City of Sturgis Requests Proposals For Rally Sponsorship Agency

The City has recently released the final 2012 Rally figures indicating an estimated attendance of 445,700 an increase of more than 7% over 2011. With the successful completion of the 2012 Sturgis Rally, the City is now preparing for the 2013 Rally with an eye on the 75th Anniversary in 2015.

On November 5, The History Channel featured American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and American Restoration episodes with a “Sturgis Road Trip” theme. We anticipate this exposure will spike the curiosity of those who have never attended the Sturgis Rally and will spur even more attendees in the next few years. This significant growth of the Rally in general is leading Sturgis to expand its rally vending properties and Sponsorship Program. In addition to the City of Riders Expo, Rally Headquarters and Sturgis Liquor Store Lot, the City is constructing a new plaza between the Lazelle corridor and Legendary Main Street. This is sure to become a prime vending location with one of the highest foot traffic counts in the entire Black Hills region. The City is also in the process of partnering with a national publisher to expand the content and distribution of the Official Rally Magazine.

In addition to the new vending properties, advertising opportunities, and expanded marketing programs, the City is seeking a new sponsorship agency. The City is seeking to partner with a firm with global reach who can enhance the development of one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands. In addition, the Sponsorship Agent will assist in program development, ensuring that each Rally is a world class event.

A Request for Proposals has been posted on the City of Sturgis Website as well as the Sturgis Rally Website;Proposals must be delivered to Sturgis City Hall, 1040 2nd Street, Sturgis, SD 57785 by November 30, 2012.

All questions regarding the request for proposals may be directed to the Sturgis City Manager at (605)347-4422. Questions regarding Sponsorship and Vending opportunities can be directed to the Sturgis Rally and Events Department at (605) 720-0800.

Cyril Huze