Spartan Windshield. As The Name Indicates…

From National Cycle, the premier manufacturer of motorcycle windshields, and conceived to defend you on the unpredictable open road, the Spartan windshield is 20 times more impact resistant and 30 times more scratch resistant than common acrylic shields.

The key is the Quantum™-hardcoated Lexan® polycarbonate, unique to National Cycle and increasingly renowned for unheard-of strength.  Combined with a stealth black powdercoated stainless steel frame “the Spartan refuses surrender to any foe”

Patented parallel slotted tabs simplify the fitments and allow for adjustment to different-width forks.  Compression limiters create a rubber grommet suspension which maintains optimal strength throughout the shield and tirelessly through time.  And, as an added bonus, the Spartan fits on National Cycle’s tried-and-true SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount Kits, the instantly attachable or removable system that is the popular pinnacle of expediency and execution in Quick Release motorcycle windshields.

Available in 16.25”” or 18.5” heights, the Spartan is designed for comprehensive touring protection from what the open road can blow your way. For most XL, FX, and FL motorcycles. From $199.95 to 249.95 (mount kits sold separately) depending on size and model. Visit your dealer or National Cycle for specific applications. 877-WSCREEN or 708-343-0400

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  1. 1 Paul Mar 14th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    The Spartan windshields carry a 3 year warranty against breakage and all hardware is Stainless Steel.

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