, and he may even pull off next years. Since it now looks like a security note guaranteeing the prize money prior to registrations isnt required (i’m not sure just WHAT the law is now, and am trying to figure it out), then he may well get 2011 off the ground also, collecting rider money and using that to pay his himself and family/freinds as promotors plus any expenses (he’ll probably need to update those new trucks from the last event) and then any prize at the end, assuming there is money left to pay, since there seems to be no oversight or open disclosure. And yep, there are riders out there who are buying into his Warrior vision and think they have done something no other rider has ever done, thanks to Jim Red Cloud. If you werent there “you will never understand it” is what i was told by a rider this morning.

    What many of these riders dont understand, is that this, and even more challenging rides HAVE been done, over and over again, without paying a $1000 to an at-best questionable for-profit promoter. Durham didnt invent the idea of multi-country challenges. he just turned it into a ‘prove your manhood’ thing and .. well, somewhere between 400 and 700 folks signed up, depending on which estimate you believe. o, and of course using the emotional pull of veteran charitable groups, which ended up getting the shaft.

    the only thing that will stop this from happening in 2011, is if Durham decides he doesnt want to mess with it again, or state AG’s/Highway Depts say “not in my state you dont.”

    I have received replies from the Highway Patrols of both Florida (start of race) and South Dakota (home state of the Durhams, and one of the key checkpoints). Both highway patrols said they had never been contacted and were not aware of the Hoka Hey, would not have condoned it, and that any motorist passing through their state would be expected to abide by all motorist laws.

  24. 24 Dave Aug 17th, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Captain Bob has said it as I have. What is John White’s involvement with APE and who really owns it? I think that as Pres. JW has used moneys as he has in the past that are not really supposed to be used, and if Mr Hughs finds out JW will no longer be Pres and Hoka Hey M/C Co. or Crazy Horse will no longer be at APE’s location in Kent, Wa.

    Was JW in Sturgis for the winners presentation? Maybe he went or said that he was out of the country, and just maybe the scam was bigger than he anticipated and he is worried about what could come of his involvement. Maybe he is being scammed or has been by his own “Tribe” and their Chief. Why in god’s name would a company like APE hire someone to dig a ditch on the Big Cheif’s property. Hi Captain Bob, how are you?

  25. 25 Ray Aug 17th, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Wow! What a bunch of bologna here. I saw Mr. Barclay days after his finish in Homer. He seemed quite proud. Not sure what you consider a quick exit from Alaska? I did the challenge and ended in the top 10%. I rode my bike legally the entire route. It was definitely a challenge, as advertised. What passes for information here is mostly whiny speculation. If any of y’all are embarrassed, quit posting silly statements.

    As for next year, why don’t one of you experts take it on or invent your own ride and reap the monetary rewards. If you came even close to what happened this year I’d be happy to ride the event.

    To sum up. I was there. I rode the whole thing. If I was cheated it was by the ill informed detractors whose predictions fell woefully short and are now trying to wipe the egg of their faces. The nabobs of negativity got way too much press. Talk about lies! Those that know the truth know how to run their bikes instead of their pie holes.

  26. 26 James Brandt Aug 17th, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Ray, can you give us your coin number? Did you ride for the money? For the charities? For the vets? For what reason?

  27. 27 James Brandt Aug 17th, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Ray, by the way, you say that you know the truth. What is the truth that you know and that we don’t? Everybody interested to read your answer.

  28. 28 Todd8080 Aug 17th, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Ray, just to set the record straight, answer these for me if you would, since I too am more interested in fact than speculation:

    Did Hoka Hey organizers place the prize money in an escrow account before or after the race? Where did that money come from?

    Were all of the participating bikes equipped with GPS as specified on the official Hoka Hey site?

    How many participants were in the race? How many finished?

    Did the participants leave the starting line in order of their entry date as stated by Hoka Hey organizers?

    How many Hoka Hey organizers were at the finish line when the race was won?

    How many Hoka Hey organizers actually finished the race themselves?

    If someone didn’t finish the race, are they still a warrior?

    Where is the photo Jim Durham claims to have proving Barclay crossed the finish line first?

    Why did Durham state in print that Kelly was disqualified for missing a checkpoint?

    Was the prize of Alaskan gold awarded in Homer, Alaska as the organizers stated it would be?

    How much money have the Hoka Hey organizers contributed to the veterans’ charities listed on their site? This was a charity event, right?

    Have Hoka Hey organizers contacted the families of the riders killed in the race to offer their condolences?

    When is the TV documentary the organizers filmed scheduled to air?

  29. 29 Chris Aug 17th, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Ray. Can you also answer all these questions for Jim Durham because it seems that he can’t answer himself.


  30. 30 Rider2 Aug 17th, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Go f#%^ yourself Buck Private!!
    Your comment here is absolutely disrespectful to the Native Americans that were here way before you. They do pay tax and they got screwed by this deal a lot more than you. You should spend 3 minute in a reservation and see the conditions they are living in. The SD county were the money was supposed to go from this “race” is the poorest county in the US, with 80% of the people living under the poverty rate. For you to say this event make them look bad is ridiculous. This event was supposed to bring money and water to a part of the reservation. Of course, they got screwed again but from what I understand they already knew it before it even started. So I am glad Jim and Beth and the rest of those con-artists also screwed the army, the navy and the rest of the corps.

    You probably one of those guys who married his cousin at Wal-Mart and has no concept of respect. Moron.

  31. 31 Dave Aug 17th, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Does anyone believe that John White has money available to buy Hoka Hey from Jim? I think not as of a couple weeks ago he had given a check for less than $300 and then called the person he gave it to and ask if it had bounced as he was on the way to the bank to see if he could straighten things out as there were not enough funds in his checking account to cover a small check.
    I think that JW owes Captain Bob an apology for his comment on the Capt.business. Crazy Horse was a complete failure while I was there and was always looking for $ to stay afloat. Not that this matters as a lot of other companys are not qualified to stay in business or stay afloat either in these times. Maybe JW is going to sell his stake in APE to further the Hoka Hey business. Why not contact
    Pat Hughs and ask him if JW is selling his 25% interest in APE.

  32. 32 Shifter Aug 18th, 2010 at 7:09 am

    Everybody should read again what John White posted on Cyril’s Blog.

    It seems evident that there was a kind of business trade, not necessarily exchange of money right away, between Jim Durham & John White 28 days before the start of the race in Key West. Then John White announced that he was the owner of the Hoka Hey 2011, and was all over the net and this blog trying to cover up for Jim Durham’s illegal race, stupid statements, contradictions, etc…It seems that at the end JD screwed JW who may thought he will screw JD. Funny or pathetic? John White now silent. The saga continues.

  33. 33 Buck Private Aug 18th, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Rider2Injun – This was not supposed to bring water to the Reservation, only $$$$$$$$$$ Buried behind Jim and Beth’s Teepee. Anyone who enters a Cannonball Run knows far well the dangers involved. You’re probably jealous because you don’t have a Wal-Mart there. I could have gotten married several times, I’m just not that stupid. So with the money left over, why not donate to Vets as stated prior to the run stated by Beth with a microphone to the crowd? What about the magic coin deposited in the Holy land announced at the last minute? Or was it stolen also?

  34. 34 Dave Aug 18th, 2010 at 9:55 am

    What ever happened to Hoka Hey Motorcycle Co? JW has said in an earlier blog that he can not use Crazy Horse as a company name. Does that mean that Crazy Horse M/C is gone? I also thought that on an earlier blog JW has said that he is no longer involved in the Hoka Hey business and was ask by Cyril to clarify that statement, but as yet I see know answer and on another blog see where fungus is promoting JW and the new 2011 run but with several conflicting dates as to when the “NEW” Hoka Hey board of directors will meet.

    I have heard that everything will come clean in the wash and that John white is out of the country looking for a wash woman. Fun and games but the4 name of the game is “SCAM THE HARLEY RIDERS IF WE CAN”.

  35. 35 Mike Aug 18th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Perhaps a typo or a Slip of Freudian proportions:
    “During a polygraph test where Mr. Barclay was subjected to a drug test for sedatives and then was questioned about the safe operation of his motorcycle, the prescribed route, navigation and drug use during the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. After 3 hours of questions – he had passed”

    I’m sure they meant tested for stimulants like Amphetamines, but then again, maybe he felt the need to be sedated after all of this activity.

  36. 36 Waitaminute... Aug 18th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Hark, h

    Here ya go regarding “racing” on California highways…:


  37. 37 Dazed & Unconfused Aug 18th, 2010 at 7:53 pm


    He had to be tested for sedatives to take the polygraph. If you take sedatives it affects your bodies responses to the machines and you can pass a polygraph even when lying.

  38. 38 Admin. Aug 19th, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Published yesterday in Homer News.

    “Barclay and Frank Kelly, 34, of Prosperity, S.C., arrived in Homer together about 4:20 a.m. June 28, 190 hours and 20 minutes after leaving Key West, Fla., on June 20. The two men kept meeting at fuel stops in Canada and Alaska.

    Somewhere south of the last checkpoint in Fairbanks, the men made a pact: they’d finish together and split the pot.

    “It was really the only way to do it,” Kelly said. “The roads were bad. It was dark. Somebody was going to get hurt.”

    Even though Hoka Hey named him the winner, Barclay said he’d stick by his word.

    “Frank and I have a deal and I will honor that with pleasure,” Barclay said.

    Reached in South Carolina, Kelly said he’d spoken to Barclay this week. Kelly also attended the ceremony in Sturgis.

    “The deal between me and him is still good,” Kelly said. “You don’t find many people like that in the world left. I feel Will is an extremely honorable person.”

    Hoka Hey officials still have not said why Kelly was not named a co-winner. Kelly said that when he and Barclay decided to finish together as co-winners, they called Beth Durham, the east coast organizer, to see if that was possible. Kelly said she told them they could finish together.

    Later, Kelly said Jim Durham told him there could be only one finisher. Photos showed Barclay’s front tire crossing ahead of him, Kelly said Durham told him. The finish line was a banner strung between two U-Haul trucks at the entrance to the Kevin Bell Ice Arena on the Homer Spit. Homer filmmaker Travis Lind videotaped the finish.

    “I would think it’s hard to have a legitimate photo finish without a real finish line,” Kelly said.

    Phone and e-mail messages were left with Annie Malloy, west coast organizer for Hoka Hey, seeking clarification on why Kelly was not named a cofinisher, but Malloy did not return calls by press time.

  39. 39 Buck Private Aug 20th, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Of course not. Barclay was to split the $$$$ money with Jim and Beth. They don’t want 2 winners. They never planned on this happening, or did they? Photo finish winner…………….I smell a rat. Of course there was A winner. Did anyone see Barclay @ Key West?

  40. 40 Tommy Boy Aug 20th, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Hmmm, When the “challenge was initially announced, a bunch of motorcycle subject matter experts along with a few magazine editors suggested caution; yet 600+ bikers slap down $1000 for a chance to win $500,000.00 in Alaska gold???? For months prior to the event, questions arise, most are half answered; yet 600+ bikers slap down $1000 for a chance to win $500,000.00 in Alaska gold??? Kinda the proverbial American Dream get rich quick gamble that most of us participate in every day – Life Insurance, Extended Warranties and Social Security are just a few that come to mind. What is sooo very upsetting is our beloved motorcycle sport is embroiled in another controversy. Cyril, thanks for keeping us abreast on everything motorcyle. To everyone else, ride safe my friends and remember….. if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it just may be a….

  41. 41 Hark Aug 21st, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Waitaminute, I do not think that is the law that California has when it comes to riding in compitition of money!! But thank you. As for those of you making post that you compeated and finished….you got away with breaking the Florida Law…take it to the bank…Hoka Hey will never be allowed to do this event in Florida again. Because of sites like this, the attention that has been brought to the Key West Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, and our states Attorney Office Durham will not want to return to our state. Some may think that this was a motorcycle challenge. You can be assured, when someone offers ONE PERSON $500,000.00 to win…it becomes a race. I don’t care if it is 2 bikes or 2 thousand bikes…someone will get hurt, they all have to speed, none sleep like they should, and people die.

    While I am on the subject of death. To this day, going on nearly 2 months since the start of the Hoka Hey in Key West. Chuck Lynns wife has yet to recieve a phone call from any of the Hoka Hey Organizers….what does this really tell you? They are heartless blood suckers in my book.


  42. 42 Admin Aug 21st, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    To those who have asked how to find all posts published by Cyril about Hoka Hey, just follow this link, then click on each headline of interest. http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com/?s=hoka+hey

  43. 43 Hark Aug 22nd, 2010 at 7:51 am


    I have spent many hours with Chucks wife. She is from Colombia. She met Chuck there while he worked for a company that worked on US Government aircraft used to find Cocaine. They fell in love, got married years ago. He moved her to Sorrento Florida. He had been riding motorcycles for many years before he met her. He would work in Colombia for 14 days, then come home for 13 days and then return back to work. The 13 days he was home he and his wife would do nothing but ride their Harley. The opportunity came up for him to ride the Hoka Hey. He saw the charities that were going benefit from this ride so he decided to do the ride to help them out. Winning the Hoka Hey was never something Chuck planned on doing. He died on June 26 in Douglas Wyoming, that was about half way in six days. The winner…or winners????? Arrived in Homer Alaska on June 28, so Chuck was at least a good four days behind them….that is why I have always questioned if it were even possible to arrive in Homer in 8 days without cheating even if your rode on great highways.

    To this day, not one person from the Hoka Hey has contacted Chucks wife. What does that tell you about this organization? Heartless, Who Cares, Shit Happens, So What…..those are all the things that run through my mind about Durham.

    Thank you for all the great work you do. May God bring you great things. Your a good man Cyril

  44. 44 Todd8080 Aug 22nd, 2010 at 9:45 am
  45. 45 Dude Aug 27th, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Pretty funny how only negative posts are allowed. I posted a comment several hours ago that appears to have disappeared. It was in reply to all the whiners on this board and nowhere near as venomous as the other posts here. Hard to have a balanced discussion when only those who bash the event are allowed to comment. It’s too bad really because the blog is pretty good. Too bad the moderators have tilted the comments to favor one side over the other.

  46. 46 Todd8080 Aug 28th, 2010 at 3:48 am

    About the only positive aspect of the Hoka Hey race that I can see is that it involved riding Harleys.

    No money went to the veteran’s charities, lots of people wrecked their bikes, two were killed, there’s no list of finishers or even a head count of participants and the race was illegal in every state it entered.

    You’d have to be a slick-talking Lakota wannabe to put a positive spin on that.

  47. 47 P. Gesner Aug 28th, 2010 at 4:05 am

    ….and this guy named White who was defending Jim Durham and pretended to be the new owner of Hoka Hey Motorcycles building Hoka Hey themed bikes (does not seem to be registered) and of the Hoka Hey Challenge for 2011 and years to come has disappeared, doesn’t want to be involved anymore. He must have uncovered some snakes in Durham’s bag…or maybe some investigation is going on to find out answers to questions never answered and the truth about why promises were never kept… If I would have been involved in this organization I would freak out.

  48. 48 P. Gesner Aug 28th, 2010 at 4:12 am

    I forgot. to answer Dude’ comment. Durham has found enough idiots like you to enrich himself under the pretext of charities. Or maybe, as a biker looking for the ride of your life it was only for money that you did the race. Or why to pay $1000 to race across the USA? Yes, an illegal race on public roads with injured and fatalities. Insurance companies say that it was an illegal race. You understand?

  49. 49 Warrior Sep 2nd, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    What a refreshing bit of reality the Hoka Hey was, I have spoken to many of those who finished. Most of them will gladly do it again.

    Jim and Beth did not expect to profit, they did not profit. Those who participated did. All participants understood the risks. Life is risky. Many of the best lives are the most risky. The risk/reward ratio so prevalent elsewhere in life holds well here too.

    Non participants are not likely to “get it”. I have never been a Harley guy, but they commonly use a wonderful phrase that applies well here: They say “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t get it”

    It sure is fun reading the posts of the clueless whiners. Keep em coming!

  50. 50 Guy Sep 2nd, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Warrior. How do you know that Jim Durham didn’t make any money? Explain your source of info. Nor the charities. They received $0.00. Did you get blind on the trip?

  51. 51 Geronimo Sep 9th, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Everyone is crying foul, those that died died in an epic adventure all who rode counted coup , sure there was tragedy, it seems tho that all involved were there because of love of riding, love of adventure, there are worse ways to go, if all the surviving riders (and new riders for next challenge) formed an alliance and came up with a plan of pre-registration unity for the next event with registration money held in escrow till desired criteria met by organizers then maybe this could grow… only this time how about only 3 equal charities- such as “The Indian People” “a Veterans Motorcycle riders charity” “and a fund to be dispersed to the families of all who died or injured (riders and non-riders)Including those in the 1st and 2nd event and make it so those 3 charities recieve 20 to 33 percent of prize money and all who ride/enter from here on out will not be ripped off or have ridden in vain

  52. 52 Geronimo Sep 9th, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    One could use wisdom garnerd from this event, a council of this alliance could be formed (Cyril u available), the traditional elders of the lakota nation could be asked for guidance, a charity to benefit veterans who have lost limbs could be found and perhaps one to benefit families of MIA’s, a fund to benefit the families of casualties from the event could benefit, and an insurance policy taken out with a cap. for non-participent injury/fatality could be bought by increasing the registration fee of all participents by $300-$500 … this would bring legitimacy and honor to participents , an independent film documentary could be filmed of next event and sold to further cover cost of better organized event or the greed can go on

  53. 53 Pete B Sep 15th, 2010 at 11:32 am

    crunching numbers here,
    7000 miles divided by 190.2 hours= 36.8 mph average
    884 miles per day divided buy 60 miles per hour= 14.73 hours riding (given speed zones and terrain)
    leaves 9.27 hours off, with 4 1/2 gas stops (average 200 miles per tank) over 884 miles with an average of 10 minutes per stop leaves 8.47 hours off, time at checkpoint average 20 minutes( probably less) the distance and how many check points in between (unknown)say 2, =8.07hours left
    then figure speed zones and terrain, would leave (approximately) 6 or so hours left per day,
    sounds like a leisurely ride to me barring any breakdowns or accidents.
    the winner of the last race would have been hard pressed to keep a pace beyond his own, it is possible to do this race in the time prescribed by the results Ive been able to find, yet there is still time to get more miles in per day
    any info about the next race and the controversy would be greatly appreciated,

  54. 54 Doug Rodrigues Jun 11th, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Figuring “pit” stops, eating, and required naps, there is no way the average guy or girl could do this race safely. I know that I’d probably fall asleep while riding.

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