International Six Days Enduro With Spectro

The ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) is 6 days of grueling riding over varied and demanding terrain, and the strains placed on the bike are tremendous. The lubricants must withstand shearing and thermal breakdown, and be able to perform despite the dirt, sand, dust, water, mud and extreme heat of the race — and never fail to provide maximum performance — for six consecutive days! Spectro Oils (Intercontinental Lubricants Corp. of Brookfield, CT) is proud to announce that the company was asked again to support the AMA Team during the event.

Among all Enduro events, few represent a better test of rider, machine, and all the component parts than the ISDE, leading Spectro officials to state that “This is the perfect proving ground, the ultimate real world test (as opposed to white papers and specious bar charts) to prove that Spectro Oils consistently deliver.” The International Six Days Enduro will be held in the Kotka‐Hamina region in southern Finland, running from the 8th to 13th of August, 2011. Spectro Oils.

Cyril Huze