Rock Artist Jasmine Cain Will Release Her First “Unplugged” Album at the 72nd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

As the earth makes its annual trip around the sun, Jasmine Cain, Sturgis’s prodigal daughter makes her annual trip back home to the Black Hills to rock the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Deemed the Rock Queen of Sturgis, Jasmine is one of the only annual performers who was actually born and raised in Strugis. Jasmine grew up in a small town of Opal, SD on a family cattle ranch. Beginning her professional music career at age 6, she gradually moved from riding horses to riding Harleys. Once a year she returns to the soil where she took her first steps, her first rides, and played her first notes.

Despite Jasmine Cain being a well-known mainstay of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Jasmine brings new excitement with her to Rally every year. After debuting her third critically-acclaimed album, Highway Prophet, in Sturgis last year, Jasmine will release her fourth album to her Sturgis fans and family at this year’s Rally. This fourth album, entitled Modern Day Gypsy, is Jasmine’s first all-acoustic album. With an “MTV Unplugged” vibe, the album features several new Jasmine Cain songs, acoustic arrangements of hits from her three prior releases, and a live recording of Jasmine performing her fan-favorite and show-closer, Janis Joplin’s Bobby McGee.

To accompany her new record, Jasmine brings a new apparel line to the Rally, with new designs that will set her fans apart. Never before available, Jasmine’s loyal Sturgis followers will be the first to have access to Jasmine’s hottest merchandise ever.

Finally, in addition to Jasmine’s traditional performance venues—The Broken Spoke Saloon Campground and the original Broken Spoke Saloon (now known as Sickies Garage)—Jasmine will be tearing the roof off the Sturgis Saloon Company and the Glencoe Campground.

Jasmine Cain’s shows are stadium-quality performances, high in energy, and wildly entertaining. The band is a cast of musical characters offering a tight performance and with an intensity rarely seen even among national acts. Look for Jasmine’s new album “Modern Day Gypsy” available only in Sturgis!!

For Information on the new album, Modern Day Gypsy, please visit Jasmine Cain. To purchase Jasmine Cain albums, go to CD Baby. For digital downloads, go to iTunes or Rhapsody.

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  1. 1 ryan willhoite Aug 6th, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    This woman will rock your socks off, can’t wait to hear her unplugged.

  2. 2 burnout Aug 8th, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Nice shot! peace

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